Dreamcatcher Makes Memories In First-Time Hong Kong Concert

Dreamcatcher headed to Hong Kong, finishing up early 2024 Asia dates with another addition to their already well-traveled resume.

Dreamcatcher Makes Memories In First-Time Hong Kong Concert
Dreamcatcher poses for the camera in Hong Kong. Source: hf_dreamcatcher (X/Twitter)

Even though Dreamcatcher is one of the most well-traveled groups in their generation of K-Pop artists, there's always room for the group to add to that pedigree. Despite years in which they have traveled to three or four regions in the world, some places have yet to hold a Dreamcatcher live concert. But for at least one place, Hong Kong, that wait ended, as the group traveled to Star Hall to put on yet another memorable show, made even moreso by the fact that Chinese-born member Handong had her family and friends in attendance. There's plenty of things to like from the group this week, so let's get right into it!

Short-form content took center stage on the official Dreamcatcher YouTube channel this week as footage from the group's prior tour to Europe earlier in the year continues to pay dividends to the content drip. This time around, Yoohyeon's "Just An Average Day" vlog series was put up, a bite-sized version that highlighted the group's trips to places in Barcelona and in Paris.

Though I wouldn't have minded a normal-sized vlog filmed horizontally in order to take in the full extent of Europe's beautiful sites and sounds, I'm ok with these sorts of brief looks which require less editing time and have the potential to be stretched out over longer. Yoohyeon is great at these "casual walking around" vlogs, so I'm looking forward to more on that front.

Back in the present, Dreamcatcher's trip to Hong Kong was memorable for a variety of reasons. First was the fact that it was their first time going - this would have been the second, if not for the unfortunate cancellation that prevented them from performing at the Hong Kong Harley-Davidson anniversary festival. This time around, however, Dreamcatcher would not be deterred from their destination, performing songs like the now-staple "Silent Night" + "One More Time" beat drops for the Hong Kong audience.

One thing you may have noticed watching the video I linked was Handong taking the lead on communications - not a surprise given the fact that she speaks the language. But the concert had another wrinkle as well, as Handong's friends and family were in attendance. This, of course, led to plenty of funny shenanigans given that Handong's mother in particular has been confirmed by Handong herself as reacting strongly to her daughter's behavior and public performances.

We also saw the same covers as the Taiwan concert, much to the delight of the crowd. One thing I hadn't noticed beforehand was the use of graphics on the screen as well as lyrics, which I think was a nice touch for fans to be able to sing along as well as give a sort of personalized feel to the concert. Once again, even though Dreamcatcher has the "good" problem of such a large discography that these subunit covers are no longer needed, I do wish they'd bring them back for part of their future performances.

In the end, Hong Kong looked like a successful show, as did Taiwan. The group has appeared to have a difficult time trying to get a proper tour going in the Asia region, but hopefully with Taiwan, Hong Kong, and last year's Manila sales in the books, others in the region will be open to planning a Dreamcatcher show. For both personal and professional reasons to the group's members, I think being able to secure these solid-selling audiences in Asia is important to them, so let's hope we see more in the future.

Handong and Siyeon smile for the camera while traveling in Asia.
SIyeon and Handong take a quick selfie while traveling. Source: Weibo

Though the group's initial foray into Asia was short this year so far, they're likely to be very thankful to be finished and enjoy just a small break before getting back to work. Handong's regular radio gig was cancelled this week in favor of that rest, and she appeared to delay her return to South Korea to spend time with her family. Other members communicated to fans on paid chat platform Fromm that they also headed back to South Korea to take a bit of personal time with their own relatives. I do appreciate the pacing of the scheduling so far despite a lot of the hectic nature of this year's touring. It shows an idea that the group's health comes first and taking time for yourself equally so - a progressive attitude that I feel Dreamcatcher Company has always had towards all of them.

What comes next for the group this year is still to be revealed. We're in April and now almost five months from the last comeback, meaning that if there is going to be a ramp-up to new music, it'll start now. Could we see a Mystery Code or other element of the ongoing alternate reality game the group has been playing with their latest storyline? iIll more than just the new version of the lightstick be revealed? We'll just have to see, but either way, you can expect to hear from me weekly about what Dreamcatcher is up to. So for all that, and more, I'll see you here next Sunday!

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