Dreamcatcher Slips Into February 2022 Amid Speculation And Celebration

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Still quietly working in the background, Dreamcatcher kicked off February with birthday and holiday wishes.

Dreamcatcher greets fans with a Happy Lunar New Year in 2022. Source: Dreamcatcher official

Lunar New Year this year is in early February, and with it came a bit of a holiday break for Dreamcatcher. Though the group and company have been interestingly tight-lipped about current work or future plans, and have even slowed a bit on their content drops, the current opinion among the fandom is that they’re working on something — it’s just a matter of what. Whether it’s because of anticipation, the crossover into the six-month mark between album releases that has usually served as the ramp-up to another, or just a desire to hear or see more Dreamcatcher, speculation has run rampant among the fandom about what they’re doing, with Queendom and a comeback being the two prevailing theories. That said, Dreamcatcher members kept fans and each other in mind with both birthday and holiday greeting this past week, so let’s take a look at what we’ve seen from the group!


Yoohyeon showed up on vLive from home, feeling comfortable in her own room and chatting up fans while keeping a literal and figurative lid on what appears to be a hair color change. Bucket Hat Yoohyeon has been a thing since the group’s 5th anniversary vLive, and with everyone else’s hair colors changing, fans got curious about what Yoohyeon might have changed to. While Yoohyeon might have inadvertently shown off a potential two-toned black and blonde hair style through a couple of quick recent pictures she shared on vLive of her and dog Pie (something she’d humorously asked for during a live concert last year but had initially been refused), Dreamcatcher’s Lead Vocalist was otherwise very general with any work they’ve been doing. Vague statements about looking forward to a comeback she can’t guarantee at the moment and preparations were, predictable, short on details.

Yoohyeon randomly screams to scare her younger brother before doing a cover. Source: ms.yoohyeonkim

Other than this, Yoohyeon talked about the reason for picking her Instagram name, doing a song cover with her younger brother (recently returned from compulsory military service) who’s working on learning piano, and having one of her recent photo cards that’s become a bit popular among fans. This was a nice “comfy from home” broadcast, complete with barking dog in the background at one point, and it was nice to see Yoohyeon relaxing and spending time with family.

SuA, Wendy, and Taehyun pose for pictures for SBS Wendy’s Young Street on February 2nd, 2022. Source: sbsyoungstreet

SuA was, of course, working this past week even with the pending Lunar New Year holiday. SBS Wendy’s Young Street, not surprisingly, talked about the most stressful holiday situations, with deciding to meet people, how much food to get ready for get-together’s, and gifting anxiety. I can definitely relate, given how much I have to do every year around the Christmas season, so Lunar New Year seems to be an entirely other ball of wax. As I’ve listened to episodes, I’ve always been entertained by the fact that the hosts tend to change their mind before finding out which option on their topics has been voted on, and both SuA and Wendy swapping out what they wanted to pick from for holiday stress sources was no different. It was nice to see SuA out and about this week, but like Yoohyeon, was decidedly not forthcoming with comeback details as she mimed a fast running away from questions when asked.

Speaking of holidays, we did get Dreamcatcher as a whole wishing fans a Happy Lunar New Year in a short video featuring them speaking in multiple languages and looking fashionable as usual. The video also had the side benefit of seeing all the members with current hair colors, fueling timeline speculation among fans that something new might be on the horizon in the near future. With both the Lunar New Year and Olympics happening this month, however, we might be waiting just a bit longer on what might be coming down the pipe from Dreamcatcher as a whole.


But with regards to celebrations, the best from this past week was one closer to home as far as Dreamcatcher is concerned. Gahyeon’s birthday went by this past week, and the group’s youngest member decided to do something different this year for her birthday broadcast by heading to a crafts shop to make a leather wallet for a relative. Far from the chaos and hilarity that Yoohyeon’s dalgona and latte vLive was, Gahyeon’s birthday video was quite chill, with her patiently learning from the shop staff and ensuring she was doing everything just right with her chosen creation.

Gahyeon takes a picture with staff from Maum Handworks. Source: maum_handworks

Of course, even in a birthday vLive Gahyeon wasn’t safe from fans asking about dropping a few hints about upcoming work, even going so far as to lead her by asking which member birthdays would be celebrated during the next comeback. Gahyeon did plenty of deft dodging of all of these pitfalls and let fans know that she really didn’t know any of the details at all, in many different and creative ways. Gahyeon’s always been pretty creative at ensuring that she isn’t spoiling anything she was supposed to (and event admitted to having a bit of fun with InSomnias trying to dig out any details), though I got the impression that even though fans thought she was acting ignorant of any plans that she may really not know everything that’s in-store currently. Between comebacks, the group, like any other in the K-Pop industry, is in all likelihood going through daily practice, musical lessons, and, of course, music production for the next comeback, and as such, as Gahyeon said, they’re “always” doing something.


In the end, fans looking for either Queendom or comeback confirmations walked away empty-handed, but nevertheless enjoyed watching Gahyeon work through making something for someone she loved for a good hour and a half. Like JiU did last May when she spent her birthday vLive making phone cases for the rest of the Dreamcatcher members, it’s always nice to see that even though big deals are made out of idol birthdays, that many of them think of others on their special day. Gahyeon was no different in this regard, and it was nice of her to both do something she’d never done before and to have fun with fans at the same time.

Gahyeon visits one of her fancafe locations on her birthday. Source: fox._.zzlo_

Between Gahyeon’s birthday (and her visits to her fan-based birthday greeting places), Yoohyeon’s celebrating her younger brother’s end of enlistment and Dreamcatcher as a whole wishing fans a Happy Lunar New Year, there was no shortage of updates and messages to fans this past week from the group. And even if we haven’t quite heard anything from a music standpoint, it seems that it’ll be only a matter of time before we are on the trail to the next set of Dreamcatcher-related content. Either way, you can count on me to be here to let everyone know what the group gets up to, so be sure to clap, follow, subscribe, and signal boost these articles if you like what you see. See you all next week for more Dreamcatcher news!