Dreamcatcher Looks Toward Summer Travels As Content Rolls On

Dreamcatcher's plans for June and July appear to be taking shape as they took time for live broadcasts, a birthday celebration and more.

Dreamcatcher Looks Toward Summer Travels As Content Rolls On
JiU, Siyeon, and Yoohyeon film the latest episode of JiU's "What-JJYU" food series. Source: Dreamcatcher official (YouTube)

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Summertime in Seoul brings with it thoughts of warmer weather, outdoor events, and in the case of the K-Pop industry, thoughts about summertime comebacks that vie for the public eye of the general K-Pop fandom. Dreamcatcher is no exception here, and even though they have never gone this far into a year without a comeback, the little signs that show they're gearing up for one are mentioned every day. Meanwhile, the group's consistent content drip continues, and last week brought with it both news and updates about what the group has been up to as they crossed mid-May. Let's take a look!

Starting off with the featured image at the top, WHAT-JJYU made its return with the last two Dreamcatcher members to appear with their leader in Siyeon and Yoohyeon. The trio hit up a place serving beef and sushi, and as expected, had plenty of fun stories and banter. Somehow I think the multiple instances of Yoohyeon reaching across to try to get at Siyeon for making a teasing comment with JiU in the middle is a perfect microcosm of what JiU's had to go through for years helming a group this loud and chaotic.

The video pretty much had everything typical from each of them, from JiU having trouble deciding what delicious food to order to Siyeon making funny and weird faces at the side camera to Yoohyeon having a food accident and having the aforementioned reactions to being teased. It was entertaining as always and I'm looking forward to the next part as well as, hopefully, the rest of Dreamcatcher's solo content coming back around for 2024.

Speaking of JiU, she had another important milestone to celebrate this week when she celebrated her birthday with fans on YouTube. JiU's recent long gaming sessions with cozy game/builder Animal Crossing meant that she had the perfect content for this year's birthday livestream - visiting fans' islands and showing off her own. Along with Siyeon and Dami (who proved to be more mischevious online trying to take some of JiU's carefully placed stuff) JiU laughed, smiled, and was wowed by everyone's creations while also showing off her own. As someone who only very briefly played Animal Crossing, I was still able to recognize the care, effort, and organization JiU put into her own creation, so it was impressive to me to see hers as well as all the others on display.

Live broadcast appeared to be the theme of the week as we also got a voice-only Weverse live from JiU, SuA, Siyeon, and Handong. This was perhaps the biggest future plans hint stream in a while, as the members teased having all dyed their hair (sometimes seen as a sign of an upcoming comeback), a recording was mentioned, and SuA and Siyeon had to dip out early to attend a meeting about the upcoming Yaja Time subunit content. The common theme among all of these was that we'd likely be seeing new things in June or as late as July (the biggest hint coming from JiU possibly hinting at this at her birthday fancafe visits). This likely means that we still have a bit of time left before we get to hear new music from Dreamcatcher. It'll be here before we know it.

In other live news, Handong's usual radio broadcast brought with it not as much comeback-related hinting but plenty of advice from her. Giving out advice centered around a theme appears to be the thing that has settled Handong comfortably into regular segments for her broadcasts, and this week was Handong telling folks what they ought to do to handle various family-related issues. This episode was especially interesting as Handong opened up a bit about what it was like to get used to living far away from home in another country. She understandably got a bit emotional remembering about being far away from her parents and having to get used to it. I've always respected Handong for her decision to pursue her career as having to learn a whole other language, culture, and other related things while also trying to be an idol, so this was good to listen to.

Green background poster announcing MBC it's Live in Mexico with Dreamcatcher as a part of a 9 artist lineup.
Dreamcatcher announced as part of lineup for it's Live in Mexico. Source: passline.mxredeyesconcerts (Instagram)

Last but certainly not least, travel to another country is not just something having to do with Handong but with all of Dreamcatcher, as a second date for MBC's it's Live was announced this past week. This time around, the lineup that will perform in Chile will also perform in a single day in Mexico in the epic Plaza de Toros arena. With this being another city with artists including Dreamcatcher, speculation abounds regarding whether or not we'll see more dates in and around the same region. The cryptic teaser from organizer account tuconcierto.cl from 4 months ago may be a distant memory currently, but with two countries from that teaser on the docket, one wonders if we'll see more.

June's plans appear to be slowly taking shape and the small steps toward a comeback continue to be made. As always, I'll be here to report on the latest from Dreamcatcher, so for all that and more, I'll see you here next Sunday!

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