Dreamcatcher Wraps Up November 2021 Concert Series, Looking Towards Future Plans

K-Pop — Dreamcatcher Recall

The seven-member K-Pop group finished out a trifecta of live appearances even as they let us know they’ll be making at least one to ring in the new year.

Dreamcatcher takes a casual photo at the VerytoonFR/Mayline & Lou concert. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

Crossing past the mid-November mark means we’re ever-so-closer to the busy, and sometimes stressful, holiday season, but thankfully there are groups like Dreamcatcher to help divert those attentions, even if for just a little bit. The group certainly kept themselves front-and-center this month, with a flurry of appearances and live performances that have ensured they’re not wanting for work or for opportunities to talk to fans.

Dreamcatcher wrapped up this whirlwind of singing and dancing this past week with a second appearance in conjunction with VerytoonFR and the Mayline & Lou YouTube channel, but they definitely had an eye towards the future even as they got to the tail end of a busy eleventh month of the year. Let’s take a look at what Dreamcatcher was up to, as per usual!

Gahyeon continued onward with her “Stay-at-Home Project” series to kick off the week, with Gahyeon bringing back a memorable look to try to display her makeup routine. Of the live performances over the past year or so, we’ve seen plenty of memorable looks from Dreamcatcher members, and Gahyeon brought back one of them — a double-bun hairstyle and dark-clad urban punk look from 2020’s “BOCA” promotions — for her content this week.

Dreamcatcher Company has been putting out “cut” videos of the entire live stream with English subtitles, which has been great for people who don’t understand Korean or who can’t catch the stream live to get the high points, which in this case involved Gahyeon showing off a few key makeup items that contribute to the look, sheepishly laughing at herself for messing up a couple of attempts to get an eyebrow line right, and having fun reading comments. While a makeup routine is a bit more typical of general K-Pop girl group idol content, Gahyeon’s bright personality and self-effacing attitude about her own ability to make herself show-ready (with frequent nods towards their stylist and makeup teams) made it all the more entertaining. You can check out the full, uncut Gahyeon makeup livestream if you want — it’s worth it for Gahyeon’s frequent laughing and smiling.


There was plenty of those laughs and smiles from the group during the second Dreamcatcher’s Note about the recent Halloween Midnight Circus concert at the end of last month. In this behind-the-scenes look we got to see the group talk about the styling they adopted for the concert, the challenges of pre-recording their XR-style performances, and then going live with the band on the day of the concert.

It’s nice to see not only all the candid moments backstage along with all the nervousness and excitement of their performances, but also all the work that went into putting this concert together. Doing new things like a virtual-reality enhanced stage, a bevy of individually unique performances, and tweaking the live band composition arrangement means that Dreamcatcher keeps their concert experience fresh and interesting. Like with anything, I think we’ll see the company keep or toss out certain things they’ve tried for concerts, but I’d rather see that kind of refinement and bold experimentation than not from a group like Dreamcatcher, whose mantra has always been to do something different in K-Pop.


Three vLives dropped in this week from Dreamcatcher members — two from SuA, who was also accompanied by Yoohyeon’s dog Pie in one of them, and one from Siyeon. Siyeon’s voice-only vLive was accompanied by talk of whether or not tteokbokki (one of her favorite foods) was a snack or a full meal, some of the content she’s been watching in her spare time lately (the trailer for “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, as well as some horror-themed content on YouTube), and about what kinds of things she might create if she was a content creator. As always, a soothing and relaxing vLive.

In contrast, her partner in crime SuA had two energetic broadcasts — the first of which touched on a bunch of different topics such as why she likely would stay dark-haired for the next comeback (bleaching might make it too short eventually which she doesn’t prefer), who she’s apparently married to (“I got married to InSomnias”), and a funny exchange about how her nose could be used as a ski hill. The second vLive, with SuA toting Yoohyeon’s dog Pie around the practice room, was entertaining mostly due to the fact that Pie has never been really able to keep up with SuA’s loud and energetic personality.

SuA tries to get Pie to look at the camera, to no avail. Source: Dreamcatcher vLive

Half of the entertainment is Pie’s apparent “get me outta here” looks when SuA holds her, or her disregard to follow most if not all of SuA’s commands. Pie walking away from SuA and the camera after SuA told her to walk towards it pretty much encapsulates their relationship over the past couple of years or so.

SuA, Taehyun, and a pouting Wendy pose for SBS Youngstreet, November 17th, 2021. Source: sbsyoungstreet

Thankfully SuA’s other relationships are going much better. Her usual appearance at this past week’s SBS Youngstreet carried with it a discussion with Wendy and Taehyun about what comes to mind with regards to winter (the first snow, snacks, or Christmas in general), where we heard (as we did on one of the vLives) that SuA is definitely into ice cream lately, despite the colder temps. We also got to hear a fun little rendition of “Last Christmas” by SuA (with her own personal touch, of course) and Wendy being outdone by both SuA and Taehyun when she initially picked the right answer for the winter poll, as chosen by the audience, but changed at the last minute to the wrong one. I’ve really appreciated the rapport these three have built over the past 3 months or so. Networking with an S-tier idol like Wendy aside, SuA has clearly laid the foundation for being able to do radio in the future with such good chemistry with her fellow hosts. It’s definitely a benefit to have this when you have to do content live.


That live talent and chemistry was on full display from all of Dreamcatcher when they performed the last of their three concert appearances in the form of their second live event in conjunction with the VerytoonFR platform and the Mayline & Lou South Korean culture YouTube channel. Like last time, this was a fairly short appearance — less than an hour or so — but Dreamcatcher made the most of it, greeting and talking to their French fans as well as those all over the world. The brief speaking portion, where they answered various questions, such as what kind of characters in a webtoon that they’d like to be, was entertaining as always, with Handong giving us a sequel to her desire to play a “femme fatale” role in a webtoon with one of aggressive romantic intentions, Siyeon humorously depicting the different emotions she goes through throughout a typical day, Dami envisioning their best webtoon to be one that has a great story (as Dreamcatcher’s content has at times focused in on a plot or tale to tell), and everyone talking about their inspirations and what drives them. Sandwiching this interview were a bunch of Dreamcatcher’s best recent songs, from “Deja Vu” to “Can’t Get You Outta My Mind” to most recent title song “BEcause”, and more. Even though fans have most definitely heard these songs before, Dreamcatcher still finds a way to keep them fresh with a few new wrinkles in the choreography as well as a consistently energetic stage presence — it’s certainly appreciated.

Dreamcatcher conducts a press interview for Mokkoji Korea. Source: Newsis

While that appreciation has long been felt by Dreamcatcher’s global fanbase, it was also nice to hear that on the homefront, as organizers and press that were at Dreamcatcher’s appearance at cultural festival Mokkoji Korea 2021 expressed during an interview with the group conducted at the event. Hearing how far the members feel they have come from their debut year to now, where opportunities in South Korea are finally bubbling up to the surface for them, was quite nice to read about. There’s a sense in these interviews that both the organizers and Dreamcatcher felt the group was a worthy representative to present to a global audience, and while other groups with more clout and popularity have certainly walked this road before, I’m pleased to see that Dreamcatcher is now considered to be among them, if even in a cultural event such as Mokkoji. You can read the full translated interview from Dreamcatcher fansite 7 Dreamers here.

Dreamcatcher announced as part of the Year-End Countdown Fantasy event. Source: countdownfantasy

Dreamcatcher isn’t about to let the momentum from all these November appearances stop, either. Looking towards the future, the group was announced as appearing at Year-End/New Year’s event Countdown Fantasy, which appears to be at least a partially offline gig, given its venue. To my knowledge, this is Dreamcatcher’s first performance fora year-end event, which will likely cap off a year of firsts for the group, and its indie/rock-based focus seems to fit the Dreamcatcher’s style of music just fine. It’s pretty clear that at least on some level, Dreamcatcher is going to continue to be busy and deliver content and performances for their fans right up until the end of the year, and I’m definitely looking forward to what else they might have planned as 2021 comes to a close. Regardless of what those plans are, I’ll be here to recap them as usual, so be sure to follow, clap, and signal boost the article if you like what you’re reading. See all here at the same time next week!