Dreamcatcher’s New Variety Friends, Love To Their Fans, and Updated October Schedule

K-Pop — Dreamcatcher Recall

October 2020’s 1st full week has Dreamcatcher on Variety show paths and showering their fans with tons of appreciation.

JiU, Yoohyeon, and the rest of Dreamcatcher video call a fan for the ONTACT show. Video Credit: IDOLLIVE

The first full week of October brought with it barely any slowdown for Dreamcatcher, as variety appearances continued to roll in that were recorded from their BOCA promotions. Dreamcatcher’s always had a pretty solid variety show listing but these promotions, in particular, have brought with them a slate of new and first-time appearances, extending connections to a growing list of hosts and shows.

One of the best parts of Dreamcatcher interacting with these new friends they’re making of the hosts is them finding out just how loud and extra Dreamcatcher can be when they’re not performing, a big contrast to their serious and intense stage and show presence. “Secret Friend Of Idols”, which I’ve enjoyed in part due to host Teng Jee’s bright, energetic, and mischievous personality, is just one of the latest to discover this.

That said, I have a feeling Teng Jee wasn’t ready for Dreamcatcher:

Move over beagle, you’ve been replaced with the pterodactyl as the animal of choice to compare to loud idols like Dreamcatcher.
Is this the “Elephant On Head” yoga pose from SuA?
You know, I’m not even going to try to explain this one. Just watch the video.

Anyway, whether it was in massages, yoga, or anything else, Dreamcatcher had plenty of fun, even if it came at the expense of Teng Jee, but there were a couple of serious moments, such as Siyeon explaining that some comments they get that aren’t the kindest talk about how rock isn’t the genre they should be doing if they want to be popular. Thankfully, Dreamcatcher is continuing down the rock road and garnering notoriety without having to compromise their core identity.

Teng Jee wasn’t the only host to get a taste of Dreamcatcher’s chaos this week — Kim Gura of Kakao TV’s “New Pang” got a miniature dose of them in the form of SuA and Siyeon, who appeared on the early morning TV show in pajamas to help deliver the news, dance a bit of “BOCA” choreography, and show off a bit of their talent in the process.

Even when it’s at the crack of dawn, Dreamcatcher has plenty of energy. Photo Credit: Osen

The real treat from a variety perspective this past week, however, was from the finishing up of the “Ontact Fan Meeting” appearance from Dreamcatcher.


The last two episodes had both audio and video calls made to fans who successfully took the show’s quiz. Lucky fans had no idea if Dreamcatcher was potentially going to call them, so hearing and seeing their reaction to being able to talk to their favorite girl group in K-Pop live was one of the best parts of these episodes.


Each fan had a keyword associated with their Dreamcatcher fandom and they spanned everything from the comedic (“bank clerk”, a fan who filmed a video of SuA at a fan meeting behaving like a bank teller that went viral) to the serious (“end of life”, a fan who was contemplating self-harm who met Dreamcatcher during “Deja Vu” promotions and was essentially saved by them).

SuA gives a lucky fan a few seconds of cuteness overload. Video Credit: IDOLLIVE

As someone who works in a front-facing position in the games industry, some of the best moments are making community members happy. Seeing and hearing fans be over the moon after having Dreamcatcher interact, complement, and acknowledge them gives me the feeling Dreamcatcher feels much the same way.


But fans on Ontact weren’t the only ones to get some Dreamcatcher love this week. If you needed another example of how Dreamcatcher notices and appreciates their fandom, look no further than a V Live this past week from Yoohyeon, where she was told about, and subsequently reacted to a profile video of her from Dreamcatcher YouTuber and content creator insomnicsy. Not surprisingly, and much like the fans who got called on Ontact, insomnicsy reacted accordingly.

This is what peak Insomnia looks like. Twitter Credit: insomnicsy

In the K-Pop fandom, fans who dedicate time, effort, and space to create content about their favorites are given well-deserved appreciation by their respective communities, and in Dreamcatcher fandom, insomnicsy is a mainstay. Between quickly translated Dreamcatcher V Live highlights, funny themed compilations from appearances and official footage (I personally like the “Dreamcatcher is a mess” series for 100% chaos), and informational videos like the “This is…” series, insomnicsy provides some of the best fan-produced Dreamcatcher content out there, so as someone who only recently entered the Dreamcatcher content creation space (and only as a writer, at that), it was nice to see insomnicsy get their due and their “Unnie/Noona Noticed Me” moment.

Handong posts a self-quarantine picture, 10/06/20. Weibo Credit: Handong Oasis

Amidst from all the fan love Dreamcatcher is handing out, October continues to be increasingly an eventful one for the girls. The most important and speculated-about date this month is obviously Handong’s emergence from self-quarantine in South Korea after arriving last week following an initial issue returning to the country.

Handong greets a welcome sight in the form of fried chicken, 10/09/20. Weibo Credit: Handong Oasis

Hopefully aside from making me want fried chicken, we’ll see Handong re-united with her fellow Dreamcatcher members soon, with 10/16/20 appearing to be the final date of her required self-quarantine.

KMDF 2020 Line-up including Dreamcatcher. Source: Naver News

Other than that, Dreamcatcher was announced to be part of the Korea Music Drive-in Festival from 10/31/20–11/01/20, to be held in the Incheon Port International Passenger Terminal in Songdo, Incheon with socially-distanced vehicles, drive-in movie style. Not a bad idea to stay safe while also get a concert going for the participating groups. With Dreamcatcher already performing on 10/18/20 for KCON:TACT Season 2, this just adds to a busy return to work for the group after the Chuseok holiday.


Lastly, on the official front, besides two more (currently non-English subbed) behind-the-scenes Dreamcatcher’s Notes on their Break The Wall self-made MV and Chuseok photoshoot, Dreamcatcher finished up their “Between Dreamcatcher and Me” series, a more informal, intimate interview series with the members on various personal topics. The finale video asks for some last words and to address the members, with a re-visit of Gahyeon’s emotional hopes that they stay together and do well. Well worth watching!

Other things you may have not caught this week from Dreamcatcher world (courtesy of the /r/dreamcatcher subreddit):

Siyeon slightly winces at hearing “Love Shake”, DJ Stereo Club Mix version. JiU knew what she was doing. V Live Credit: Dreamcatcher V Live

With a potential reunion with Handong around the corner, this upcoming week hopes to be an eventful one in Dreamcatcher history. I’ll be back here next week to write about that and more!