New Looks And Behind-The-Scenes Highlight Dreamcatcher’s Mid-December 2021

K-Pop — Dreamcatcher Recall

The seven-member K-Pop group spent part of the middle of the month teasing new styling while giving fans a peek behind the curtain of their work.

Dreamcatcher snaps a group picture at the end of their Halloween Midnight Circus concert. Source: Dream Catcher Company

The end of the year comes with it a bit of a whirlwind for many people, as holidays plans and get-togethers begin to take shape. In the K-Pop industry things are no less busy, as end-of-year performances, Season’s Greetings, holiday content, and more occupy many groups’ time. And while Dreamcatcher, with a single end-of-year performance on the books as of now, may not have as many on-stage gigs planned, they’ve nevertheless seemed to be busy with regular content for fans — as well as perhaps signs that new music will be on the horizon. Let’s take a look at what Dreamcatcher gave us content-wise in mid-December!

Dreamcatcher poses in “Wild West Wasteland” styling from their Halloween Midnight Circus concert. Source: Dream Catcher Company

A new Naver post popped up this past week with part two of the behind-the-scenes image dump from Dreamcatcher’s Halloween Midnight Concert back in October. Aside from the obvious high-quality pictures, I’ve always enjoyed these posts in part because of the fact that many of the shots are casual and candid, and also provide another viewpoint from the show itself (one of the pics is a nice wide shot of the stage that we normally wouldn’t see in filming). The group played with a lot of new and different things this time around — that one zoomed-out shot of them in front of the XR stage during “Sahara” certainly showed that — and it’s a good reminder that Dreamcatcher isn’t afraid to do things outside of their wheelhouse in the name of innovation or if anything, a new performance they haven’t tried.


Continuing in the vein of past performance/appearance content, KCON appears to be releasing some previous season content as part of their “Special Weeks” series for the holidays. Dreamcatcher’s content will be appearing on a few days out of these weeks, and the first two videos dropped this past week on the KCON official YouTube channel. Besides the removal of the paywall that keeps these from being viewed regularly, it was nice to re-live some Dreamcatcher KCON memories — and of course the appearance that led to then-MC Eric Nam inviting some of Dreamcatcher to come onto his podcast for an interview episode.

We got a bit of an extra treat this time around to accompany SuA’s regular radio appearance on SBS’s Wendy’s Youngstreet (during which they discussed what are the most annoying things to deal with when living alone) — a new entry in the SuA VLOG series focusing on her day when she has to go on the radio. It’s been while a while since we’ve seen a SuA video, and I’ve always liked when she makes content because it seems like she’s always trying something different or interesting that showcases her many skills.

This particular bit of content is more “slice of life” stuff, which is nevertheless still interesting for its peek behind the curtain of daily life for an idol. In this we see SuA decide on clothes for the radio show, go through the process of getting made up, and what she does before and after her work. Funnily enough, there’s very little of the actual radio station stuff in this vlog, but the radio episode (which fans have likely heard already) isn’t the focus anyway — this is more about SuA’s day. Perhaps the best part of this is after SuA gets home, where she cooks and talks casually with the other members about grocery shopping and food to make. With a (mostly) audio appearance from Siyeon and Yoohyeon, the result is a fun little vlog that goes to show just how much SuA cares for her fellow group members around the dorm.


Last, but not least, we had a triple set of vLives from Dreamcatcher to ensure fans got to see what the group has been up to lately, as well just have some fun conversation. Yoohyeon was on briefly to talk about Pie, her progress in learning piano and guitar, and drop a few impromptu singing bars. SuA and Handong were on together — a combination that I don’t think we typically see often — and they spent time before bed chatting with fans, singing Christmas songs, giving each other a hard time, and talking about what they’ve been doing lately (Handong’s been gaming while SuA has been into a couple of Netflix shows).

Newly-blonde JiU, Yoohyeon, and Dami say hi to fans with Siyeon during their vLive. Source: hwang_eunbinvLive

But perhaps the highlight of this week’s vLives was one that wasn’t even intended on being one at first, according to JiU. Dreamcatcher’s leader originally intended on just posting a new selfie of her newly-blonde hair, which has, until now, been black through three comeback eras (BOCA, Odd Eye, and BEcause), but decided to put up their new nature-type background screen and talk to fans over video. Seeing blonde JiU was expected, but when Yoohyeon and Dami showed up, also both shades of blonde, fans got a nice little bonus reveal. Dami, in particular, has never been primarily blonde with few exceptions before going to another color, so fans got to see something new style-wise from the group’s main rapper.

While the vLive eventually just turned into a JiU and Siyeon broadcast, where they talked a bit about their long friendship and how far they’ve come in the last decade, there were also a couple of teases about upcoming new content, with JiU in particular highlighting that their upcoming songs were all going to be great masterpieces and Siyeon declining to talk about something specific with regards to her hair as it would be a spoiler.

JiU and Siyeon have fun talking to fans. Source: vLive

Between this and the hair color changes, speculation has begun about how soon Dreamcatcher might have a comeback with new music for fans to enjoy. Personally, I think they’re due for their 2nd full album (full albums typically only come out every couple years from a K-Pop group and 1st full album “The Tree of Language” will soon be two years in the rearview mirror), but also to potentially set their 5th anniversary date (January 13th) for an album release. It would certainly be appropriate, given how far the group has come, but whether or not it pans out like that or if we see something new sooner or later than this is anyone’s guess. Either way, it is exciting to see the group hint at working on new music, as it no doubt heightens the anticipation of what’s to come in 2022.

Dreamcatcher showcases their custom mics, purchased by fans. Source: Dream Catcher Company

December rolls on and the holidays are fast approaching, but we’ll hopefully get to see and hear about more Dreamcatcher content in the very near future. I’ll be here as usual to recap and summarize everything, so be sure to clap, follow, and signal boost this content if you like it. See you here next week!