Dreamcatcher Quietly Moves Toward Final Road To Halloween Midnight Circus

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K-Pop’s resident rock/pop girl group takes a low-key approach as they work hard to finish preparations for their October 2021 online concert.

Dreamcatcher, dressed in black, promotes their Halloween Midnight Circus concert on MyMusicTaste’s YouTube page. Source: MyMusicTaste

It’s pretty rare for Dreamcatcher to lower the constant content drip that they have tended to supply to their fans. One of their claims to fame, and perhaps why they’ve climbed to the place that they have is because of the fact that even between promotions there’s always something to watch or hear from, whether that is a random Special Clip on the Dreamcatcher official Youtube channel, vLives filled with random conversations and fun interactions, or other such tidbits. So in instances where that seems to lessen, fans have come to expect one of two things — either an announcement about something is inbound, or they’re hard at work preparing for an upcoming event.

In this case, we can safely say it’s the latter. Dreamcatcher’s latest online concert, Halloween Midnight Circus, is now only six days away as of this writing. While concrete details have been scant, we did hear just a tiny bit more about what Dreamcatcher might have in store for us this past week as the group moved towards the final buildup to the concert itself. And while some of the regular content seemed to decrease a bit, we still got a little bit more of other things Dreamcatcher has been up to. Let’s see what we saw this past week as the road to Halloween Midnight Circus continued!


As usual, we saw SuA make an appearance on SBS’s Wendy’s Young Street this week, where there the topic was which person is the worst type to attend movies with, with the choices being “people that keep asking questions”, “people that drop spoilers”, or “people that can’t stop using their phone”. This was definitely a tough one for me for sure. The curious other news that came out of this appearance, however, was SuA dropping an offhand comment to fansites/press during her usual commute to Young Street that something might be coming out before the end of the year. While this immediately set off speculation about the three comebacks in a year goal that JiU mentioned way back in February, the loss of two weeks of productivity due to unforeseen circumstances plus their current schedule (the upcoming Halloween concert and then Mokkoji Festival almost right after that) leaves very little wiggle room for a comeback, in my opinion. Perhaps what we’ll see from the group is more of a holiday-focused single, or fan song, but all of that is, of course, speculation — we’ll just have to see.


Speaking of interactions with fans, Dreamcatcher did attempt a vLive this week, straight from the dance practice room. SuA, Siyeon, and Yoohyeon did their Yaja Time best to goof off with exaggerated dance moves and an attempt to imitate each other. Unfortunately, before things could get truly going, the wireless lag in the practice room seemed to mess with the vLive quality, and the group had to end it early. Even though this was only ten minutes or so, it certainly showed that Dreamcatcher probably missed being live with their fans as much as InSomnia missed watching or listening to them — but it’s also an indicator of just how busy they’ve been as they get ready for Halloween Midnight Circus.


Despite Dreamcatcher’s busy preparation work last week, however, YouTube channels come to their rescue to fill the content gap a bit. The full set of their JUMF 2017 performance was posted to the official MBC channel after their appearance at JUMF 2021 this year. This was a real treat, because up until now fans have been reliant on fancams to see most of this set, so having one cut and edited properly was nice. 2017, not surprisingly, was one of Dreamcatcher’s busiest, as their re-debut and need to ensure they got out into the public eye generated three comebacks and appearances like this one that showcased not only all of their new rock-style title tracks but their ability to cover many others. Seeing them as rookies and how far they’ve come til now has been great, so definitely check out the set when you have a chance.

JiU, SuA, and Gahyeon tell stories about their group interactions on The Man Who Grills Meat. Source: 쩰튜브

We also saw part 4 of JiU, SuA, and Gahyeon’s appearance on The Man Who Grills Meat (with part 3 getting English subtitles), and it seems, from the end of the video, that we’ll be getting at least one more part where they’ll be playing a bit of Jenga Q&A. Even though the subtitles have been delayed for this, I’ve really gotten a good sense that this kind of interaction is best for Dreamcatcher, where they’re in a more casual setting and able to talk with a host. They’ve always struck me as a group that works hard and plays hard, and having this appearance seem like a meeting between work associates over a good meal plays to their strengths in that vein. While those of you who aren’t versed in Korean may want to wait until all the parts are released with subtitles, I’d encourage you all to check out what’s been posted so far as well — it’s been fun and insightful so far.


All that said, what we did see content-wise from Dreamcatcher this week was firmly focused on their upcoming Halloween concert. For their part, MyMusicTaste announced another Twitter event involving picking the best Dreamcatcher song lyrics for a chance at randomly selected winners to win signed CDs, which you’ll certainly want to take advantage of if you’re interested in collecting those.


In addition to that, we got just the tiniest peek into what Dreamcatcher has in store for us for their upcoming concert with a fun little “what if” game they played where they talked about what they’d do if they had something happen to them, such if they could turn invisible or read minds. There were some particularly funny responses (such as SuA saying she’d try to know even more of what her fellow members did privately if she was invisible) but the subtle teaser was in the outfits they were wearing. Appearing to go with an appropriately dark and gothic-like vibe for Halloween, these outfits seemed to showcase just how Dreamcatcher is going to integrate the XR/augmented reality stage that will be involved and what kind of style they’re going for. Whether or not we will see this theme carry over into the entire concert is anyone’s guess, but it was nice to see a small spoiler that will generate a bunch of discussion over the next week or so.


We also got a few more tiny spoiler tidbits in an interview with none other than well-known social media platform Tumblr, whose official K-Pop section featured an interview with Dreamcatcher about the upcoming concert. There were spoilers that seemed obvious (multiple confirmations of costumes to be worn by the members for this concert) and others that were much less so (mentions by both Yoohyeon and Siyeon about “flying into the sky” — perhaps Dreamcatcher will be portraying witches or something similarly flight-enabled for Halloween), but regardless of what we learned, it seems pretty clear that Dreamcatcher is excited to show off something different for Halloween that plays into their darker concept.


Lastly, we began to see the usual promotional photo teasers being taken for the upcoming concert, with Siyeon and Dami kicking things off with a couple of fun posed shots and the other members soon to follow. Some fans are thinking that the division of members seems to signal who paired up with whom for the inevitable subunit stages that have delighted and entertained the last few concerts with unique performances and exciting covers, but until we hear more from MyMusicTaste or Dreamcatcher Company, we won’t know for sure.

SuA and Yoohyeon clown around for the camera for their MyMusicTaste concert promotion photos. Source: _mymusictaste

We’re on the last few days before we see what will no doubt be an entertaining and likely spooky set of performances by an excited and hard-working Dreamcatcher, and next Sunday around this time you’ll see a special Halloween Midnight Circus recap and report from me. Until then, be sure to clap, follow, and signal boost this latest edition of the Dreamcatcher Recall, and hope that if you’ve purchased tickets, you’re looking forward to this concert as much as I am!