New Appearances And Concert Favorites Highlight Dreamcatcher’s Early November 2021 Work

K-Pop — Dreamcatcher Recall

First-time work paired with Dreamcatcher’s signature sound and personality means K-Pop’s Dreamcatcher continues their slow rise in visibility in 2021.

Dreamcatcher snaps a group pic at their Mini Talk for Mokkoji Korea. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

I know I’ve said this a bunch of times throughout 2021, but when my year-end retrospective about Dreamcatcher’s year gets written in just over a month, one of my main points will be that the group’s visibility within South Korea has increased on a meaningful level. Long a group with a company that has built revenue around practices that would secure them an international fanbase, Dreamcatcher, while semi-known in their home country, may have been flying a bit more under the radar domestically. And even though they are still considered smaller in comparison to far more popular domestic girl groups, their star has definitely risen decently in the last few months or so.

That was kind of the theme for this past week’s Dreamcatcher activities — new places to appear, but tried-and-true performances and fun interactions that people who are fans of Dreamcatcher are already familiar with. Let’s take a look at a pretty busy past week for Dreamcatcher content on a variety of levels!


On the same day that MyMusicTaste did two re-broadcasts of Dreamcatcher’s “Halloween Midnight Circus” online concert to make up for some audio and video syncing issues, we got to see Siyeon, Yoohyeon, and Gahyeon appear on “mystery science” show “The DaVinci Note” on the tvN network. Appropriately enough for the recently past Halloween holiday, the three Dreamcatcher members got to sit in an abandoned building and see just how real the use of a Ouija board was, with heart monitors attached for good measure just to ensure a bit of authenticity and interest.

Sending along the two Dreamcatcher members who likely architected the group’s foray into a horror hospital setting for their reality show along with Gahyeon, who typically is a bit more susceptible to scary stuff was probably a pretty good decision, as you basically got a variety of reactions to Dreamcatcher’s attempt to employ a Ouija board. It was certainly appropriate for the holiday and for Dreamcatcher’s at-times horror-based concepts. Either way, given that tvN has now worked with Dreamcatcher members twice now (the first being Siyeon and Dami’s work recording two versions of OST song “Shadow” for tvN series “Dark Hole” earlier this year) this should hopefully be the beginning of a regular working relationship with a network that could open more doors for the group.

Dreamcatcher at the Andong K-Pop LAN concert. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

Speaking of new engagements with existing partners, The LG/IDOLLIVE platform was once again home to Dreamcatcher this past week. After work in both 2020 and 2021 that saw the group appear multiple times for channel content such as Idol House and Fan Search it was inevitable that they’d be on for an actual performance, and the Andong K-Pop LAN concert was just one way to check off that box for the group. Performing You and I, Black or White, Scream, and BEcause, the group appeared in their plaid purple and black outfits and had plenty of fans watching on the back screen Zoom call as they interacted with fans briefly and put on another great concert set. It was a mix of older favorites and newer hits that showcased the group’s versatility.


But perhaps one of the best new opportunities that Dreamcatcher took advantage of this past week was their appearance at the Mokkoji Korea cultural festival. We’ve known about Dreamcatcher’s appearance for quite some time, but having the group appear at a government-sponsored event as essentially representatives of their country was a pretty neat achievement to tick off of any checklist of things they might want to do during the course of their careers. Starting with a Mini Talk session discussing camping in both South Korea and the focus country for the week, Indonesia, the group talked about what they’d like to do on a camping trip, where they would want to go, and sampled some food. The follow-up Mokkoji Live event was a 3.5 hour event where Dreamcatcher, in conjunction with other artists Kyuhyun and A.C.E, performed a couple of favorite songs, played a few fun festival-ish games, and generally celebrated Korean and Indonesian culture and the two countries’ ongoing relationship.

As with everything else that Dreamcatcher has achieved on new frontiers this year, this was a nice way of showcasing that Dreamcatcher is, even in an incremental manner, being recognized as a part of South Korea’s music industry. It’s definitely something you want to check out if you have time, especially as the multi-lingual hosts were able to translate the majority of what was being said by the group during both broadcasts.

Taehyun, Wendy, and SuA on SBS Wendy’s Young Street Radio in November. Source: sbsyoungstreet

But that doesn’t mean the group wasn’t busy keeping up their regular cadence of content, either. SuA’s appearance on Young Street was a fun-filled one where the hosts discussed popular phone backgrounds (default wallpaper vs. a person’s picture vs. nature shots), a choice between not being able to speak or being forced to sit still for an hour (SuA not surprisingly chose the latter as something she couldn’t handle), and fellow guest host Taehyun’s reward for winning three polls in a row — penalizing one of the other hosts into singing a duet with him. Taehyun chose Wendy, so we’ll have to see how audience member SuA cheers them on next week when they sing together.


On the home front, Gahyeon debuted her new mini-series on the Dreamcatcher YouTube channel — the four week long “Stay-at-Home” project, with the first broadcast being her trying out pretty much a bunch of spicy food while talking to fans for an hour or so. As someone who has pretty much below average spicy food tolerance, it was pretty impressive to me to see Gahyeon go for kimchi and rice and cold noodles with a bunch of spicy sauce lathered all over both dishes and get away with (mostly) unscathed taste buds. Chomping on a block of spam and some eggs, along with some generous banana milk chugging got her through the live stream, along with some pretty funny comments from fans both impressed and scared at Dreamcatcher’s youngest member entertaining them by setting her mouth on fire. The company has put up a nice highlighted cut of Gahyeon’s spicy food live stream with English subs for all the high points, but you’re certainly free to check out the full live stream on the channel as well. Next week’s broadcast is apparently going to be a Beauty livestream, so for anyone out there into beauty or skin care (or who aren’t and just want to check out Gahyeon having a good time talking about the subject), you’ll want to tune in.


Lastly, we got to hear from Siyeon, sporting a new hairstyle with bangs and looking to chat a little bit with fans for a short bit. There was quite a bit of discussion about food (Siyeon preferring sushi over pizza, not minding pineapple pizza, and being good with carbonara-style pasta if she had a choice) as well as why she decided to go with her new hair, and of course, a short bit of Dreamcatcher main vocal-style singing as well. It’s always nice to hear from Siyeon for vLives — she’s always got a pretty chilled-out vibe and fans have cited her voice as being quite relaxing. Here’s to hoping we’ll see a few more after Dreamcatcher gets past their clearly busy remaining November schedule.

Dreamcatcher at the Mokkoji Live show for the Mokkoji Korea festival. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher isn’t showing any signs of stopping in November, with a bit more content and at least one more concert performance coming to fans’ homes this upcoming week. As always, I’m looking forward to what they’re planning on showing us, both now and into the remaining portion of the year, so be sure to follow, clap, and signal boost these recap articles if you like them. I’ll see you all next week at this time for more Dreamcatcher news and happenings!