Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Variety Moments from Dreamcatcher's Siyeon

Dreamcatcher's Siyeon has always been endearingly strange, and some of her lesser-known variety moments are among her most entertaining.

Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Variety Moments from Dreamcatcher's Siyeon
Siyeon, always full of memes, refers to one of her own in a variety appearance on Arirang K-Pop. Source: ARIRANG K-POP

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We move onward in the latest Hidden Gems series involving variety by looking at some moments involving Dreamcatcher's Main Vocal Siyeon. Aside from having a memorable voice, Siyeon's quirky tendencies have been a part of many memorable moments in Dreamcatcher's variety appearances, and is a part of why she has so many fans. Here's some that you might not know about or remember off-hand.

(NOTE: I provide english fansubbed sources for convenience when an official translation isn't available, but be sure to give the original linked sources some love as well!)

  • Name - Fact in Star - Dreamcatcher Super Rookie Girl Group - Baby GOOD NIGHT
  • Date - May 1st, 2017

Fact in Star was an early supporter of Dreamcatcher back in the day, leading to some of the group's most fun (and GIF-able) moments. But one you might not know about is what happened in this clip from May of 2017. Around six and a half minutes in the group got to playing a game to determine who would participate in a "truth talk" segment, complete with a lie detector.

When watching this for the first time way back in 2017, it occurred to me that Siyeon reminded me of a character in tabletop RPGs that specializes and has all their points in one thing but at the expense of points in other areas, to funny effect. I won't spoil what Siyeon does here, but the segment only got as far as Siyeon for a specific (and hilarious) reason.

  • Name - Weekly Idol - LOONALoveCatcher Speed Song Game
  • Date - October 23rd, 2019

Fans may remember when Siyeon was on Weekly Idol by herself along with LOONA's Heejin and Lovelyz' Kei because they put together a fun short cover of MAMAMOO's "Egotistical", but the rest of the appearance was just as entertaining. Here you can see the three of them play a game where they have to try to sync up thinking of the same song when a name of a group is said, with Siyeon managing to get a bit out of sync with her fellow guests to hilarious effect. It all worked out in the end, but Siyeon quickly having to compensate for being caught out has never stopped being fun.

  • Name - V-1 - Dreamcatcher Siyeon Audition Song - "Inside Me" Cover (orig. by Maktub and Jeong Young Eun)
  • Date - August 7th, 2019

One of Siyeon's best moments on any variety show has long since been known to be her rock-style performance of EXO's "Overdose", a performance that earned her a spot in the finals for the V-1 contest program. But folks might not know the audition song that got her onto the show, a cover of ballad "Inside Me" by Maktub and Jeong Young Eun that showcased her ability to sing soft, slow songs with emotion and power.

The sound quality leaves a bit to be desired (I'm not sure why they didn't mic her up for this) but you can still hear the vocals that she'd put on display throughout the entirety of the show and which landed her no small amount of publicity for herself and the group in 2019.

  • Name - Arirang K-Pop - Dreamcatcher SimPLEASE Ringtone ver.
  • Date - October 22nd, 2018

In this segment from music show Arirang Simply K-Pop, the members of Dreamcatcher all create custom ringtones for waking up fans. You don't have to wait long for Siyeon since she's first up, and not only did she put her vocal talent on display, but also worked in one of the many memes she's cultivated among the Dreamcatcher fanbase over the years they've been active. All the members came up with some pretty great ringtones, but Siyeon's matches her overall personality in a way that can't be missed.

  • Name - WhosFan - DICO Class Behind Bloopers
  • Date - March 15th, 2021

I feel like we don't tend to see bloopers from filming variety appearances that often, mostly because a bunch of what would end up being uploaded is stuff that would end up on the cutting room floor, but when we do, they are honestly pretty entertaining despite some of the messups. When it comes to Dreamcatcher in particular, the outtakes tend to be sometimes funnier than the actual final product, and that was the case with this blooper reel of DICO Class, where Dreamcatcher taught some basic Korean words by speaking partially in Chinese and Spanish.

Not only did we see Siyeon's confident quirkiness on display here, but this is one of the rare opportunities to see Siyeon in the leadership role since she's the oldest of the Dreamcatcher members appearing and thus has to set the stage at both the beginning and end of the appearance for the group. You could tell she practiced dealing with the multilingual nature of the video plus also having to lead from the front as eldest, so we got the best of both worlds with Siyeon being both professional and funny at the same time.

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