Dreamcatcher Takes Well-Deserved Post-Tour Break, Beginning Prep For Next Activities

Dreamcatcher is back from Europe, but the content and the activities continue

Dreamcatcher Takes Well-Deserved Post-Tour Break, Beginning Prep For Next Activities
Dreamcatcher takes a group photo in Lisbon after their EU tour concert. Source: hf_dreamcatcher (X/Twitter)

It's pretty clear that Dreamcatcher loves to tour. Across the nine shows that fans got to see in Europe, the group's energy never seemed to flag even with a couple of minor colds and illnesses along the way. Yet when it's all over, there has to be a sense of relief on some level. The tour grind can get pretty tiring, and crisscrossing a major region for nearly a month meant that by the time Dreamcatcher landed back in South Korea, the prospect of one's own bed might have seemed appealing to the group.

That said, though they did seem to take a couple of days to rest and recover, work continued as Dreamcatcher moved towards their next couple of concerts in the Asia region. Here's the latest from the past week of post-tour news!

Black banner with Dreamcatcher under the moonlight picture on it signed by fans.
Dreamactcher's signed fan banner in Manila, Philippines. Source: Dream Catcher Company (Naver)

Speaking of Asia, we got to see a blast from the past this past week as a belated Naver Post update hit the web talking about the group's performance in the Philippines in Manila last summer. Like I've said frequently, the Naver Post account is a great source for high-quality Dreamcatcher media, and the company didn't disappoint with a set of group and individual shots as well as some distant performance coverage and a couple of the fan items contributed. The show's seemingly solid attendance may have been a factor in encouraging local sponsors to take up the Dreamcatcher torch in both Taiwan and Hong Kong, so being reminded of some of the best of this summer concert was nice.

Main Rapper Dami managed to drop in after a bit of recovery to celebrate her birthday late, and even though it wasn't the first time, she seemed just as thankful to have fans' support and appreciation. Surrounded by cakes and the usual festive decorations, Dami spent her birthday livestream chilling out and talking with fans, speaking about various topics such as her current hairstyle, her mom's indication, despite getting one with her, that she shouldn't get more tattoos, and how she felt about turning a year older and celebrating with her fellow Dreamcatcher members and fans. As always, Dami's calm demeanor and relaxed voice made for a nice livestream and hopefully, a good birthday celebration.

Gahyeon continued on with her content blast this past week, serving up the other parts of her trip to Vietnam with friends. What I think was cool about the latest in this set of Gahyeon's travels was that she went with others who also didn't mind being filmed/interacting with her. It's no surprise nor abnormal for K-Pop idols to go on vacations with friends, nor that those friends might not wish to be shown to protect their privacy, but at least as far as Dreamcatcher goes, we haven't gotten as much of the kind of banter/talk that accompanies such vlog content. It's the kind of stuff that freshens things up, and may have been what Gahyeon was referring to when she took a beat a while back to make sure she was filming and posting content that seemed new and not the same old stuff.

From heading out on the town to going on a cruise to hitting the beach and, of course in true Dreamcatcher fashion, sampling the local food and drink, Gahyeon's Vietnam vlogs have been fun to watch not just for her own account of things but for the fact that her friends seemed to enjoy making it with her as well. While still "official" content in the end, that kind of casual dialogue reminds me of my own fun trips with friends in the past, so hopefully we'll see more on this front from Gahyeon.

Dreamcatcher Weverse LIVE - Dreamcatcher

Of course one of the best parts of Dreamcatcher is their interactions with each other, and SuA and Handong teamed up to hit up Weverse after work for about an hour's worth of fun moments and chatting with fans. The two have honestly become responsible for some of Dreamcatcher's most memorable livestream moments in the past couple of years and they didn't disappoint this time around, with Handong laughing over SuA fulfilling a dance request on stream as well as her being difficult (and exasperating SuA) when it comes to making plans for food. The dynamic between arguably Dreamcatcher's loudest member and its most savagely direct one has never failed to entertain, and it was nice to hear from them and get a multi-member broadcast at the same time, a seeming rarity these days in the Dreamcatcher schedule.

Handong in a yellow sweater smiling for the camera with her hand to her ear holding her phone.
Handong becomes first spokesperson for Spoon Taiwan. Source: 0.0_handong (Instagram)

Yet for all the leisure and break time that Dreamcatcher manages in between activities, the work continues, and besides filming a dance challenge with friends TWICE Tzuyu and ex-CLC Elkie seemingly the same day she landed in Seoul, Handong appears to have landed another DJ'ing gig. This time around it's to have a regular show on Spoon Taiwan, via both the Spoon app and the website. This isn't Handong's first bit of work with Spoon Taiwan, as she did a guest DJ thing for a bit with them last June, so it's nice that they liked her enough to bring her back on a more permanent basis.

Doing radio seems to have become somewhat of a resume builder for Dreamcatcher's Chinese-born member, and I'm hopeful that this work will last a bit longer than her short-lived tenure on Akdong Seoul. Either way, it's nice to see Dreamcatcher members get to stretch their legs outside of the group, so hopefully, we'll see fans support Handong on her newest endeavor. That's the same kind of support, by the way, that I hope to get from all of you regular readers as well - please don't hesitate, if you are inclined to do so, to signal boost this article and all the others on The Low Key Geek, and encourage people to sign up from any of the website's articles at the bottom of the page. You can expect as always for me to continue with the latest and greatest from Dreamcatcher as we pass mid-March and closer to the group's next travel dates, so for all that and more, I'll see you next Sunday!

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