K-Pop’s Dreamcatcher Asks Fans To Gather Round With Comeback And New Tour Leg Inbound

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New music and another leg of their first world tour arejust around the corner as Dreamcatcher gears up for their second comeback of 2022.

One of Dreamcatcher’s group teaser photos for Apocalypse: Follow Us. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher’s message this time around for their comeback is to “follow us”, and that’s exactly what fans did as the K-Pop girl group rock/pop septet rocketed towards their imminent comeback on October 11th. The group is pretty much already in comeback mode, with variety appearances both uploaded and scheduled dropping this past week and the vast majority of their comeback scheduler. But it’s not just the present that Dreamcatcher is looking towards, but a future coming up soon in which more fans than ever will get to see them live for the first time since before the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s take a look at all the exciting pre-comeback news that dropped this past week!

Handong addresses her audience as part of the third individual teaser image set. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

We kicked off the week-before-comeback with the third set of individual teaser images, featuring a more formal, professional Dreamcatcher addressing their audience. The theme of broadcast and appeal to the masses returned as the group traded their military-inspired uniforms for wear that you’d probably see on politicians or public figures.

This dichotomy continued in the group teaser images, which contrast the aforementioned soldier wear with stylish fashion against what may be meant to be a utopian backdrop. While it is rare to see all the teaser images relate directly to the story or the “plot” of the eventual music video, it is interesting imagery to elicit for the group. Do Dreamcatcher, summoned to a mostly wasteland-filled planet in response to pleas of “save us”, make an attempt at getting others in a mostly untouched society to help, only to fail and have to resort to creating an army to do so? Nobody knows, but we’ll soon find out.


As is tradition, we also got our first tastes of what the audio might sound like for “VISION” and the rest of the album with the Lyrics Spoiler and Highlight Medley. Interestingly enough and unlike other comebacks, Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatcher Company appear to be protecting the chorus from being heard too much (or even at all) prior to the album’s release. With a new face on the title track’s composition and arrangement team (June One of indie hybrid rock/pop band Glen Check) there was a fresh and intriguing feeling to what we heard of “VISION” — a sort of mix of old school synth blended with modern electronic rock. With dark techno, metal, and rock elements stated to be included the lack of a chorus preview made things even more tantalizing.


The rest of the album brings back the formula for many of Dreamcatcher’s mini album releases — a bit of an experimental track (“Fairytale”), a more rock/pop type track (“Some Love”) and a ballad (“Rainy Day”). The return of Intro/Outro tracks showcase a contrast in instrumental styles, as “Chaotical X” and its techno-based beats sit opposite “Mother Nature”’s more chill tones. My final judgments are as always reserved for the album release (and you can count on a separate article for that coming up this week) but it sure sounds like to me this is going to be another great addition to the Dreamcatcher discography


Our last tease of the week came from the dance preview for “VISION”, which appeared to come from the intro and revealed a complex choreography of the style that was used for 2019’s “Deja Vu”. Military-like styling, motions, and a collapsing-then-expanding formation accompanied the first part of the song, with Yoohyeon asking listeners to “gather round”. Once again we seem to be held back from some of the harder portions of song from a rock standpoint, but the beginning of the song leaning into the dark techno aspect is still of interest. The women of Dreamcatcher’s backup dance crew seem to be taking their turn this time around (with last comeback’s “MAISON” featuring only the men) and the subtle saluting choreography with their jackets emblazoned with the Dreamcatcher logo just added to the mood of the song. We only have to wait a couple more days to see all of it (and if you want to pre-save for Spotify or Apple, you can use this link), so no doubt this is one of the most anticipated comebacks yet for fans of the group.


Dreamcatcher wasted no time both continuing their past content and running right into variety show appearance mode as well. We got part 2 of Siyeon’s Vlog about the NA tour, which included a lot of Siyeon’s trademark quirkiness and a bonus skin care session for when she’s on tour. JiU and SuA ended up on Kim Gura’s Latte 9, a news and media reaction type show that had the group’s eldest members reacting to various clips, though one of the highlights was JiU having SuA participate in one of her punny jokes and laughing at her own humor, as always.


Finally, in one of the most entertaining recent variety appearances I’ve seen, Dreamcatcher dropped in on ACL Studio’s Idolstein, a fun show where the guest idols teach science lessons while being unabashedly themselves, a trait that Dreamcatcher took to heart. The dialogue between the members was joking, teasing, and hilarious, especially when there was a fan-submitted ranking of “best Dreamcatcher members to be scientists” and there was a clear exposure of why most members ended up where they were, from Siyeon ranking 5th for her story about nearly burning her house down cooking ramen to Yoohyeon somehow landing 2nd despite a dalgona-making mishap during her birthday livestream in January. The callbacks were great for long-time fans and for recent fans to get familiar with the group’s antics and personality offstage, while all the science stuff was as always interesting and recalled my own days doing these kinds of things in lab work back in school. Thankfully this was only part 1, so we’ll likely get 20 more minutes of trademark Dreamcatcher chaos and entertainment for Idolstein part 2 next week.


As for future content, we are set to see a ton of it moving forward, as Dreamcatcher secured appearances on Ceci Korea, Weekly Idol, Idol Radio, and Kwon Eunbi’s Mubeat Live, to start — and we’ll also get to have a comeback showcase for fans on album release day and a pop-up store for their upcoming Halloween concert as well. For Weekly Idol and Idol Radio, these are certainly nice surprises — Dreamcatcher is coming back in the midst of a ton of groups, many of whom are more popular than they are, yet they still managed to secure spots on some of the more well-known variety shows/radio broadcasts. It’s a function of some of the good relationship these shows have with the group, and of the recognition of their sustainability and, of course, their entertainment value. I’m looking forward to these plus more during “VISION” era, as we move into promotions for Dreamcatcher.


For Dreamcatcher, however, from the beginning, the group and company have felt there is no better promotion than being on tour, and that’s what we got last week in the form of a major announcement with long-time partner MyMusicTaste to continue Dreamcatcher’s World Tour in 2022. This time, Dreamcatcher will head to Europe in five locations in November, placing them after comeback promotions and keeping the group busy into December. While there was concern about the short turnaround time and small number of dates from some fans, speaking from experience I can say there is a lot that goes into planning these, and it gets harder at the end of the year as the holidays approach. European fans have been wanting more of Dreamcatcher since getting a taste of their music live for the first time since 2019 at May’s KPop Flex in Germany and June’s Primavera Sound in Spain, so regardless, I think this is good news for them and for the group. Europe has long been one of Dreamcatcher’s tour mainstays (with Fly High tour in 2018 and Invitation to Nightmare City in 2019 as testaments to that) so I’m happy for folks to get the opportunity to see them. Hopefully the SEA and OCE regions will get their turn in 2023, but for now, Dreamcatcher hitting the ground running in Europe will be good for many international fans.


Mere days remain until Dreamcatcher finally shows up with brand new music and everyone who’s a fan, including myself, is looking forward to release day! You can expect me to have some of my thoughts on the album as well as all the latest from Dreamcatcher’s first week of promotions, so be sure to clap, subscribe, and signal boost this content if you like what you’re reading. See you next week when our “VISION” will finally be cleared and we’ll be able to view and hear new Dreamcatcher songs!