Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Variety Moments From Dreamcatcher's SuA

SuA's energy and outgoing attitude have been a part of some of Dreamcatcher's best (and perhaps not as well known) variety moments.

Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Variety Moments From Dreamcatcher's SuA
SuA smiles while reading the lyrics of Deja Vu in a funny way. Source: genie original (YouTube)

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Continuing in the vein of the Hidden Gems series with Dreaamcatcher's variety, we're onto the group's Main Dancer SuA. To me, SuA is Dreamcatcher's All-Rounder, and that extends into the variety world, where memorable clips and constantly GIF'd moments get treasured by a group's fans for years. SuA's had no shortage of these over the seven years that Dreamcatcher has been active, but here are a few you may not know about off-hand.

(NOTE: I provide english fansubbed sources for convenience when an official translation isn't available, but be sure to give the original linked sources some love as well!)

Debut years for groups that aren't backed by a huge K-Pop company are always interesting to me because you can find some of the most random appearances and places that a group hits up to get noticed and increase visibility. Two months from (re) debut and here was Dreamcatcher on Studio Donga's Voss channel playing board games and just having fun.

What's fun about this for SuA is she anchored the team's attempt to guess the right word by using her drawing skills in the time alotted. SuA's always been known to be a bit of an artist but even simple drawings like the one she put together for this game had a great amount of detail. Was the rest of Dreamcatcher able to take what she relayed and get things right? You'll have to watch to find out.

  • Name: YSSCOM - Reactive Ears Game feat. Dreamcatcher SuA
  • Date: October 9th, 2018

There's a full set of these for each member, and I don't even recall anymore if these sorts of reactive interfaces are still a thing, but all I know is that they're a source of endless entertainment for when idols took advantage of them back in the day.

For SuA, her turn at the Reactive Ears game meant everything from giving her a chance to compliment herself but also be roasted in funny ways by her fellow members. Yoohyeon, her long-time dorm roommate, took a few shots here but everyone else also had a great time trying to trick SuA into some responses that made her look a bit vain. But for someone who leans into the "Queen" nickname pretty regularly, maybe that's just fine for SuA.

  • Name: OGN Gamedolympics Episode 3-3 - Beat Saber arena feat. Dreamcatcher SuA (16:38 and following)
  • Date: November 30th, 2018

K-Pop Idols competing against one another in giant teams while playing various video games? Sounds like a good time to me, and that's what OGN was thinking when they put together this event in 2018 as a more gaming-focused version of ISAC, the Idol Star Athletics Championships.

Dreamcatcher was divided up among the various teams and had a couple of moments here and there of note, such as this Beat Saber competition that SuA participated in. We probably shouldn't be surprised that someone with good reaction time and body control for dancing was able to do pretty well in an active movement VR game like Beat Saber, but the virtual environment can be pretty jarring at times. Luckily, that was not detriment to SuA, and the video is worth it alone for her animated reactions.

Long before the SuA-Handong "SuDong" duo was making fans laugh with their tour roommate shenanigans and revealing how much fun they have together, the two of them were hamming it up on the variety scene. This brief game of reading the lyrics of title track "Deja Vu" in prompted ways was one of a few signs that they worked well together.

For SuA's part, you can enjoy the moments where she has to be angry, emotional, and more, and the close-up shots of her facial expressions doing so have always made me laugh even coming back to it after a few years. SuA's has admitted she sometimes creates a bigger reaction than normal just to fill the space, and she has no trouble doing that here.

  • Name: K-Pop Idol Chart feat. Dreamcatcher (Song Guessing Game)
  • Date: September 13th, 2020

Guessing games always bring with them a bit of chaos, and SuA has tended to be the one who thrives in that the most. Because SuA won a previous three-character-subject guessing game, she's mostly waiting out the winner of this one to play in the "finals", but once she gets a chance to participate she's basically on fire. Even having the entire opposing team gang up on her didn't seem to be enough to overcome how good she was here.

This almost makes up for her unfortunate (but still funny) performance on another variety appearance trying to play "shouting in silence"...but that's for another day.

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