Dreamcatcher’s Comeback In October Caps Off Week Of Past, Present, And Future Content

K-Pop — Dreamcatcher Recall

The K-Pop group that started off with a horror vibe is slated to return in the month dedicated to just that, capping off news and content in late August 2022 from Dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher’s group photo for their Love Catcher/Love Stealer Concept Book video fan sign. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

As Summer moves towards its end and Fall begins to creep up on us, thoughts inevitably turn to the upcoming holidays associated with the season. With decorations and candy being sold for it even in the month of August, Halloween in October is one of these, and now Dreamcatcher fans will have even more reason to look forward to it. Dreamcatcher is slated to have their second comeback of 2022, but that’s not the only bit of content fans had to consume over the past week or so as August ended. Let’s take a quick peek at the latest from the group, which highlighted past, present, and of course, future content.


Dreamcatcher’s first award show performance and win was still fresh in the minds of fans, and TV Daily KR made sure it stayed that way this past week by releasing a new 4K-quality fancam of their “MAISON” performance as well as a brief thank you message and footage of Dreamcatcher signing the K-Global Heart Dream awards banner. Once again I was reminded of the fact that for a group with non-traditional concept, growth, and fandom, these are nice achievements to get, adding to the case that you don’t have to follow a specific formula to have a successful girl group in the K-Pop industry. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to perform and get some hardware to take home — I’m sure the company is proudly displaying that trophy along with their recently-won music show ones.


This past week also saw the beginning of what will likely be quite a few personal vlogs from Dreamcatcher members from their North American tour in late June and July. We started off with JiUs, a 14-minute set of short clips covering the first few stops from Dreamcatcher’s leader. As was tradition with JiU, much of the vlog was about food, eating, and drinking, with the group’s eldest member has never been shy about how much she enjoys all those activities, but there was quite a bit of fun bits with the other members as well. What I liked about this vlog was that as far as peeks into personal time, it was very well-balanced. Dreamcatcher are veterans of the “tour life” on the road, and it showed in their deft juggling of eating well, exercising, doing light tourist activities, and of course, performing.


Part 2 of the group’s general Dreamcatcher Note looking behind the scenes of the tour dropped as well, and as always there was a healthy bit of comedy, candid and casual content, and a healthy bit of fun trolling. At the venues, once prep, sound check, and other items are done, there seems to be at least some resting and waiting around, leaving the group to amuse themselves with things like catching Skittles in their mouths (good job Siyeon, by the way), seeing how many pushups they can do (Yoohyeon count = 1, though she told JiU “fifteen”), and creating and preparing for content both during and after the concerts. I’ve enjoyed, in particular, what appears to be a running theme acknowledging the “No Dot” cover trend from the tour, with what will be bonus clips from members’ performances of it. Seeing the full stage reaction of both audience and group has been fun, so I look forward to that and many more interesting backstage antics in the future.


In the present, two Weverse Lives showed up this past week from the group. Ever since the move to the new platform, the ’97 liners seem to be carrying the bulk of the content and that was no different here. Yoohyeon talked about doing another gaming live stream (the last one, especially her time with Five Nights at Freddy’s, was hilarious and fun), dropped a few singing covers of Blackpink, Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi, and Dreamcatcher’s own “Lullaby” and chatted about the upcoming comeback, while Dami stopped by quickly to talk before bed, lamenting about not being able to make the SNSD fanmeeting as a fan, about how she found their reality show Soshi Tam Tam, and about their differences on and off the stage from a personality standpoint. If Dami wasn’t able to make an event where she would have loved to be as a 2nd generation Sone, they have to be busy with more important things.


Those important things include two more appearances in September — one at the Songdo K-Pop Idol Festival, a three day, two night affair that will feature Dreamcatcher in the schedule on its last day, and the 2022 Green Ribbon Marathon Festival ,which aside from the marathon event serves to raise awareness about missing children. Festivals seem to be some of Dreamcatcher’s more comfortable appearances and they’ll certainly do well and keep busy in September at the same time.

But of course the main news of the future was the release to the press that Dreamcatcher’s second comeback of 2022 is scheduled for October, a first as far as comeback months have been concerned:

  • 2017 — “Fly High” (July)
  • 2018 — “What” (September)
  • 2019 — “Deja Vu” (September)
  • 2020 — “BOCA” (August)
  • 2021 — “BEcause” (August)


Given that Dreamcatcher’s first comeback in 2022 showed up later than usual (in April), this may come as no surprise to fans, but it was still nice to hear this news well in advance for preparations (and wallet savings). Fans burst with speculation once the news broke, wondering if Dreamcatcher would comeback late in the month to make this a Halloween-type affair, an appropriate vibe for a group that built their first storyline/music videos on a horror-ish mood with the “Nightmare” series. I personally think that their timing in October will highly depend on whether or not they intend on squeezing in another tour leg to another region before the year is up. 2019 saw the group do their “Deja Vu” comeback in September, before spending the rest of the year on both EU and US tour dates. Will we see something similar happen here? That’ll depend on when in October Dreamcatcher decides to make their return — the later it is, the less likely we will see more touring from the group. We’ll have to wait and see.


For now, the confirmation that new music is coming very soon, within the next two months, is enough to tide fans over, along with all the other behind-the-scenes content from the summer’s activities yet to come. Will we see Dreamcatcher take full advantage of the Halloween season to go back to their dark and spooky “Nightmare” origins? The last two years of costumes for their Halloween-time concerts say yes, but either way we can expect more great songs from the group continuing their current “Apocalypse” planet-saving plotline. As always I’ll be here reporting on that news, so until next Sunday, be sure to clap, subscribe, and signal boost my content to others needing to know the latest Dreamcatcher info!