Dreamcatcher’s Christmas Present To Fans Tops Increasingly Busy December

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K-Pop’s rock girl group begins December 2020 with plenty of news of more work during the holidays.

Dreamcatcher offers support for South Korean fans taking college entrance exams. Twitter credit: Twitter credit: hf_dreamcatcher

When you think of December, most times thoughts turn to the holidays, when even during the current pandemic people are consumed with thoughts about how to spend the time off, find ways to see how they can squeeze in a bunch of work before taking vacation days, or generally see it as a way to take a bit of a breather near the end of the year.

But for Dreamcatcher, the work continues, and even though we got a bit less regular news this past week, the news we did get is evidence that the group is going to be well-occupied with work through the holidays and into a bit of the New Year as well.

That holiday news was topped off by information from an interview done on the official “King’s Raid” channel, where Dreamcatcher reacted to scenes from the anime as well as talked a bit about what it was like to record the upcoming opening for the series’ 2nd half. The “Eclipse” anime OP version is going to be released right on December 25, in time for Christmas and serving as a fitting present from Dreamcatcher to their fans, with the full version being released in early January.

That we’re getting new content from Dreamcatcher, even during the holidays, is a boon to fans. It’s even more exciting to hear when you get crumbs from the interview that the song itself is, according to Handong, “more intense” than “Deja Vu”, the result of last year’s collaboration with King’s Raid developer Vespa and arguably the song that began Dreamcatcher’s exponential rise in popularity stretching from late 2019 to now. Either way, I’m looking forward even more to Dreamcatcher’s first foray into anime opening songs and I hope you are as well.

Dreamcatcher listed as one of the artists for the year end special Simply K-Pop Contact Free Concert. Twitter credit: Arirangworld

On the performance front, Dreamcatcher added to their December schedules by confirming that they’ll be appearing at Arirang/Simply K-Pop’s Year End Special, Contact Free Concert, along with a number of other artists. The 2.5 hour event is expected to take place on December 14th, 2020 from 18:30–21:00 KST, with Dreamcatcher appearing alongside six other artists.

Whether or not this will be open to the public on streaming channels is currently unclear, though the tweet in question lists an application process for watching and potentially interacting with the artists, which may just be similar to KCON:TACT’s application process to be on screens in the stage audience. Hopefully, we’ll get clearer news this upcoming week, but the point is that Dreamcatcher is now appearing in at least two concerts this month (this one adding to the Untact Concert with All The K-Pop already announced for the 12th). They’re keeping busy providing more for us, even during the holiday month.

Seoul Music Awards Announcement for 2021. Twitter credit: Idolchamp1

As if that weren’t enough, Dreamcatcher is potentially crossing another milestone with their first likely attendance of a music awards show in 2021. The 30th Seoul Music Awards have an IdolChamp Fan PD category that has nominees comprised of some of the most consistently performing artists on the IdolChamp app charts, and Dreamcatcher is one of these artists. That Dreamcatcher is in such heady company as TWICE, Blackpink, BTS, and others that have been high up on the IdolCamp app is a testament to how much more visible the group has gotten over the past year or so. The award itself is 100% determined from fan voting, so be sure to check out the details in the app and spend those IdolChamp hearts to support Dreamcatcher!

A few other tidbits from the week in Dreamcatcher news (courtesy of the 7Dreamers fansite and /r/dreamcatcher subreddit):

We’re only just into December and Dreamcatcher continues to feed content to their fans. There’s still plenty of room for more news and perhaps more potential performances (like perhaps an online, contact-free version of the COEX Winter Festival that they’ve participated in for the last couple of years), but we’ll have to keep an eye out for those in the coming weeks. Until then, below is a reminder that even on Christmas Eve, Dreamcatcher was working:

See you next week for another recap of Dreamcatcher news!