Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Live Performances From Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon

Main Vocalist Siyeon is known for some of the most iconic Dreamcatcher singing performances, but there are plenty of other places where she’s shined.

Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Live Performances From Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon
Siyeon sings for fans during the 2018 South American leg of the “Fly High” tour. Source: Kpidols

Powerful and clear vocals have made Siyeon Dreamcatcher’s solid anchor in that area since debut, and everyone knows that whether in competition, in music shows, and in Dreamcatcher’s many Special Clips, they can count on her delivering with her voice. But even with frequently-linked posts such as her semi-final winning rock cover of EXO’s “Overdose” on 2019’s V-1 and her rendition of live-action Aladdin’s “Speechless (so good that even an official Disney account liked it) there are places that aren’t as well-known as far as her performance acumen.

In a continuation of a series that I know I should have concluded a while back, here’s some hidden gems from Siyeon’s performances that you might not have known about.

Name: 2019 K-Community Festival in Brussels — Dreamatcher Siyeon — “Speechless” (orig. Naomi Scott)
Date: October 5, 2019

I just mentioned Siyeon’s excellent cover of Naomi Scott’s “Speechless”, and everybody is well-acquainted with the studio version. But live, even absent audio production, Siyeon is just as powerful and sounds practically identical to what’s recorded. 2019’s K-Community festival in Brussels gave her the opportunity to show that off, with the “Aladdin” song getting a rendition of Dreamcatcher’s main vocalist that delighted the crowd.

Name: Dreamatcher Siyeon 2018 Birthday Fanmeeting — “One More Night” (orig. by Maroon 5)
Date: September 30th, 2018

Maroon 5 has been a frequent part of Dreamcatcher’s cover toolbelt, with their rock-style rendition of “Lucky Strike” serving as one of the group’s first indications that they could cover practically anything and give it their own spin. But individual Dreamcatcher members have pulled from that discography to do covers on their own, and Siyeon’s choice of “One More Night” is no exception. If you have a chance to look up video of Siyeon’s birthday meeting from this day, you should, as she showcases a ton of range in the various songs she sings for fans. This one was a treat just for not only the singing but the impromptu dancing as well.

Name: Weekly Idol Episode 430 feat. Dreamatcher Siyeon, Lovelyz Kei, and LOONA Heejin — “Egotistic” cover (orig. by MAMAMOO)
Date: October 23, 2019

K-Pop fans dream up collaborations all the time, but the reality is that they often don’t happen due to a bunch of different logistical reasons. But when they do happen, they provide a treat for fans of all the groups involved. Siyeon’s solo representation of Dreamcatcher on Weekly Idol in 2019 brought with it a crossover you’d normally have trouble seeing, as her, Kei from Lovelyz, and Heejin from LOONA would come together for a cover of one of my personal favorite MAMAMOO songs, “Egotistic”. Siyeon was put in charge of figuring out the song and working with Kei and Heejin, and the result is a short, yet no-less-talented rendition that brings together vocal power from all three groups that you won’t want to miss.

Name: Lee Hongki's Kiss the Radio - Dreamcatcher Siyeon and Yoohyeon - "Making a New Ending for This Story" cover (orig. by Han Dong Geun)
Date: February 12, 2017

Even though most of Dreamcatcher's members were previously known as MINX, re-debut essentially meant a reset on introductions in terms of them showcasing talent and vocal power. Less than a month after debut, then-company Happyface Entertainment was pulling out all the stops to ensure everyone knew how talented Dreamcatcher was.

As such, the vocal big guns were pulled out on one of the group's early appearances on the radio, and Siyeon and Lead Vocalist Yoohyeon obliged with a cover of a great classic song in "Making a New Ending for This Story". Dreamcatcher is, of course, filled with all talented vocalists, but there's something about the sheer power of both of the top two in the group that tells you you're in for a great display - especially with the bridge, where Siyeon pulls out that rock-style vocal growl that is very much Dreamcatcher - even for a ballad.

Name: VLIVE — Dreamcatcher Siyeon — “Psycho” cover (orig. by Red Velvet)
Date: October 15, 2020

Impromptu vocal covers have been some of the best parts of Dreamcatcher’s VLIVEs over the years, and Siyeon has never disappointed fans in this regard. This snippet from an October 2020 VLIVE shows off Siyeon’s singing and rapping talent in one fell swoop, as Siyeon sings one of Red Velvet’s most well-known songs. If you do have a chance and have two hours to burn, however, you should definitely just check out the entire Siyeon voice-only VLIVE from 201015, where she sings practically an entire concert’s worth of mini-covers including songs from Taeyeon, Christina Aguilera, Sia, Day6, and more than I’m forgetting. But that’s Siyeon for you — you can tell she loves singing and performing, and takes any opportunity to do so, especially for fans.

Siyeon sings after being revealed in “King of Masked Singer” in 2019. Source: MBCEntertainment

Hopefully you enjoyed this trek through some of the performances that you may not have known about from Dreamatcher’s Main Vocal. I’ll likely look to continue the series through over the next few weeks, but next week, you can look forward to my annual Year-End review, where we take a look at all of what Dreamcatcher has achieved over the past 12 months and see where it takes them from there. Until then, be sure to clap, subscribe, and signal boost the content if you like what you’re seeing!