Dreamcatcher’s May 2023 Comeback News Tops First Week of Post-Tour Activity

K-Pop — Dreamcatcher Recall

Wasting almost no time once they returned, Dreamcatcher feeds fans with new content and info about upcoming new music.

Dreamcatcher snaps a group pic from the set of Webtoon Singer. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher touched down back in South Korea a couple weeks ago, fresh off of a relatively successful US tour and a month of extended travel. But if folks thought that the group would take an extended break from their content feed, they might not know Dreamcatcher that well. Being from a small company relative to the rest of the industry, and having a work ethic that at times has even had to be curbed by their own CEO, Dreamcatcher has never been one to rest on their laurels for very long, and this past week was no exception. The work, from past to present, to future, was part of what we got from Dreamcatcher this week, with all kinds of content and a critical bit of info that dictated where they’re likely going next. Let’s take a look at everything that happened this past week with the group!


Handong returned to work live for her radio show on TBS eFM after a month of mostly pre-recorded episodes due to the tour, and though she was more than happy to return to regular work, the usual Monday video broadcast got an extra bonus treat — the TBS eFM staff surprising Handong with a short birthday celebration. With a cake, fun glasses and a temporary birthday wallpaper background, Handong got both a welcome back and a happy birthday all at once, and it just goes to show that in two short months, she’s forged a really good relationship with the staff over at the station. Now that Handong is back, I’ll be looking forward to more of what she has to offer on the radio.


Dreamcatcher’s leader JiU also managed to check in this week via video live stream, along with special guest Cherry. While Siyeon and Yoohyeon made brief appearances in this live stream, JiU and Cherry made for an entertaining if not sweet duo on camera, even when Cherry got a bit spooked by an approaching Siyeon. I’m sure Cherry missed JiU while she was gone on tour, so seeing them together again was heartwarming and fun.


Speaking of fun, we’re still seeing content from this past November’s EU tour, and Dami’s fifth vlog on activities from there highlighted the group’s visit to Amsterdam and subsequent entertainment. We’ve seen this off-day trip from a variety of viewpoints by now, but Dami added in footage of a nice trip to a Lego display store as well as a few mukbang-style food and drink sessions that were as calming and chill as everything else Dami has done for this tour’s content so far. We’re also starting to find out that Dami is just a bit of a cola aficionado, with it being a bit rare not to see her with one in hand during her time in the EU. As someone who is pretty appreciative of regular caffeine, I can’t blame her at all.


It’s been a while since we got a Gahyeon vlog, mostly because, in her own words, she didn’t want to do content that seemed a bit too same-y or otherwise more of what she’s done before over the course of a few years. So it was that releasing a mukbang/flight episode seemed to make sense for her — it was short, certainly a bit different from all the other vlog footage of her plane travels, and it was a nice insight into just how long the flights are for Dreamcatcher when going on tour to far off places. As always, Gahyeon is entertaining even if she’s showing off in-flight business class meals or taking in a series, so this was nice to see.


As far as current plans go, Dreamcatcher dropped in content that kept fans entertained and revealed some of what they’d done prior to going on tour. The JiU and Yoohyeon photobook project through CeCi Korea continued, with a fun little painting activity that had Dreamcatcher’s Leader and Lead Vocal trying to put up artist renditions of a nice nature scene or two while also being distracted by producer questions. The paintings are available for giveaway, so long as you leave a comment on the video with the proper format, so good luck to all those fans giving it a whirl!


The photobooks themselves also became available for pre-order, though vendor Ktown4u appears to be the only one currently with a pre-order bonus, video call, and servicing international customers. At 144 pages, the books (which apparently have the same content just with different covers) will likely be chock-full of cool fashion shots from JiU and Yoohyeon’s time in Thailand, along with some other fun bonuses like exclusive photocards and stickers. Definitely consider ordering one if you’re a collector or you just want to or are able to support Dreamcatcher subunit activities.


And in other current activity news, Dreamcatcher’s work on new variety show Webtoon Singer, where webtoon artists are paired with musicians to produce unique OST tracks for said webtoons, finally aired this past Friday. Dreamcatcher’s pairing was quite on-the-nose, putting together the dark concept group that’s done the horror concept with Lina Im, artist for webtoon Unholy Blood, featuring vampire intrigue and drama. To pay homage, the group performed a new version of 2020 B-side hit “Red Sun”, clad in gothic-style clothing and with a new sinister air to the background instrumentals that also featured some slightly new choreography. If it was SuA that came up with the red scarves opening that made it seem like Dreamcatcher were vampires feeding on the living, bravo to her for making an already-great choreography by her even better. The group may have apparently lost out head-to-head against fellow idols Kep1er (who ironically did it with a rock-style concept remix of ITZY’s classic “Wannabe”) but they certainly left an impression on the artist, everyone in attendance, and the panel. It was so great to have older Dreamcatcher songs find new life in new ways like this. Perhaps we may see it again at the KBS Open Concert, which Dreamcatcher is set to record for.


But the headline news by far this week was that Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatcher Company have confirmed a narrowing down of the next timeframe for new music and their first comeback of 2023. The month, for now, appears to have been set for May (cue the Justin Timberlake meme), and it will mark the end of the Apocalypse trilogy of albums.

With an unexpected early tour behind them and only one more appearance in April for a festival set, it seemed natural that Dreamcatcher would inevitably pivot to new music — because as good as fan song “REASON” is, it has left fans wanting more and anticipating what the next set of songs might sound like from the group. We don’t have much more news other than a new album (likely a mini) from the group in a month, so the firestorm of speculation, spoiler asks, and signs of an impending release is pretty much what fans will be doing to keep themselves busy over the next few weeks.

Either way, I’m looking forward to what Dreamcatcher has in store as far as closing out their latest storyline, and to the songs that will likely be included in music show performances and variety appearances to come. You can, of course, count on all the latest news and happenings to be posted here, so look forward to next week’s news (or that failing a continuation of some pretty fun Dreamcatcher article series), and I’ll see you then!