Dreamcatcher’s “Summer Holiday” Trip Finally Takes Them To Music Shows And More

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Music shows return just in time for Dreamcatcher to continue promotions of their July 2021 album release.

Dreamcatcher takes a group photo at Show! Music Core, August 14th, 2021. Credit: hf_dreamcatcher

One of the best parts of any K-Pop related comeback is the fact that the artists get to hit up the weekly music show circuit and provide entertainment with song performances off of the new album as part of promotions. For Dreamcatcher, this past week was the first week of those promotions, one that was just a bit delayed due to cancellations from the Olympics. There was, of course, plenty more that happened last week as the group continued their “Summer Holiday” tour, so let’s get right into it!


As I mentioned before, Dreamcatcher hit up the music show road this past week and we were treated, as usual, to a variety of different stylings and camera angles. One of my personal favorites was the overhead “Tower Cam” from this past week’s Music bank — one that isn’t seen terribly often but which gives you a good idea of just how layered and interesting the choreography for “BEcause” is. It also helps that there were a set of dark colors combined with doll/marionette-style clothes, adding to the mood of the performance.


But “BEcause” was not the only “Summer Holiday” track to get performance time this past week. Wistful and emotional ballad “A Heart of Sunflower” and JiU-written city pop tune “Alldaylong” also got time to shine on The Show and Show Champion, respectively. As my longer review of “Summer Holiday” states, this is one of Dreamcatcher’s most varied minis yet, and showcasing the ability to have Dreamcatcher sing in different styles is great for the group’s promotions.

Dreamcatcher with MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul for their 2nd appearance on “Studio Moon Night”, August 9th, 2021. Credit: kr_now

But of course, music shows were the only place Dreamcatcher stopped this past week. On the radio, we had the group make their second appearance on MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s “Studion Moon Night” on Naver NOW, this time with the entire group, and it was every bit as fun and chaotic as you’d expect. From SuA flustering Moonbyul by dancing near her to Siyeon forgetting Gahyeon’s birthday (twice) to playing a game where the members had to guess who sent messages among the group to them about their habits, it was an entertaining episode. I was especially happy to hear Moonbyul say that the group was welcome anytime they wanted to guest on the show, which solidifies Dreamcatcher networking into the upper echelon of idol groups like MAMAMOO.

SuA shows off her birthday cake from Wendy and SBS at SBS Youngstreet, August 10th, 2021. Credit: sbsyoungstreet

We also had SuA’s usual appearance on Wendy’s Young Street, where the Red Velvet main vocalist definitely let SuA know she didn’t forget her birthday with a surprise strawberry cake. I got a little nervous for SuA dancing around with it as it almost fell off, but regardless this was a nice gesture and a way for the SuA/Wendy friendship to continue sailing. Episode-wise, Wendy, SuA, and Taehyun discussed who would be the most amazing type of person (person that exercises or studies then goes to work in the morning, person that cleans up luggage after a vacation, or a person that can resist the urge for midnight snacks). Coupled with the fact that we got even more airtime for “Summer Holiday” songs this was a great episode to listen to/watch, as always.


Variety-wise we got a bit of a break from the content blitz we saw from the previous week, but Esquire Korea did release a nice fashion film that styled the group in summer clothes during a sunlit day in a vacation home, the result, not surprisingly, being Dreamcatcher looking great. It’s always nice to have a professional publication like Esquire in a group’s corner, as it shows off just another way that a group like Dreamcatcher can present new and fresh visuals.

On the text front, you’ll want to check out two interviews the group did with online publications:

Both interviews asked a lot of interesting questions about the new album, the group, and about Dreamcatcher’s music, so be sure to check them out!


On the official front, we got a few other treats, including the MV version of the choreography and the 2nd behind-the-scenes videos for both the MV and the Jacket photos. One theme that seemed to keep coming up in both of the “making” videos was the fact that Dreamcatcher worked long into the night to finish up, sometimes ending in the wee hours of the morning. Out of all the releases so far, it appears this one took multiple days and a ton of work to create the atmosphere and mood that made both the album and the MV carry that “innocent on the surface, sinister underneath” vibe. I hope that fans can appreciate just how much hard work and long hours went into them. Certainly, plenty of K-Pop groups have long working days, but for a group like Dreamcatcher, for which story-telling and visual color are important for their unique concept, it’s I think something that stands out when you see the results.


As for vLive, we got treated to three this week, with a lowkey and calm voice-only session with Gahyeon talking about the weather, the Olympics playing BEcause, and how the comeback is going so far. This contrasted with two Yoohyeon/Handong vLives that had plenty of energy and chaos, with the two of them following through on a promise to swap outfits that backfired when their mothers had trouble telling them apart for performances, Yoohyeon making Handong both happy and cringe with her actions, and surprise appearances by both Dami and Gahyeon. As always, vLives from Dreamcatcher provided some interesting interactions with fans and some casual conversation about how the comeback is going, even as moments like Handong killing a mosquito provide funny entertainment. Speaking of which, don’t forget that during comeback time that there’s a special Instagram account, goodnight_dreamcatcher, where the members will send messages to fans at the end of the day, every day. Be sure to check it out as there is always something fun, interesting, and sometimes meme-worthy.


Last, but not least, Dreamcatcher and their official TikTok are running a “#BEcauseChallenge”, leveraging their network of fellow K-Pop idols to do short videos of part of the chorus of “BEcause”. Dreamcatcher’s “friendcatcher” network is on full display here, with Red Velvet’s Wendy, MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, Oh My Girl’s Arin, and most recently last week, Hot Issue’s Yewon and Yebin (the former being a huge Dreamcatcher fan). These have been fun to watch not just for the mini-collaborations with other artists, but also to show that Dreamcatcher has forged plenty of its own friendships and clout among their peers in the industry. It’s just another way Dreamcatcher has shown how successful and sustainable they are in carving out their own niche in K-Pop.

Dreamcatcher poses for a group pic at M! Countdown on August 12th, 2021. Credit: hf_dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher continues to hit up the comeback tour this week and you can be sure I’ll be here as usual to cover and recap everything that happened. As always, be sure to drop, shares, claps, comments, and follows if you like what you’re reading — and I’ll see you here next week for more Dreamcatcher happenings!