Dreamcatcher Keeps In Touch Over Social Media, Is Paid Homage In Early February 2022

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Dreamcatcher’s quiet preparations for their next activity continue behind the scenes, but social media posts and a remake of one of their iconic title tracks keep them in fans’ minds.

Dreamcatcher snaps a group pic on the set of “BEcause” filming. Source: Dream Catcher Company

As early February rolled onward last week, Dreamcatcher seemingly continued to do work quietly after enjoying their Lunar New Year holiday break. And even though some fans seemed to clamor for some hint or inkling of what they might be up to next (with both a comeback and a potential appearance on Queendom 2 being the prevailing theories), the group was mostly mum on any future plans, though a couple of crumbs were dropped here and there.

Still, we managed to hear regularly from Dreamcatcher this past week in a couple of ways over social media, mostly from personal Instagram posts which they’ve taken to with regularity. Whether it was a couple of old pictures or a snapshot of themselves going about their daily business, the group has been keeping busy on the platform, in part to acknowledge and give support to another group whose album release this past week showed off Dreamcatcher’s influence on rock in K-Pop.

Let’s take a look at what Dreamcatcher was up to this past week!

SuA’s regular appearance on SBS Wendy’s Young Street was, as always, entertaining, and the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday meant that couple behavior was an easy topic to bring up during the show. Whether it was speaking loudly to each other, unnecessary skin ship or feeding each other food, Wendy, Taehyun, and SuA discussed what was most annoying in public for couples to do. For as much as SuA likes to reach out for her fellow Dreamcatcher members to let them know she loves them, it was pretty humorous that she advised people not to engage in too many public displays of affection over the holiday. Other than this, her usual interaction with fans involved plenty of questions about spoilers for their upcoming activities, with only a loud reaction to Yoohyeon for dropping a tiny detail about what they were doing to fans earlier in the day. All in all, yet another energetic radio appearance from Dreamcatcher’s Main Dancer.


The detail in question, by the way, was left on the floor by Yoohyeon during a voice-only vLive she held, where she said that the members were “gathering soon” along with a confirmation that they recorded something per one of JiU’s comments on a social media post the previous week. What that recording was or why the members were gathering is anyone’s guess, but speculation that it was anything from discussion of comeback plans to the filming of introduction video for Queendom 2 made its way around to the Dreamcatcher fan communities.

Regardless of what it was, that was all the detail that fans got, though there were plenty of other fun answers from Yoohyeon, such as being too shy to follow Sunmi on Instagram and saying that her brother’s focus is pretty much on his music with no clear favorite/bias among her fellow Dreamcatcher members. Though brief, these live videos that Yoohyeon has been holding with fans over the past couple of weeks have been nice, and her willingness to engage with everyone despite the risk of mistaken spoilers has always been admirable. We’ll hope for future interactions in the near future.

Siyeon posts a picture from her restaurant outing with JiU. Source: _____s2ing

Much of what we got in terms of Dreamcatcher content this past week came in the form of Instagram posts from the members. There was a good mixture of content, from a funny reel from SuA and Performance Director Hwang Sooyeon in the dance studio, a fun couple of photos of Dami from the last episode of Dreamcatcher Mind, a post from Handong from their last promotional photos for their most recent online concert, and more. But I think my favorite photos so far have always been the candid shots from daily life, and Siyeon’s set of pictures from going out to dinner with JiU fit the bill here. With all the posed, high-quality, and professional photos Dreamcatcher takes all the time, these more casual shots are nice as they make Dreamcatcher more down-to-earth. As a less well-known group relative to the larger ones out there, they still appear to have the advantage of being able to go out in public and blending in for the most part. Once things hopefully get back to normal we may see more of these pictures more often from the group, but for now, these are nice peeks into Dreamcatcher’s downtime.

One of the most interesting Dreamcatcher-related updates this past week, however, came from a group that has had anything but downtime in the past month or so. Rolling Quartz, a Korean rock girl band that debuted just over a year ago but who have been performing for a bit longer than that in the South Korean rock scene, released their first mini album last week with a bunch of songs that they’ve played for fans and audiences. One of these was a cover of none other than Dreamcatcher’s “GOOD NIGHT”, their title track from 2017 second single album “Fall Asleep In The Mirror”. While Rolling Quartz has covered the song in a performance previously, this studio-quality version of the song upped the ante on an already-rocking cover, while also being accompanied by a music video that, according to the video description, had input given by the original “GOOD NIGHT” music video director. The result is a fast-paced, instrument-and-vocal-fueled pure rock re-imagining of the original song, with a few callbacks and similar dark/nightmarish undertones to the action of the 2017 Dreamcatcher MV, and one that shouldn’t be missed.

Vocalist Jayoung carries both the singing and rapping of Dreamcatcher’s song with an intensity and aggression worthy of the original, while guitarists Iree and Hyunjung slip in instrumental solos to add to “GOOD NIGHT”’s color and drummer Yeongeun and bassist Arem provide the solid foundation that keeps up the cover’s headbanging beat. It was great to listen to and watch, especially in conjunction with Dreamcatcher’s original song just to get all the little differences. I’ve definitely looped it quite a few times over the past week, as have JiU, SuA, and Siyeon, who all threw support behind Rolling Quartz over Instagram stories, and if you like Dreamcatcher and their rock sound, I’d encourage you to check out (and perhaps purchase) Rolling Quartz’s 1st mini album “Fighting”. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more from them.

Looking at this from a Dreamcatcher-related larger perspective though, Rolling Quartz is no stranger to Dreamcatcher songs. Both Jayoung and Yeongeun have covered Dreamcatcher titles before, and have even traded signed CDs with the group previously. Arguably, this is a testament to the long-term influence of Dreamcatcher on not just Rolling Quartz but other groups such as PIXY, Pink Fantasy, DreamNote, and others who have all felt more comfortable plying musical styles in K-Pop even if they involve darker concept songs with non-traditional, sometimes rock-based genres. And the fact that Rolling Quartz, also working within the bounds of a non-traditional concept in a less popular genre, was able to work with Dreamcatcher Company to formalize that influence into an album-released cover of one of Dreamcatcher’s most iconic songs is something that can only mutually benefit both groups and companies. To me, it’s the kind of thing that will solidify Dreamcatcher’s place in K-Pop history, long after they stop making music.

JiU takes a solo photo for Instagram. Source: minjiu__u

Will we hear more about Dreamcatcher’s plans next week, or will more hints and teasers accompany their interaction with fans? Nobody knows right now, but regardless of what happens you can count on me recapping all of what we hear from the group. Until then, feel free to clap, subscribe, and signal boost this article if you like what you’re reading, and I’ll see you at the same time next week!