Dreamcatcher Scents Out A New Collab As KCON:TACT 5 Nears

K-Pop — Dreamcatcher Recall

K-Pop’s resident rock/pop girl group plays up their NEOGEN collaboration and prepares for another KCON appearance.

Dreamcatcher takes photos with their custom-picked NEOGEN Body Mist. Credit: Naver NEOGEN Store

At the beginning of the year during promotions for “Odd Eye”, Dreamcatcher Company’s CEO told the group that they’d be “very, very busy”, and while fans have known the group to be one that has always been hard-working, that statement seemed to mean more given how early they had begun scheduled activities for 2021.

Coming off of a light break after promotions for “BEcause” ended, Dreamcatcher appears to be holding to their boss’s statement, hitting the ground running again for mid-September activities, including a ramp-up of their first bit of major CF (“Commercial Film”, a general term used in K-Pop to refer to advertisements) with global skincare brand NEOGEN and all the prep to KCON:TACT 5 in a week. Let’s check out what Dreamcatcher’s been up to!


Over on the Dreamcatcher YouTube channel, much of what was officially posted video-wise was dedicated to their upcoming collaboration with NEOGEN, a long-lived global skincare and cosmetics brand. The group is working with them on the “Catch Your Dream Scent” product series, a set of seven aromatic perfumes custom-chosen by each Dreamcatcher member to be released in the form of a body mist and hand cream. Based on what we know from a pre-release page on NEOGEN’s official store on Naver, each member has the following:

  • JiU, “Fashion Neroli” — Lavender and Dutch Petitgrain (citrus scent)
  • SuA, “Motion Suede” — Peony and Orange (floral scent)
  • Siyeon, “Moonlight Musk” — White Rose and Thyme (musk scent)
  • Handong, “Love Rose” — Citrus and Rose (rose scent)
  • Yoohyeon, “Freedom Iris” — Iris and Sandalwood (forest scent)
  • Dami, “Self Bergamot” — Fruit and Bergamot (fresh scent)
  • Gahyeon, “Daydream Sweetie” — Vanilla and Orange (sweet scent)
Product shot of the Catch Your Dream scent series. Credit: Naver NEOGEN Store

Various social media updates have accompanied the upcoming release, including tweets from the members, posts on NEOGEN social media sites, and what appears to be the inclusion of a set of photo cards when buying the product. Release is set for the 14th of September, which has plenty of fans excited about picking up all 14 of the series when it comes out. The US NEOGEN site has a pop-up about this coming soon, and it’s assumed global as well as domestic fans will be able to pick it up there or with another vendor that carries NEOGEN product.

For Dreamcatcher, whose non-traditional girl group concept and smaller domestic fanbase have meant their popularity rise has been more steady than sharp, getting major CF like this one is a good win. Both sides stand to benefit — Dreamcatcher to put a collab like this among their achievements and get more recognized by companies and NEOGEN to try to increase their reach in a market that they likely have found to be much more competitive than recently. All in all, this is yet another point in the column of “2021 is the year Dreamcatcher is getting more recognized” and is something the group and its fans should be proud of.


This wasn’t the only collab that happened, either. ED Online KPOP Training agency, a YouTube/streaming channel that is dedicated to running classes on K-Pop dancing and choreography, invited JiU and SuA on to run a class on “BEcause”, allowing interested fans to pay for a session on how to perform Dreamcatcher’s latest title track. The opportunity likely came via their Performance Director Hwang Sooyeon, who has already run classes on the choreographies she put together for “Scream” “Odd Eye” and “Wind Blows”, and JiU and SuA seemed to have a great time teaching and interacting with fans. There’s definitely a path here for the group if they ever want to help with the next generation of K-Pop artists (an earlier appearance on the ClevrTV channel showed that) but I’m sure JiU and SuA were more than happy to sneak in some more InSomnia time and clown around for the camera a bit.

SuA, Taehyun, and Wendy at work as usual for SBS Wendy’s Young Street. Credit: sbsyoungstreet

There was definitely plenty of clowning around on this week’s Wendy’s Young Street on SBS, as SuA, Taehyun, and Wendy discussed, among other topics, the “best smell”, an appropriate topic given Dreamcatcher’s upcoming work with NEOGEN. Ramyeon, Chicken, and Samgyeopsal (pork belly) smells competed for dominance, and Wendy found herself on the receiving end of a bit of teasing from her guest hosts for what she was saying. It’s nice to see SuA settle into a nice work rhythm on the radio, and for her somewhat good-natured teasing behavior rubbing off on her co-workers. As always, it was a fun episode to listen to/watch.


On the official channel front, we got a little bit more of a peek into that CF with Dami talking about the scent she chose, but we also got more of the usual behind-the-scenes fun, including Yoohyeon trying to practice (with an inside-out shirt) to do Sunmi’s “You Can’t Sit With Us” dance challenge, Siyeon being surprised during selfie-taking time but still flexing her live vocals without a warmup, Gahyeon talking about a small performance accident with her hand, and more. Even though “BEcause” seemed a bit short to take these videos, it looks like there were plenty of fun moments, and more to come as a part of the constant content drip fans get from the group.


With the group busy with all this prep for future activities, and having taken a bit of a break before that, we hadn’t seen them on vLive for quite some time. That changed this past week with a JiU, SuA, and Yoohyeon vLive turning into a bit of the usual chaotic mess with every member of the group making an appearance at some point or another, SuA and Yoohyeon doing their usual Tom and Jerry arguing routine, and a little bit more detail on their work with NEOGEN. It had been a while since a full group vLive, so it was certainly nice to see everyone talking with people excited about their upcoming plans.

Dreamcatcher preps for their KCON:TACT HI 5 Live Premiere stream. Credit: KCON_official

Speaking of what’s coming up, KCON:TACT HI 5 is swiftly approaching, with Dreamcatcher set to appear a week from today on September 19th, 2021 on the channel’s live stream for paid members (be sure to watch this space for my usual recap of KCON:TACT activities from Dreamcatcher, by the way). To help promote the event, Dreamcatcher did double duty — they had JiU, SuA, and Siyeon appear on Twitter Spaces do to a brief Q&A for submitted fan questions, then had an hour and a half long Live Premiere video for fans with a Pajama Party theme, filled with such activities as playing Jenga while answering questions, jamming out to some great karaoke tunes, and doing an art session where they literally put their hands on canvas in a “hi 5” gesture to sign and give away to fans in a streaming event on Twitter. As expected, the Live video was full of energy, laughter, and learning plenty of fun things about the members, such as Siyeon being somehow unable to stack a Jenga tower properly or how Dami zombies her way through waking up.

Dreamcatcher shows off their pajama party wear for their KCON:TACT HI 5 Live Premiere video. Credit: KCON_official

It sure looks like Dreamcatcher shows no signs of slowing down in September, and they’ll be out and about this week with collabs both old and new as they continue work using the high entertainment value and talent that have typified their efforts so far in 2021. I’ll be back next week with a special edition of the recap including all the details about Dreamcatcher’s appearance at KCON:TACT 5 and more, so be sure to clap, follow, and share the article around as usual if you are liking what you’re reading!