K-Pop's Dreamcatcher Brings Remixed Energy To First Part Of Europe 2024 Tour

Poland, the United Kingdom, and Germany made sure to match Dreamcatcher's happiness and passion at the first part of the group's EU tour.

K-Pop's Dreamcatcher Brings Remixed Energy To First Part Of Europe 2024 Tour
Dreancatcher grabs a group photo in London during their Europe 2024 tour. Source: hf_dreamcatcher (X/Twitter)

It's always fun to talk with fellow fans about Dreamcatcher tours, because inevitably there's always the discussion about the schedule and whether or not Dreamcatcher can get some rest and maintain their energy. They come from an abundance of concern for what's sometimes a grueling schedule when it comes to touring, but honestly, I've never been too concerned. Dreamcatcher are battle-hardened touring veterans, having been doing this kind of traveling since 2017, and pandemic years aside, they've been out and about internationally every year since then. And like clockwork, when the fancams and the other media surface, the group delivers with their performances, without seemingly missing a beat.

Dreamcatcher's Europe tour is obviously the focus for this week's Recall, so let's check out some of what we saw in the first part of their travels through Poland, the United Kingdom, and Germany!

Part of the appeal of this series of concerts so far is the fact that the group has been playing around with how to make a show that flows really well. There are a couple places in the current setlist where songs seamlessly flow into one another, such as this fancam from Warsaw showing off "Propose" going right into "Rising". It feels natural to do this since both songs have minimal or no choreography with similar setup to sing live, and having a relatively slow song go into a more hype one seems better for the crowd. While we saw a bit of a test case in Seoul for this as the setlists appear to be identical so far, it was nice to see it succeed again in another region.

Speaking of Seoul, we did see Dreamcatcher Company sneak in an upload from the home front this week to take a look back at the group's 7th anniversary concert and kickoff of their current world tour. Once again, it was nice to see the group reflect on preparations and things they chose to wear, but this had a couple of additional perks in that we got to hear about how the group felt about passing the 7th anniversary mark, getting a surprise cake from the fans, and more. And it was a nice bonus to see Handong explain that the group completely trolled SuA into performing a move during the "BONVOYAGE" special outro that nobody else did, drawing a bunch of in-show laughs from the group and their backup dancers. It's little things like that which keep me watching Notes, even though there have been over 300+ episodes.

Dreamcatcher Weverse LIVE - 유토니 - YOOHYE

Back in Warsaw, fans got an unexpected surprise in the form of Yoohyeon checking in on Weverse after the show as she ate a late dinner. Tour livestreams have been a bit fewer and far between the last couple of forays out internationally from the group, and while I'm in total support of them getting their rest, it's still nice to see these sorts of quick peeks from the group. Yoohyeon chatted about her current hairstyle, what's she's wanted to eat lately, a funny moment where she got her seat next to Dami on the bus stolen, and more. It was a short, but fun livestream, and it was nice to see Yoohyeon in such high spirits.

If there was anyone who was spirited at all during the London show, it was SuA. The repeated beatdrops on 2019's "Silent Night" are pretty much a mainstay when it comes to Dreamcatcher concerts these days since they obviously pop the crowd and allow for some really wild jumping around, but sometimes you need to take it to the next level, like SuA did here.

One wonders if asking individual members to do the beatdrop might become a part of some of the rest of the EU concerts, as everyone seemed to get a kick out of SuA pulling out every wild dance move that she knew. Stage reactions no doubt also play a part, as Yoohyeon's did during the above video but either way, "Silent Night" and its remixed drop are just about guaranteed to be some of the most fun parts of the 2024 EU tour.

Those remixes as a whole, I feel, are helping freshen up old classics from Dreamcatcher's discography and give even veteran Dreamcatcher concertgoers something to look forward to. "The Curse of the Spider", another 2019 B-side, has found new life with its metal version incarnation, allowing fans like the ones up above in Offenbach, Germany to headbang and get hype with the revised beats. And for the group, I'm sure it's a nice change of pace after performing a song a certain way for years.

So far in the EU tour, the fact that it has been years since their last foray through the region hasn't deterred fans. Offenbach's Stadthalle, a 3,500 - 4,000 person venue, was appreciably filled for Dreamcatcher, making the above usual selfie video really neat to see. And while Dreamcatcher's ability to sell venues can and has varied, especially in the post-pandemic era, we're still seeing old and new fans alike come out to see the group and their ever-expanding discography. That's the mark of a healthy fandom and group, and one that I hope to see continue as Dreamcatcher continues onward in EU. And as always you can expect that report next Sunday as usual, so for all that, and more, I'll see you then!

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