Dreamcatcher Keeps In Touch With Fans, Continues Content Drip Into Mid-August 2022

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Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatcher Company both have the fandom in mind as they continue to release new content and continue engagement into late summer.

Dreamcatcher snaps a group photo in Chicago on July 7th, 2022 during their World Tour. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher has a bit of a perceived lighter schedule in August than they’ve had in prior months in the summer, and well they should — it’s certainly been a busy few months for the group as they’ve traveled all around the world. But that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to keep up with fans, as well as feed them content that will likely keep going for weeks to come, as is the group’s MO when it comes to in-between comebacks. Without further ado, let’s check out what Dreamcatcher has been up to the past week!


It was time for another member birthday last week, and this time it was Main Dancer SuA who celebrated another year around the sun with fans. Opting for a more chill chat livestream as opposed to last year’s somewhat chaotic (but still fun) peach jam-making birthday session. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t interesting moments — SuA talked a bit about how she managed to visit her fancafe and banner locations that InSomnia had set up for her and provided interesting tidbits of news about what Dreamcatcher is up to these days, which apparently is everyone hitting the gym a bit harder.


But the truly interesting bit, other than SuA being her energetic self, was that she participated in a Korean drama OST, for the series “Cafe Minamdang”. One fan managed to catch the as-of-yet untitled SuA OST track during two of the episodes and its emotion and soft power vocal are unmistakably SuA. I’m really glad for this news — SuA’s always been Dreamcatcher’s all-rounder to me, and adding an OST credit to her list of accomplishments and opportunities is just further proof of that. Like Siyeon’s various OST tracks, we can hope we’ll see SuA’s OST track on Spotify or another platform released officially in the near future.


SuA’s birthday wasn’t the only interaction Dreamcatcher would have with fans this past week. The ’97 line would carry the relatively new Weverse Live platform for the group, with two Dami voice-only lives and Yoohyeon testing out the video with a quick check-in. Yoohyeon mentioned that the video editing team has a lot on their plate and will look to release a bunch of content in the coming weeks. With vlogs from the July tour, a couple of Dreamcatcher’s Notes documenting the same, and some few remaining solo song content vids, I definitely believe this to be the case. As for Dami, she pleasantly answered questions from fans, informed everyone that her brush with COVID caused her to start building up her body’s fitness a bit more in the gym, and even did a few covers and songs over the stream. With all these streams taking place in studio or at the company, it’s just another sign that Dreamcatcher is continuing their work up to whatever the next thing will be, and which we will no doubt be looking forward to.


One of those next things is the upcoming 2022 K-Global Heart Dream Awards near the end of the month, which Dreamcatcher will be participating in as a performer. Hard-working fans managed to secure Dreamcatcher 3rd place overall in the female group popularity award ranking through votes in the Choaedol app by the slimmest of margins, holding off (G)-IDLE by a mere 2 points. While there is no apparent award for 3rd place, the fact that the Dreamcatcher fandom managed this feat was a nice showing. I’m all heart-ed out on that app as far as currency goes, though doing my small part to help along this placement was still satisfying. The awards will be broadcast live on Korean-only streaming platforms/apps Seezn and Abema TV but I’m sure we’ll see footage from there at some point in the future from official channels.


Even though it’s been a few months since MAISON promotions, we’re still seeing some variety content from Dreamcatcher, and FO Squad KPop from YouTube dropped by Dreamcatcher’s office during their visit to Seoul to film a fun video with the group. The result was a fun video that was both educational (as Taste of Culture looks to exchange cultural awareness of Senegalese customs/cuisine with Korean artists) as well as chaotic during the “What’s In The Box” blind challenge. Fans know that we’ve seen Dreamcatcher have a great time with this challenge from last year’s Dreamcatcher Mind Episode 5, and it seems they’ve only increased their tendency to troll their fellow members (and even one of the hosts at one point) with what was in the box. Loud and chaotic Dreamcatcher is part of what makes Dreamcatcher a fun group to watch from a variety-standpoint, and fans weren’t disappointed. Despite the language barrier, the hosts and Dreamcatcher seemed to have a great deal of chemistry with one another, and everyone appeared to be all smiles as they discussed cultural nuances as well as get a little crazy with the challenge. FO Squad seems to have worked hard over the past couple years to get opportunities to work with groups like Dreamcatcher, so to see them and the group have a successful collaboration isn’t a bad thing.


Last, but not least, on the official front, Dreamcatcher continued onward with the solo song special content, which has been some of the most anticipated set of videos since we first heard confirmation of their filming back during comeback month in April. The midweek content featured abehind-the-scenes filming for Handong’s previously-released “Winter” music video, and we got to see how the video came together, from the beginning piano scene to the last solo multi-lingual sequence. What struck me most about this was how the producers set up the literal white space for this to give off the Winter vibes, from the background to the props to Handong herself. It is unfortunate that the dress she was wearing for this didn’t make it in time for the live mini-concert, as the styling seemed to be perfect for the wintery vibe and drama that was supposed to be exuded. But it’s better late than never in this case, and seeing the snow white contrast with both Handong’s now-black hair and the grey of the dancers was still nice to see.


The week was capped off by the final solo song music video to be released, with Yoohyeon’s all-English old-school lounge song “For” making its appearance on the official channel. I’ll be looking forward to the behind-the-scenes for this video, as all of it practically screamed classic 40s-50s fashion and styling. We saw plenty of what “For” had to offer from a vocal standpoint during the brief time Yoohyeon performed it over the tour and from the mini-concert, but seeing the video produced to give off that vibe, complete with an old school library, telephones, and the like really hit it home. The fan-dedicated song has also served as means for Yoohyeon to continue showing off how far her English diction and speaking has come, and seeing it in video form coupled with visual styling you’d be hard-pressed to think Yoohyeon wasn’t a singer making her living on the old school lounge or club stage.

Dreamcatcher takes a smiling group pic at Anime Matsuri in Houston in late July 2022. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

InSomnia continue to be treated to plenty of Dreamcatcher content through the month of August and they show no signs of slowing that down any time soon. With a live performance and no doubt more videos to be released upcoming, I know I’ll have a lot to look forward to and you should as well. As always, I’ll be here at the same time next week reporting on the latest from Dreamcatcher, so be sure to clap, subscribe, and signal boost if you like what you’re reading. See you then!