K-Pop’s Dreamcatcher Quietly Continues Work As A Low-key April Comes To An End

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It’s been a relatively quiet April 2021 for Dreamcatcher, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the group has been idle, even between comebacks.

One of many Dreamcatcher behind-the-scenes photos from “Road to Utopia” promotions. Credit: Naver

April has come and gone, and between a short break for Dreamcatcher and being squarely between comebacks, it’s been a fairly quiet one for the group in front of the cameras aside from a couple of late-released variety videos and a Japanese-only fansign for their “Eclipse” release. But that doesn’t mean the members haven’t been busy — my last couple of recaps, for example, show that whether it is through a bit of self-development or through some other projects, Dreamcatcher’s still diligently working and practicing after having taken a bit of time off to recharge. And while it took until a bit later in the week for some new Dreamcatcher stuff to surface, we still got our weekly dose of content from the group. Let’s see what they’ve been up to this week!

Siyeon and Dami strike a post during “Odd Eye” promotions. Credit: Naver

We got another round of high-quality behind-the-scenes pictures from “Road to Utopia” promotions on Naver from Dreamcatcher Company, including a bunch of group and individual shots and even some from Yoohyeon’s high-res camera. As always, you can tell when these posts come out, because a whole round of fans tends to change around profile pics, banners, and other avatar-like images to reflect some of the neat images we get. Be sure to check out these posts if you’re able to — they provide InSomnia with some of the best Dreamcatcher looks that don’t necessarily get put up during the promotions period.

Speaking of Siyeon and Dami, Dreamcatcher’s Main Vocal and Main Rapper are getting a chance to flex their talents for newly broadcasted Korean drama series “Dark Hole” by singing “Shadow”, a track from the series’ soundtrack that is due to be released on May 14th, according to a screenshot taken from the credits of the episode by fan dc_perdin on Twitter. Looking at the series, it looks to be about a dark mist making people into violent mutants — a highly appropriate motif given Dreamcatcher’s dark concept.

The OCN network just put up a preview for episode 2 that plays this track in the background, and not surprisingly, it’s a rock banger. We know from Siyeon’s Overdose performance on V-1 and from her prior OST gig singing “Good Sera” for series “Into The Ring” that she can bring the rock to any track, but I am very interested in hearing some of what Dami is going to bring to the song as this is, I believe, her first OST gig. I’ll be anticipating the release of this full track in a couple weeks, but until then, be sure to give that video above a few clicks so the network knows that Dreamcatcher fans are in support of this opportunity!

Dreamcatcher JiU, Dami, and Gahyeon’s do the “Odd Eye” pose with MC Lee Joon for Lee Joon’s “Young Street” radio show on SBS. Credit: sbsyoungstreet

On the radio front, we’re going to get SuA going solo as per Dreamcatcher’s official fancafe schedule on Daum she is slated to appear on Lee Joon’s “Young Street” radio show on SBS not once, but twice (on May 4th and May 11th at 8:00PM KST). SuA will be Dreamcatcher’s 4th member to appear on the show — JiU, Dami, and Gahyeon made a stop on the show back in February — but it’s curious news that she’ll be appearing twice, and by herself. SuA’s always struck me as one of Dreamcatcher’s most comfortable members when it comes to variety and radio appearances, so we’ll have to look forward to what kind of loud chaos she brings to the show.


And in vLive we didn’t get quite the onslaught of live stream check-ins that we got last week from the group, but that’s likely due to things like filming for Dreamcatcher’s upcoming reality show. We did get a small little teaser from that from Yoohyeon’s vLive near the end of last week — she apparently did something she’s wanted to do that wasn’t gaming, and it earned some yelling and cursing from her fellow Dreamcatcher members. That was the only spoiler that fans managed to get from her, as she also talked about going with Dami to get her new back tattoo and her considerations for what to dye her hair to next (looks like not black or purple, at least according to her).

Going back to the reality show, given that other members have talked briefly about the things they’ve been doing (and more importantly the fun they’ve been having doing them) for it, it seems like we can anticipate at least one part of it being Dreamcatcher showing off talents or trying new things, which should be pretty entertaining. With filming in progress now, we can hope to see some of it come to the surface in the next couple months or so.

Other than this, the “V PICK!” channel on vLive highlighted SuA’s vLive from last week, showing SuA laughing, boxing, and at one point, accidentally swearing, her way into one of the funniest individual vLive segments in a while. No surprise there that the channel picked up Dreamcatcher’s resident loud and energetic member, or that she’s slated for those two radio appearances as a result.

Dreamcatcher poses with phone cases from Moorugi. Credit: hf_dreamcatcher

We also got to see Dreamcatcher showing off some phone and iPad cases that fans can get from vendor Moorugi (sleuthed out by fan onlykimbora on Twitter), in case you wanted to match up with your favorite member’s chosen design. Like some of the other things they’ve done in the past, this looks to be a mild sponsorship opportunity, which is always a good thing when it comes to the group’s growing visibility.

Other than this, here’s some other miscellaneous news from Dreamcatcher land:


  • Fansubbers have finally managed to subtitle Dreamcatcher’s appearance on MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s “Studio Moon Night” from a while back, so if you’ve wanted to understand what all the chaos was about, you can check it out at the above video.
  • BOCA”, Dreamcatcher’s title track from last year’s “Lose Myself” album, hit 39 million views, per user nat1withadv on Reddit. Looks like the video is still keeping a consistent lead over Road to Utopia’s “Odd Eye” and will likely continue to do so, at least for now.
  • Dreamcatcher’s Tiktok accounts in Japan and in Korea put up two short and funny videos from JiU and Handong, respectively.
  • Dreamcatcher’s official Twitter account dropped a few pictures from Handong, SuA (twice, no less), and Siyeon. Curiously enough these are from what appears to be the same location they used to talk to Japanese fans for their “Eclipse” event, but could the setting, which included individual rooms and furniture, also have been used for other media? Time will tell.

As you can see, even with a relatively slow week, Dreamcatcher continues to put in the time for their fans, the company, and themselves. We’ve got a brand new month coming up, and with summer soon to be upon us and a three-comeback goal from DCC, it might be an interesting one to keep up on. I’ll be here every week as per usual, so be sure to drop by! Feel free to drop a follow and a clap if you can, and I’ll see you here in 7 days!

Handong shows off her best visual look for the day during “Odd Eye” promotions. Credit: Naver