Dreamcatcher's Long-Awaited "DEMIAN" Choreography Debut Caps Off Week Before Concerts

K-Pop's resident rock/pop girl group geared up for travel abroad to perform for fans, but not before providing some fun content bits and teasers.

Dreamcatcher's Long-Awaited "DEMIAN" Choreography Debut Caps Off Week Before Concerts
Dreamcatcher takes a group picture after filming for their “DEMIAN” Special Clip. Source: hf_dreamcatcher (Twitter)

NOTE: This article contains partial spoilers for Dreamcatcher’s Apocalypse: From Us tour setlist.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a bit of a gap in the content that Dreamcatcher usually releases, which is odd for the group. Fans can typically count on the content drip to be pretty regular even during off-comeback time, and there’s usually a decent amount of videos that we can count on the group creating for itself. To be clear, I wasn’t terribly concerned, especially as the few times we did hear from Dreamcatcher during this brief pause in public they cited being incredibly busy, with hours-long days being the norm. With a few weeks of travel ahead of them, as they hit up the Philippines in Southeast Asia before dropping into North America for a brief tour through Canada and the US, this was completely understandable.

Still, it was great to see a return to form this past week, even as Dreamcatcher looks to make final preparations before their travel -  and also to get a few spoilers for what’s to come as well. Let’s take a look at what Dreamcatcher’s pre-travel and tour week had in store for us!

Even though both of these VLOGs have been ongoing for a few weeks now, I couldn’t help but find it funny that we got two different perspectives and experiences for traveling to Japan from two Dreamcatcher members. Yoohyeon’s latest vlog on her Japan trip continued to be great just for the family and sibling banter vibe (the light roasting Yoohyeon gave to her younger brother about really wanting to visit the maid cafe was part of the highlight there). There was also a lot of wholesomeness at continuing to experience the country with relatives, and to enjoy one another’s company. I expect the K-Pop artist life to be quite hectic for its artists, so breaks that allow for family time are, I think, treated like precious treasures.

And while Gahyeon’s continuation of her vlog in Japan was a different vibe, it was no less entertaining. Traveling with good friends is not the same as doing so with family, so from the banter to the choice of activities and more provided its own unique content. It was nice to see Gahyeon also film dealing with the unexpected as well, especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate and literally rains on your parade to do more content for the group. As always, though, Gahyeon took the hurdle in stride and even managed to avoid the rain for the most part.

I’ll be getting to Dreamcatcher heading out abroad in a bit, but the news that the group would also be participating in K-Pop event Korea On Stage In London was welcome news to hear this past week. The first lineup consisted of some pretty solid artists along with Dreamcatcher and guarantees that Dreamcatcher will be traveling to Europe at least once this year. The date for the event is set for early November during the week and is slated to take place in the OVO Arena Wembley, with a capacity of 12,500. Given how well-received Dreamcatcher was at both KPOP FLEX and their European tour last year, we can hope to have yet another great set of songs for the group that current (and potential) fans will be entertained by.

For the more immediate future, however, both promoters/bookers for Dreamcatcher’s upcoming appearances went into overdrive this week building buzz for Dreamcatcher. Local Filipino booker Random Minds counted down the days with a bunch of posts and video clips for the group, with an additional reminder about a brief media conference scheduled that would serve as a way for the group to greet a small number of lucky fans and outlets ahead of their Under the Moonlight concert. And MyMusicTaste did their part by introducing not only a contest to win polaroids from the group and another for postcards but also a small setlist spoiler for their upcoming “Apocalypse: From Us” NA tour. The list of songs is confirmed to include 2023 fan song “REASON”, and B-sides “Jazz Bar”, “Diamond”, and “Wonderland”. Both “Jazz Bar” and “Diamond” have been performed as recently as last year’s tours, but it’s been a minute since we saw 2018’s “Wonderland” on a setlist. Last, but not least, latest album B-sides “Propose” and “DEMIAN” were confirmed, both of which have been highly anticipated by global fans for live performances outside of South Korea.

This of course made the purposefully timely release of a “DEMIAN” special clip the highlight of the week’s tour spoilers and a treat for Dreamcatcher fans. People have been waiting around for this for a while, especially ever since a May comeback interview dropped the confirmation that SuA was working on choreography for this song. The wait seemed long and ponderous at times, and, if it’s to be believed, took a chunk of the summer to perfect, but the results are clear.

There was a certain mood and tone that SuA sought to set with this choreography, and which the production supported. To me, it appears that she was going for aggressive energy, in line with the rock portions of the song. The mood is dark and in-your-face, and the camera angles, stage presence, and outfits all seem to support this in spades. Fans knew that “DEMIAN” was a bit of a heavy song from listening to it, but conveying that in choreography is a different challenge.

There were thoughts from other members over the past couple of weeks that this was one of the most complex and tiring choreographies yet from the group, and you can see why just from viewing the clip. Some of the specifics were outlined in a Weverse live that SuA engaged in shortly after the clip dropped, from specific places where she wanted to highlight one or two members, to things that she wanted to put in but take out, and thoughts and reactions from fellow Dreamcatcher members as they put the performance together. It’s clear a lot of thought went into putting this together, and it shows. It was, essentially, the best way to finish up the week and build hype for what’s to come.

Dreamcatcher was seen traveling to the Philippines for their first travel abroad, armed with their new songs, a revised set of safety rules outlined by company staff, new hair colors for some members, and a lot of excitement to see global fans live once again. As always you can expect me to report on all the happenings from their latest tour - in fact, I’ll likely be a little bit late next week due to wanting to include an Apocalypse: From Us World Tour Montreal show report, so be sure to drop in for all that, and more!