Dreamcatcher’s Apocalypse: Save Us World Tour Wraps Up, With Anime Matsuri On The Horizon

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The seven-member K-Pop group finished off their North American tour with two solid shows, returning home for a brief respite before one more first-time appearance at month’s end.

Dreamcatcher takes a group pic at their last tour stop in Mexico City, Mexico. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

It seemed like it was only yesterday that Dreamcatcher was setting out on their first international tour since before the pandemic, but as the old adage goes, time flies when you’re having fun, and we’re now at the end of what has no doubt been quite a bit of fun (and hopefully success) for Dreamcatcher. The group’s nine-city tour was concluded this past week, and they ended with two very solid shows with audiences both online and offline that clamored for more. Let’s take a look at what happened at the tail end of Dreamcatcher’s North American leg of their world tour, along with all the other content that dropped!


Los Angeles was fortunate to get two shows over two nights due to the overwhelming demand, and night two in LA had a nice bonus — the offer of the broadcast being livestreamed via paid online ticket. MyMusicTaste, usually the platform for global audiences, handled a Korean-only stream while Veeps, a new platform to Dreamcatcher fans, managed the global stream for everyone else. While I’m always a bit wary of new partners in the livestreaming space, I think Veeps did particularly well here. The live stream featured not only crystal clear video and direct access to the house audio, but also multiple camera angles, including a side stage camera that not even the best fancams were able to have vantage of. While the camera swapping was a bit hectic at times (and how could you not be with a group as dynamic and as good at crowd interaction as Dreamcatcher is), it was otherwise, to me, a pretty smooth experience and gave fans not able to attend in LA a nice viewpoint while not having to actually deal with the challenges of getting a good spot.


That does not mean, however, that it wasn’t amazing to be there live, and as always, the video coming out of LA show number 2 was filled with memorable moments, not the least of which was fan courtneykill getting a hilarious shot of Siyeon’s reaction to Dami’s No Dot cover. There are quite a few things that have come together to make the No Dot portion of the solo medley ment a success, and I have to say that Siyeon playing up her shocked reactions to other members doing the cover has been a good part of that. In this case, we got a great “The Office” style swapping shot between Dami and Siyeon, and her wide-eyed look probably mirrored quite a few fans’ reactions.

Dreamcatcher’s Mexico City concert organizers open up a new section for sales due to demand. Source: Ninshi Conciertos

The group’s very last stop made the tour technically a multi-country affair, as Dreamcatcher headed to Mexico City to cap off their month of Apocalypse: Save Us concerts. Given that this was Dreamcatcher’s very first time in Mexico, those InSomnia native to the country (and of course, outside of it and traveling) made every effort to ensure that the group knew that it was in demand. Organizers had to open a brand new section of tickets for sale, and the venue ended up near to if not at the 4,000 person capacity it was capable of holding.


A number of fan projects and initiatives popped up for the group’s first foray into Mexico, from the usual banners and other related support items to even a taco vendor setting up to deliver Dreamcatcher-themed cuisine to the masses. Between this and the huge interest the group generated even before performing, it seemed like it was going to be a great final show.


And not only was it great, but it was loud. Video and audio coming out of the concert venue showed Mexican fans cheering loudly for the group, singing along with most of their songs and reacting pretty strongly to everything the group said and did. Dreamcatcher, of course, loved every minute of this and accommodated the crowd’s passion and support, with the usual “No Dot” segment yielding pretty much everyone taking a turn at a subunit cover and then responding to the crowd’s chant for a a 7-member No Dot segment with a full freestyle cover that delighted everyone who watched it. This, plus pretty much every other number to the end, was full of energy and excitement, making Dreamcatcher’s very last show one that ended the tour with a bang.


As if that wasn’t enough, Dreamcatcher made sure to catch up with fans around the world via vLive as well, both before and after the show. Siyeon and Yoohyeon (and eventually Handong and JiU), would check in only hours before the group was slated to go on stage to talk about recent performances, chat about how the tour has been going for them, and have some bonuses such as everyone getting to hear Siyeon’s newborn niece’s baby noises. We also got to hear that Handong will once again be (briefly) separated from the group as she’ll be traveling to Houston early to await the group, while the rest of Dreamcatcher take a pit stop back in South Korea before heading back to the Texas city for their last scheduled appearance in North America.


Even though they’d gone through a pretty exhausting (yet fulfilling) show, youngest member Gahyeon took the time to be online for two hours with fans as she got a bit of a midnight meal for herself and chatted with them about a bevy of topics, including a couple of practical bits of advice — food and having good meals is more important than buying one of their new upcoming photobooks, and never overpay for one of her photocards, even if it’s one that might seem rare. Between this and her enjoying her food and a bit of beer, this was a really chill vLive that served to stage off the post-concert (or is it post-tour) depression for just a bit longer, and it was kind of her to do.


On the homefront, as usual, Dreamcatcher Company was busy releasing content in the midst of the group’s travel. This past week we got to see two Dreamcatcher’s Notes, both detailing behind-the-scenes efforts for SuA’s now-tour-famous “No Dot” choreography and Dami’s “Beauty Full” music video shooting. If there’s anything in common between the two videos, aside from both SuA and Dami’s obvious talent in front of the camera and in singing and dancing, it’s that they show off the fact that each member has a distinct vibe and vision to how they want to present their solo song. The result has been a distinctly perceived flavor to each of the tracks, and a visual that reflects each member’s expression in performing them. Whether it’s aggressive and sultry or it’s fun and energetic, each member of Dreamcatcher seems to exclude a sense of creativity and simple, yet impactful presentation that leaves no doubt as to the mood they want to convey. These Dreamcatcher’s Notes have been a treat to watch as a result, and I can’t wait to see the rest of them come out.


Both clips also highlighted Dreamcatcher’s continuing close relationship with their choreographers and backup dancers, who in many ways the group treats as family and as professional equals. Whether it’s joking around with how to learn or do parts of the choreography, or having a great time on a set shooting a music video together, it seems that the folks at Dreamcatcher Company, from what we see, are truly close with one another through long hours of shoots, dance practices, and performances. The result, of course, is great output of content, so I’ll be looking forward to everything the group and their supporting staff/dancers will be putting out in the near future.


Before that, however, is one final stop on the group‘s North American travel — a first-time appearance at an anime convention, and one that has hosted K-pop acts before, Anime Matsuri in Houston. Offering the anime con-style treatment of musical guests with a panel, photo ops, autographs, and a concert, fans rushed to pick up the coveted higher-tier tickets that would give them access to these benefits and the ability to get a good vantage point for the group’s concert. Dreamcatcher will be at the convention over a two-day period, and the hope is that things will go well in their inaugural guest appearance. Handong is already in Houston no doubt scouting the sights and places to go while in town, and with the rest of the group safely back in South Korea for a bit, we’ll see a bit of a lull from them from a performance standpoint. Before everyone knows it, however, we’ll be seeing them back on the stage once again for the last time in July in North America, where they’ll no doubt put on yet another great show. Be sure to come back here next week for not only the report from Dreamcatcher’s Anime Matsuri appearance but also a retrospective about how the tour h as gone, and until then, be sure to clap, subscribe, and signal boost this content if you like what you’ve read. See you then!