Dreamcatcher Puts “Summer Holiday” Behind, Making Fans Look Forward To The Future

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Even after “Summer Holiday” promotions activities end, K-Pop’s Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatcher Company keep fans excited with an unexpected surprise.

Dreamcatcher takes a group photo at their last fansign for “Summer Holiday” in August. Credit: hf_dreamcatcher

When promotions and activities end for an album, many K-Pop groups are expected to pause on the content a bit as they take a bit to rest and relax. And while Dreamcatcher themselves have certainly paced themselves pretty well for a group that’s as busy as they are and do take breaks, they’ve never be been shy about continuing the content drip far long after promotions have ended — even if that means fans get a couple unexpected, but nevertheless welcome, surprises. “Summer Holiday” was no different, with at least one content drop in particular that got fans buzzing. Let’s take a look at what happened this past week as activities for “Summer Holiday” came to a close for the group!

Siyeon waves to fans as she commutes for “Legendary Training” filming. Credit: caffeine_sy

One of the last activities for “Summer Holiday” promotions was filming for a new variety show, “Legendary Trainee”, with Girls’ Generation’s Sunny turning back the clock to play a K-Pop trainee learning from more recent artists and groups. Dreamcatcher was slated to film for “Legendary Trainee” on August 30th, adding another high-tier idol and group connection to their growing list (Dami, in particular, known to be a big SNSD fan, must have been over the moon). Between this and their last online fansign on the 29th, Dreamcatcher seemingly closed out “Summer Holiday” activities safely and with everyone healthy and happy, with everyone earning a bit of a break, including SuA, whose usual SBS Wendy’s Young Street episode was pre-recorded this past week.


On the official channel front, YouTube continued to drop expected content from “Summer Holiday” promotions for “BEcause”, including two Notes highlighting everything from Siyeon putting on a wig for stage, celebrating SuA’s birthday, Dami sharing that she’s been vaccinated with at least one dose against COVID-19, and more. Even though music show promotions were lessened by a week, it seems Dreamcatcher fit in a lot of fun moments and messages for their fans, and even though this may be the last of the Notes from these promotions, it may not be the last of what they have in store for us under the “Summer Holiday”, as their global interview circuit this past week with JOOX in Malaysia and CAPRICHO in Brazil showed.

Dreamcatcher’s announcement with NEOGEN. Credit: Dreamcatcher Fancafe

But even with these content drops, we definitely got a completely unexpected announcement that Dreamcatcher worked with NEOGEN, a well-known, global beauty brand that is also popular in South Korea, to make Dreamcatcher-branded hand cream and body mist. Release is supposed to come on the 14th with a social media event being run in the lead-up to the drop.

This was particularly exciting news for Dreamcatcher, as groups represented by smaller companies have a bit more of an uphill climb to get opportunities such as endorsements, CF’s, and work with other brands. The fact that Dreamcatcher was able to score work like this goes to show that 2021 has been the year of Dreamcatcher creeping into new territory as a well-known veteran girl group that is sustainable and that companies and individuals want to work with.

JiU’s “Behind” photo, set 1, for “Summer Holiday”. Credit: hf_dreamcatcher

But even with that being shared, that wasn’t the biggest surprise of the past week. Starting last Thursday, “Behind” photos began to be posted on Dreamcatcher’s official Instagram, with two of the three sets making their way onto the account before the week was up. The posting of “Behind” photos is usually a sign that a comeback is imminent, and the posting of “Summer Holiday” pics ignited a firestorm of speculation about what might be on the horizon.

With a normal gap of around 5–6 months between comebacks, but one offhand comment from JiU that Dreamcatcher Company’s CEO wanted to shoot for three albums this year, fans have been wondering for the past few days if Dreamcatcher is going to pull what they did in 2017 and pretty much chain two comebacks together (“Chase Me”, their debut, almost straight into “GOOD NIGHT”, their second single album). With only September — December left in the year, another comeback, if it happened, would be on a pretty tight timeline — doable, but still a bit aggressive, even for Dreamcatcher.

Gahyeon’s “Behind” photo, set 2, for “Summer Holiday”. Credit: hf_dreamcatcher

Additionally, with KCON:TACT HI 5 around the corner on September 19th and Mokkoji Korea Festival in early November, Dreamcatcher is already filling gaps in the rest of their year’s schedule. So where would Dreamcatcher fit in another comeback? Right now, we only have guesses, though for those of you out there who think it might be coming within September or October, I’d like to remind people that Dreamcatcher have waited almost two months at times between the last “Behind” photo and the first Mystery Code for another comeback — for reference, excluding the aggressive nature of 2021’s comebacks, here’s a history of recent timings:

As you can see, there’s a great deal of variance, and I would speculate that we have at least a month to a month and a half if not more before we hear about any new comeback, should one more happen before the end of 2021. Hopefully this information helps temper expectations — or it might make things even more hype.

Yoohyeon’s “Behind” photo, set 1, for “Summer Holiday”. Credit: hf_dreamcatcher

Either way, we can expect that Dreamcatcher, after a bit of a break and some well-deserved rest, will continue down the content trail and stay busy for the rest of 2021 and ultimately, everyone will benefit. We’ll see just how much of that content will drop, and you can always count on me to bring you up to speed with all of the Dreamcatcher news and happenings. Be sure to clap, follow, and share if you like what you’re seeing here — and I’ll see you next week for what will no doubt be more Dreamcatcher-related goodness!