Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Live Performances From Dreamcatcher’s SuA

Dreamcatcher’s Main Dancer has had plenty of chances to show off her live performance talent, even if some fans may not remember a few of them.

Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Live Performances From Dreamcatcher’s SuA
SuA sings for fans at her birthday fanmeeting in n 2018. Source: Happyface entertainment

SuA is an all-around talent on Dreamcatcher, with skills in many areas. Her boisterous and energetic personality, devil-may-cry adventurousness, and confidence are all assets in ensuring that when she performs, people take notice. But even so, there are a few live performances from her that have fallen under the radar, and some that might surprise people for doing so. Let’s take a look at a few live performances from Dreamcatcher’s Main Dancer that you might not know about.

Name: SuA Birthday Fanmeeting 2018 — Dreamcatcher SuA cover “Love Battery” (orig. by Hong Jin-Young)
Date: August 24, 2018

Offline birthday fanmeetings are a chance for artists to show off some of what they might have in their repertoire of songs and performances in their back pockets. Covers, especially of well-known songs, are pretty common and SuA is no exception. At her 2018 birthday fanmeeting, SuA covered one of K-Pop’s most iconic and well-known classics in Hong Jin-Young’s “Love Battery. There were a lot of fun moments at this meeting (there’s a whole Dreamcatcher’s Note if you want to catch the highlights) but this one stood out as we hear and see plenty about SuA’s dancing but a bit less about her singing and cover ability, which is strong in its own right.

Name: Invitation From Nightmare City in Paris — SuA/Siyeon cover — “Sayonara” (orig. by Taemin)
Date: November 3, 2019

I enjoy subunit performances in K-Pop quite a bit, mostly because you see teams of the members of a group able to shine a bit more and show off their performance skill in a more isolated or focused setting. When it comes to SuA, besides the above, her work with others in the group brings out the best in them as far as dancing goes. In 2019 you can see her and frequent partner-in-crime Siyeon covering Taemin’s “Sayonara. With callbacks to the original choreography interspersed with moments that re-fit the song for a duo stage, SuA and Siyeon really elevated their game here, even given the difficulty of covering someone like Taemin, who has some really unique ways of dancing.

Name: Idol Radio Episode 205 — Dreamcatcher SuA cover — “Amor Fati” (orig. by Kim Yeon Ja)
Date: November 3, 2019

Variety shows are always fertile ground for fun idol moments, though if a member of a group is appearing with others they may not know as well, they can tend towards being a bit more reserved in their behavior. Not so with high-energy SuA, whose over-the-top and impassioned performance of viral 2013 K-Pop song “Amor Fati” by Kim Yeon Ja was so full of loud trademark SuAisms that she got the rest of the guests and MCs to get up and dance with her. Dreamcatcher’s had many memories at MBC’s Idol Radio over the years, but this one, which was a SuA solo appearance, isn’t quite as well known as the others. Hopefully this fixes that.

Dreamcatcher Weverse LIVE - Dreamcatcher
[Dreamcatcher] Let’s eat~~~🤗

Name: Dreamcatcher vLive — “Let’s Eat” feat. JiU and SuA
Date: May 22, 2021

Oftentimes some of the best and most fun live performances from Dreamcatcher are impromptu ones, and that’s exactly what happened when JiU and SuA hit up the vLive platform to eat and talk with fans in May of 2021. At around 53:06 or so, the two eldest members of the group decide they want to fire up the practice room’s audio and sing a few tunes for fans. Featuring Heize, Day6, Taeyeon, and more, SuA and JiU divide time on the mic and sometimes sing together, showing that even absent all of the production that happens at music shows and in song studios, they have raw vocal talent in spades. For the full list, you can check out this YouTube cut of the karaoke session from the original from YouTube channel Fall Asleep In Dreamworld.

Name: KWAVE U “Pocket Star Go!” dance by Dreamcatcher SuA
Date: July 6th, 2017

Vocals aren’t the only things that show off how good many K-Pop artists are from a skills and presentation standpoint — you have to be able to carry yourself well as a performance and dance professional as well. And while there are many moments over the years that SuA has displayed why she carries the Main Dancer title, clips like this one from the now-defunct KWAVE U Pocket Star app show that she’s had amazing dance skills for years. The song is one of the most danceable in the last 10 years or so in Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” and there are plenty of ways to go about interpreting how to dance to it aside from the original, but SuA has always been able to take it to the next level in this regard. Many of the moves appear to be unscripted, but are just a response to the vibe of the song, yet they fit together in a way that make the overall package really neat to see. There’s a reason why early Dreamcatcher (and even to some extent today) SuA is involved in the group’s choreography, and it shows.

SuA, clad in traditional hanbok, sings and charms the audience during the Lunar New Year episode of Idol Radio in 2019. Source: MBCkpop

While I’ve been a bit late coming back to this series (it’s been that busy for Dreamcatcher), I hope you enjoyed reading about some of SuA’s not-so-well-known live performances! I’ll be sure to try to finish this series up intertwined with the weekly updates before the end of the year, but until then, be sure to search up some of Dreamcatcher SuA’s best performances on your own. You won’t be disappointed.