Dreamcatcher Returns To Familiar Territory As October 2021 Rolls Onward

K-Pop — Dreamcatcher Recall

DJ Siyeon and the Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival highlight Dreamcatcher’s return to old stomping grounds.

Dreamcatcher poses in purple outfits during “BEcause” promotions. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

It’s certainly one thing to hear Dreamcatcher say they are resuming activities after needing to self-quarantine for two weeks, and entirely another to have them actually go through with it, and that’s exactly what we saw this past week from the K-Pop group. While the lack of active work from the members was only really a short period relative to the overall year, it feels like to me that you never really know just how hard-working and busy many active K-Pop groups are until you have to go through a time where you are guaranteed not to get anything. Add to that the fact that Dreamcatcher has been known to shower their fans with content at a higher-than-average pace and the lack of noise being made about what they’re up to becomes pretty noticeable.

Thankfully, fans didn’t have to wait too long to see Dreamcatcher get back to work, and the theme of the week appeared to be a return to familiar territory. Let’s check out what Dreamcatcher’s been up to this past week!

SuA, Wendy, and Taehyun back together at SBS Youngstreet. Source: sbsyoungstreet

Starting off the returns this week was SuA coming back to SBS’s Wendy’s Young Street to re-join the group for her normal radio gig. There was certainly a marked uptick in the energy of the broadcast as SuA once again took up her spot and delivered her usual intro with such loudness that it took a bit for the audio engineers to adjust to her again. This week’s topic on Young Street came from a vacation and travel site and asked about what the most enjoyable thing was about going places. The choices were sampling the local food, relaxing with activities like shopping or hitting the pool, or visiting tourist spots. Not surprisingly, SuA expressed a desire to go to a place where she could try out a variety of different activities like going on a cruise or tour, or checking out the nature sites. For someone who tried boxing and rock climbing on a whim, it’s not a big leap for SuA to be an adventurous type.


News also surfaced this week that Dreamcatcher would be making a return to the Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival (JUMF), to be live streamed on October 15th starting at 18:00 KST on YouTube. It’s definitely been a while for Dreamcatcher — the last time that they were at JUMF was way back in 2017, when they were in their debut year and had to fill part of their set with their expansive cover portfolio.


This was a first taste of how Dreamcatcher would sound backed by a live rock band, something that wouldn’t be realized again until 2020 and 2021 when they begun working with a live band for their concert performances. It’s also a nice throwback to a hard-working Dreamcatcher looking to push the fact that they were a much different group concept-wise than the one that some of its members had inhabited in MINX. Now, with a much more filled-out discography and four years of experience behind them, Dreamcatcher’s return to JUMF, even if their set will undoubtedly be much shorter sharing the stage with more artists, should be entertaining and fun to watch.


The highlight of the week’s returns, however, was most certainly Siyeon’s belated birthday live stream, which was pushed back to the 7th due to the quarantine situation. The theme of this year’s birthday live stream was a faux radio show with “DJ Siyeon” reading out fan letters and notes, giving out advice, and vibing to songs. There was a lot of fun on this live stream, especially when you consider the fact that SuA brought some of her Young Street experience and excitement to the broadcast, entertaining both fans and Siyeon herself (though she almost broke the display at one point). Aside from that, Siyeon getting a nice strawberry cake and being treated to her talented vocals made for a very chill and nice live broadcast.


The thing is, this wasn’t even the first time we’d seen “DJ Siyeon”. Way back in 2017 when the company and the group were playing around with different interesting ways to do broadcasts, DJ Siyeon made an appearance for a similarly themed live stream (in fact, eagle-eyed fans likely saw that for this past week’s broadcast, Siyeon was dressed and styled pretty similarly to the 2017 vLive). While I had plenty of fun (and perhaps a little apprehension given the level of her potato slicing skill) watching Siyeon’s 2020 cooking birthday vLive, the return to familiar territory for Siyeon was nice to see.

Yoohyeon has her eyes on you during “Summer Holiday” promotions. Source: Naver

Of course, all of these returns didn’t stop new things from being posted, either. Dreamcatcher’s Naver blog put up a new set of “BEcause” activity behind-the-scenes photos, and as always seeing the high-quality pics and mix of serious and funny moments from promotions is always nice for people looking for new material. Given a choice of preference, I’ve always enjoyed the funny pictures over the serious ones. We see a bunch of the posed serious photos during normal promotions, so when things happen such as Yoohyeon making the “I’ve got my eyes on you” motion and SuA/Siyeon struggling to make a heart together it’s always fun and interesting.

SuA big-brains her way to success during a game in “The Man Who Grills Meat”. Source: JTube

We also got to see part 2 of Dreamcatcher’s appearance on variety/eating/interview show “The Man Who Grills Meat”, and the continuation of JiU, SuA, and Gahyeon bringing their seemingly endless energy to the show. A mini-game was devised to see how much food would be served up in addition to what was already going to be grilled, with members tossing ping pong balls into cups. But a loophole in the rules, which only stipulated that part of them had to be behind the tables, enabled SuA to take full advantage, ensuring she easily put all of her ping pong balls into cups while part of her body hung back behind the invisible line. Allowing this to happen was pretty sporting of the host and the show, but I have a feeling that they’ll be patching up this little exploit in the game for future guest appearances. You’ll certainly want to check this appearance out (along with part 1, now English subbed) for more Dreamcatcher entertainment, though subtitles for the latest videos will be delayed for a few days.


Last, but perhaps not least, we saw that MyMusicTaste is ramping up their social media campaign for Dreamcatcher’s upcoming online concert at the end of the month, “Halloween Midnight Circus”. They’re running an 11-day Photo Challenge, where fans can post pictures on Twitter (in a continuous thread) that remind them of the Dreamcatcher song of the day for a chance at winning a signed polaroid of one of the members. If you’re curious about my #DREAMCATCHER_MIDNIGHT_CIRCUS Twitter thread, you can see my 11 day photo challenge on Twitter (and a follow wouldn’t hurt either, if you’re so inclined). There’s a lot of creative InSomnias out there, and I look forward to seeing all the pictures from people.

Handong sneaks in a quick photobomb of Yoohyeon’s self-picture. Source: Naver

Dreamcatcher is back on track in October and with two live performances coming up, there will be no shortage of content for fans to see them return to the stage with an exclamation point. Be sure to keep your eyes here for all the latest in Dreamcatcher-related happenings and follow, clap, and signal boost the articles if you want to spread the word. I’ll see you back here next week as usual!