About The Low Key Geek

About The Low Key Geek
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Welcome! I’m a long-time writer and blogger who has gone through fits and spurts of writing over the past two decades, but have finally found some regular footing on both Medium and now here on Substack.

The idea behind The Low Key Geek is calm, rational, and (hopefully) insightful opinions. On social media, we’ve been shown at times that the quick, absolutely nuclear take seems to be the one that gets the most engagement, but it’s resulted in an environment where nuance gets lost and emotions run high, especially in enthusiast circles. That’s not me, and I hope you find my writing engaging and refreshing as a result!

I write about a few primary topics on here:

  • Dreamcatcher, a 7-member K-Pop group that’s been around since 2017 who has found success despite many hurdles with a non-traditional rock/pop concept. (Every Sunday)
  • K-Pop In General - I’ve loved asian pop for a long time, ever since I fell into J-Pop as part of my anime/manga appreciation phase way back when. KARA was the first group I followed back in 2012 and it’s been fun every since (Every Friday, occasionally Wednesdays)
  • Video Games - I’ve been a video game player since I was young and could hold a controller, so it’s no surprise that I write about that every so often. My chosen genres are mostly JRPGs, MMOs, and Action/Adventure games but I write about plenty more than that (Occasionally Wednesdays)
  • Community Management - While I work primarily in IT, I have occasional side hustles into community management online, mostly by connecting with other interests. I have 10 years each in the games and anime convention/event planning industries, and have learned a ton about communities in that timeframe (Occasionally Wednesdays)

As a result, my audience might seem very wide but I feel there’s a lot of crossover - and of course, I enjoy writing about all the topics above. Feel free to subscribe if you wish, and if you want to find me elsewhere, you can always do so at my AllmyLinks site.

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