Dreamcatcher Takes On Radio, Reality, And Waffles In Early May 2021

K-Pop — Dreamcatcher Recall

Reality show teases, radio show appearances, and a potential fun new Dreamcatcher Note series highlight the group’s early May activities.

Dreamcatcher mugs for the behind-the-scenes camera for “Wind Blows” promotions. Credit: Naver

May is upon us, and with it the beginning of what will likely be a busy comeback season for the K-Pop industry. As for Dreamcatcher, who, if their track record holds true, might be having one at some point in the next few months, it’s still been a bit of a busy one, albeit one quietly being worked on behind-the-scenes. Let’s take a look at how the first week of May has treated the group.

Handong and Dami clown a bit for the camera during promotions for Wind Blows. Credit: Naver

We managed what I believe might be one of the last if not the last set of behind-the-scenes photo and summary posts from Dreamcatcher on Naver, covering late February’s promotions for Road to Utopia’s “Wind Blows”. Once again, we were treated to a nice mix of posed solo and group photos from appearances on shows, but what I’ve always liked with these posts are the mixing in of some funny or candid shots as well, like the picture of Handong and Dami above.

Siyeon and Yoohyeon ham it up while in the waiting room for one of their “Wind Blows” performances. Credit: Naver

I’ll probably never tire of some of these funnier and more humorous shots just because of the fact that Dreamcatcher’s stage presence is so serious and powerful, making their offstage antics all the more entertaining. Promotions and show appearances are filled with a ton of downtime, and these Naver posts never fail to amuse while at the same time providing some high-quality shots — especially as these follow-up promotions for “Road to Utopia” have created some opportunities for Dreamcatcher to do more.

SuA snaps a photo of herself while waiting to appear on SBS’s Young Street radio show. Credit: hf_dreamcatcher

With regards to one of those opportunities, radio has been a bit of a ladder climb for Dreamcatcher this past comeback, with appearances on five different shows. With that in mind, it was no surprise that SuA was invited to appear in a guest host slot for SBS’s Young Street Radio, picking up where APink’s Namjoo left off. SuA’s been consistently one of the most comfortable with talking and participating on Dreamcatcher’s many variety appearances, and her high energy has translated into many a memorable moment on shows. Some of the highlights of the appearance included SuA re-creating her “bank teller meme” fansign video, revealing what she put as her BGM on her Cyworld SNS page, choosing what she’d rather live having never done of music, travel, or a relationship (she chose the third), and being able to spin the show’s roulette wheel and getting to do a funny forehead flick to the other hosts (posted via InSomnia fan/translator hwang_eunbin on Twitter) (spoiler: they weren’t ready for her strength).

Perhaps it was the fact that SBS and the hosts loved SuA’s “high tension” and ability to add to the loudness of the show, or maybe it was the power of her forehead flick, but news dropped a couple days later via Dreamcatcher’s official fancafe schedule that SuA’s original two appearances on Young Street Radio would be expanded to four for the month, every Tuesday (05/04/21, 05/11/21, and 05/18/21 at 8pm KST, and 05/25/21 at 12pm KST). This is great news for SuA, and by extension, the group, whose exposure can only be helped by having Dreamcatcher’s highest energy member representing them on shows.

You can download the entire audio for SuA’s appearance on Young Street Radio on 05/04/21, or check out a video upload of the episode from Dreamcatcher content creator 7dream (unsubbed), but be sure to at least download the episode once to ensure that SBS sees that we support more Dreamcatcher appearances. You should also be sure to pick up the Gorilla app and know to swap over to the Power FM 107.7 channel at show time so that you don’t miss any of SuA’s future appearances this month.


As if that wasn’t enough for SuA, she was among some of the check-ins we had from the group via vLive this past week, joining Gahyeon and Handong in having brief chats with their fans. SuA tried (and failed) to keep from laughing when reading a poet she’s been look at, explained that her “high tension is natural and not fueled by alcohol, and talked about some of her daily routines. Gahyeon chatted about her enjoyment of exercise and trying to find happiness, what she wanted to do for a potential upcoming special clip, and her favorite music. And Handong, seemingly never shy about teasers and potential spoilers these days, talked about filming something she can’t talk about, an upcoming cover song she did, and her wish for a summer comeback vibe.

It’s always fun to hear and see Dreamcatcher talk to their fans, but as far as news tidbits go, quite a few fans wanted to know how things were going with Dreamcatcher’s reality show. Of the three, Handong was the most forthcoming, saying that reality show filming was fun (with the implication that they’d finished it up for now), that we’d get to see different sides to the members, and that we should look forward to it. All this coyness about the content frankly just increases the excitement for the show, and I’m sure whatever we get will have plenty of memorable and entertaining Dreamcatcher moments.

But Dreamcatcher isn’t above tossing in some content to whet fans’ appetite and ensure they remain well-fed in between the major stuff, and this past week was no exception. We got what might be an interesting new type of Dreamcatcher’s Notes with members doing some random activities on camera (some InSomnia speculated that this was the reality show content, but as they picked up an actual producer to create one and that likely had a lot more to put together, this seemed more like random content from the official channel).

In this video, we got part 1 of main vocalist Siyeon trying out making various things with a waffle iron she got as a gift. Normally this kind of stuff might seem trivial to the rest of us, but for someone like Siyeon, who has told stories on vLive about her cooking failures and who had a recent birthday vLive where she awkwardly tried her hand at making tteokbokki, this was a challenging (and thus entertaining) endeavor. Under the supervision and guidance of Dreamcatcher Company staff and a brief guest appearance by taster/customer SuA, we saw Siyeon go through several things to make, including croffles (croissant/waffle combos) with ice cream, a potato pancake, and a kimchi pancake.

Siyeon serves up a croffle piece to SuA, ending up getting some cold ice cream on her in the process. Credit: Dreamcatcher official

There were some endearing and light-hearted moments in this video, including Siyeon almost putting the cooking oil on the croffles, practically slapping the vanilla ice cream down on the food, and going mostly on her gut feeling on when to see when things were done, with some entertaining editing throughout (it seems like Dreamcatcher Company staff have been paying attention to what has been out there as far as the mannerisms of K-Pop content creation videos). If this is the kind of “slice of life” or “fun activity” stuff we can expect to have to entertain fans in between comebacks, I won’t complain about more of it being released. We’ve got at least one more part of Siyeon’s waffle iron adventures to see, so I’ll be looking forward to that (specifically the conclusion to the cliffhanger of whether or not Siyeon’s kimchi pancake makes it).

Gahyeon gives off a bright and confident vibe in behind-the-scenes “Wind Blows” promotion photos. Credit: Naver

With May now in full swing, and potential future content on the horizon from Dreamcatcher (whether in variety appearances or for the upcoming reality show), it seems as always, InSomnia will continue to hear plenty more from their favorite rock/pop group as spring turns to summer. We’ll see you here next week for more recaps of Dreamcatcher content — and be sure to follow, clap, and spread these links around to your fellow fans!