Dreamcatcher’s May 2023 Plans Begin To Take Form As Fans Anticipate Busy Times Ahead

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Though the K-Pop septet is taking a well-deserved break from public appearances and schedules, a May full of activities shows they are far from idle.

Dreamcatcher takes a group shot for their upcoming 2nd Generation Fanclub Fanmeeting, REASON: Boutique from InSomnia. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher spent the first part of the year constantly in front of their fans and in the public eye. A return from a holiday break had them hit the ground running, with their 6th anniversary, a subunit photoshoot, recordings for shows that only just now are airing, and of course, their most recent month-long 2023 US tour. Suffice it to say, it’s been a pretty hectic first third of the year, so it’s no surprise that they’re stepping back a bit from a public visibility standpoint.

That said, that doesn’t mean the group hasn’t been busy. May is a confirmed comeback month, which means new music is on the near horizon, but this past week, aside from the continuation of normal content from Dreamcatcher, we began to see a sense of what the group might have in store as the summer begins. Let’s take a quick peek at the news and updates that dropped!


We saw that Siyeon put together another vlog for the 2023 US tour and the first part got uploaded this past week. Looks like given the locale and where they went, that Siyeon started off almost midway through the tour in Chicago. I can definitely respect the fact that they went to some really cool places in a neighborhood I’m familiar with, and to brave what was essentially winter weather with the wind chill just to have a moment near the lake and the beach. No surprise that leader JiU decided to take off, but also none that Siyeon picked up some really cool fashion items she liked and enjoyed her time in the city. As always, Siyeon’s quirky vlog style is really charming to me, so I’ll be looking forward to more from the group’s Main Vocal in the coming weeks.


We also got to see a Note for Dreamcatcher’s recent appearance on variety show Webtoon Singer, including their slightly-revamped version of 2020’s “Red Sun”. Re-working the song to have more of a vampire concept, complete with a confirmation of SuA’s personal additions of simulating feeding on blood with some nice prop work, seemed to invigorate the song and the group, and it seemed as if they had a fun time overall. As a bonus, we got to see everyone wishing youngest member Gahyeon a very happy birthday as the recording took place around that time, a JiU food update, Handong trying real hard to get just the right visual picture for posting, and more. Though short, I like seeing these Notes about one-time appearances because there’s almost always a break from the routine.


Speaking of one-time appearances, this coming week Dreamcatcher heads back to the US for an appearance at the inaugural Korean culture event We Bridge Expo, and recent news shows that not only are they looking to do the usual artist engagement and hi-touch but that they’ll also be participating in a Day 1 concert with the other artists from the day. I was personally glad to see this as it does seem to make going to the show more worth it for Dreamcatcher fans, allowing them to get a K-Pop show out of the trip as well as see Dreamcatcher themselves in their performance element where they’ll no doubt kill it on stage once again. We’ll have to see what footage comes out of the show from attendees and from the event and you can bet that I’ll be reporting on it as per usual.

Dreamcatcher confirmed as part of lineup for the 2023 G-KPop Concert in Gangnam. Source: kpopcon_official

After getting back from Vegas, the group will also not just be preparing for their as-of-yet unspecified May comeback — they’ll also be performing at the Gangnam G-KPop concert on Day 3 as well. Sharing the stage with three other artists that day still means that Dreamcatcher will get some good time to show off what will no doubt be another great set of performances, so early May is shaping up to be quite the schedule.


That schedule also got quite a bit busier with the announcement that Dreamcatcher will be holding a 2nd Generation Fanclub Fanmeeting on May 5th as well. The last Fanclub Fanmeeting was way back in 2019, featuring some really neat costumes (due to it being close to Halloween), a fun little self-made MV and skit, and more. This time around, the show will also be broadcast online, with global fans able to purchase through long-time partner MyMusicTaste starting on the 19th. Though a paid event, the group will undoubtedly make it worth it with all the content they have planned.


If there was anything that made what I just said true, it’ll be the confirmation that Dreamcatcher is planning special stages for this event. Last time around fans were treated to some unique performances and memories, including Siyeon performing her cover of EXO’s “Overdose”, JiU/SuA/Yoohyeon doing a costumed version of their “Taki Taki” dance cover, Dami and Handong combining forces to cover one of IU’s best songs, and the above solo performance and choreography from Gahyeon, a cover of Park Jiyoon’s “Adult Ceremony” that back then, showed a small peek into a more mature concept and aggressive style that she was capable of.


While I totally get that the recent tours have needed to highlight Dreamcatcher’s existing discography, I did miss subunit and special stages, mostly because of the potential surprise of what Dreamcatcher can come up with. Seeing them cover everything from Girls Generation to VIXX to Charlie Puth and more means there is a ton of material in music to pick from, and an opportunity for Dreamcatcher themselves to put their own spin on things. It’s something I am definitely looking forward to.

Between the GKpop Concert and the fanmeeting, it’s looking like early May is locked up for Dreamcatcher. Could this mean that their comeback will be mid to late May? Nobody knows for now, but either way it seems that May (and at this point part of June) will be pretty busy for both Dreamcatcher and their fans. As always you can count on me to summarize all the happenings for Dreamcatcher from week-to-week, so be sure to tune in here next week at this time for more Dreamcatcher news and updates!