Dreamcatcher’s Celestial Season’s Greetings Showcase A Sweet, Long-Awaited Gesture To Fans For The…

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The news that the group will release a K-Pop-style “Season’s Greetings” package highlights Dreamcatcher news for late November 2021.

Dreamcatcher looks to the camera at the end of one of their Season’s Greetings teasers. Source: Dreamcatcher official

When all is said and done this year, one of the highlights of Dreamcatcher’s work in 2021 will be that it was a year of firsts, whether it was for a lightstick (and robe), invites to larger festivals and events, a reality show, and more. It’s a sign that the group has become sustainable and recognized as a group in the industry, something that, for Dreamcatcher, has taken longer-than-usual due to their non-traditional concept and globally-focused financial strategy.

This past week you can check another box off the “firsts” list, as news dropped of a “Season’s Greetings” package from the group, in K-Pop terms defined as a bit of a care package of items (most prominently a calendar) themed towards the upcoming new year. This was, of course, exciting news for the group and for fans, but it was certainly not the only news from this past week. Let’s take a look at the group dropped for fans!


Even though the group is taking a bit of a well-deserved break from public appearances after a whirlwind of November concert performances, the content drip continues. This past week we got episode 3 of Gahyeon’s mini-series of livestreams with a home decor episode. Clad in some very comfy-looking lounging-at-home clothes, Gahyeon set out to do glass decor, with all the steps that entails, while talking with fans and with fellow members Siyeon and Dami, the latter of whom made a brief appearance on the stream.

These have been nice to watch (especially as highlight videos have come out with English subs) mostly for the fact that Gahyeon is a relatable person to watch on stream. She makes a bunch of mistakes I know I would have when trying to do what she was doing, she has conversations with fans about topics like recent entrance exams, and she’s reassuring and self-effacing about her own appeal. This is the kind of vibe that Gahyeon gave off when she actually let fans play with her during her PUBG livestream, and it’s nice to see how comfortable she is playing that role and being a bit more of herself on camera. As for the finished product, we didn’t get to see it today, but we’ll likely see it at some point on Dreamcatcher’s social media.

SuA, Wendy, and Taehyn at SBS Wendy’s Young Street, November 24th, 2021. Source: sbsyoungstreet

SuA’s appearance on Wendy’s Young Street was similarly comfy home-themed, as the trio discussed the best late night snack. Don’t know if I would have picked what SuA ultimately chose (pig’s feet) over chicken (which from prior concert interludes we know as one of Handong’s weaknesses when it comes to the munchies), but it was nice to hear that there are times when Dreamcatcher’s main dancer could go for something late at night. It’s also been fun to listen to how the chemistry between SuA, Wendy, and Taehyun has developed over the past few months when discussing casual topics like this one. It’s a testament to how SuA has been able to contribute meaningfully to why Wendy’s show continues to be successful.


In the vein of being more recognized, Dreamcatcher got briefly mentioned in Elle magazine as an artist to check out if you like more popular K-Pop artists. While the exposure was limited to a brief paragraph in the article, it nevertheless is one of those “every little bit helps” mentions, and is a testament to publications such as Seventeen, Rolling Stone, and Esquire who have all taken notice of Dreamcatcher over the past year or two. And of course, it helps having a partner like Sony Music who can signal boost such content.

Cinderella Gahyeon and Squid Games Yoohyeon show off a fun crossover of worlds during their group costume performance for Halloween Midnight Circus. Source: Dream Catcher Company

We also got a peek back at last month’s Halloween Midnight Circus content with the first behind photos posted to Dreamcatcher’s Naver blog from the October 2021 concert. As with the other posts in this vein, this is always a treat not just for the candid shots but also for the extremely high-quality images, which serve as material for many a banner, profile pic, and straight-up share for InSomnia. This post was costume stage-themed, with individual photos of each member’s work as well as group shots of their “Alldaylong” performance. It was yet another reminder of how much work goes into these stages, and of the fact that Dreamcatcher put on another memorable Halloween-themed performance for fans.

But by far the most memorable event of the past week was the news that Dreamcatcher would do a Season’s Greetings package for fans, announced by way of two teasers and a fancafe post that dropped all the details, including for pre-ordering from various vendors. In four years of the group’s existence, they’d never done a Season’s Greetings before, and having not one but two versions of it may have been Dreamcatcher’s way of making up for lost time in this vein. As always, the teasers were of high production quality and featured two very different vibes in each video shoot — the Celestial Dreams teaser showcased Dreamcatcher at their mysterious, ethereal best in a galaxy-themed display, while Sweet Dreams took us, perhaps not for the first time, into an alternate universe where they managed to take off as a more “cute” concept girl group in K-Pop.


Looking back on what happened when we got both day and night versions of what would eventually be two different special merchandise packages, it sort of felt like this was a bit of a testbed for A)whether or not two versions with different materials would appeal or sell to fans and B)whether or not doing a traditional Season’s Greetings would be a worthwhile business prospect. Obviously the answer to both questions in the company’s estimation was a resounding yes, as frequent vendor partners such as ktown4u are already setting up fansign events for the Season’s Greetings package.

For me, this is an easy choice as someone on a budget — Celestial Dreams is the package for me, more in line with why I happened to begin following Dreamcatcher from a concept standpoint. But Sweet Dreams certainly has its own charms, and I’m sure there are plenty of fans more than willing to shell out for both versions to support the group. Either way, it’s nice to see that Dreamcatcher’s December is going to be filled with talk about these packages, and that even the light promotions that go with them mean they’re likely to stay at least a little busy during the holiday to keep the group visible. It’s an exciting time for a group that feels as if they’re finally breaking through some previous barriers to entry to be considered a mid-to-high tier K-Pop girl group.

Dreamcatcher’s final group shot for their “Sweet Dreams” Season’s Greetings 2022 Teaser. Source: Dreamcatcher official

Dreamcatcher’s plans appear to be filled with dreams both celestial and sweet this holiday season, and I’m sure that they’re likely not to be done with anything they might have in store for the last month of the year. Be sure to drop by here on the same day next week to catch up and hear all about Dreamcatcher news, and drop a clap, follow, and signal boost to your fellow fans wanting a regular summary of all the content from this group. See you then!