Dreamcatcher Individual Content Highlights First Week Back From Summer 2023 Tour

The seven member K-Pop group returned from abroad to get back to work on what's next, while also releasing new media for fans.

Dreamcatcher Individual Content Highlights First Week Back From Summer 2023 Tour
Dreamcatcher sends a message to fans about BONVOYAGE Farewell version. Source: SoompiTV (YouTube)

It’s been a busy month of travel for most of September for Dreamcatcher, and even though the unfortunate postponement of KPOP LUX in London cut that travel short, the blessing in disguise was a return back home for the group to rest a bit before getting back to behind-the-scenes prep for future plans. With the Chuseok holiday coming up, Dreamcatcher had a mostly quiet week, but that didn’t stop some news and new content from being released. Here’s what happened!

Gahyeon continued her consistent individual content posting this past week with part 2 of her trip to Gyeongju with a friend. Travel vlogs seem to be Gahyeon’s forte, especially given the variety of activities she’s engaged in recently. Gyeongju was no different in this regard - this second video had her heading to an amusement park, enjoying beautiful scenery, and of course, having good food and drinks.

Worth mentioning in brief was a moment in the video where Gahyeon and her friend walk past an arcade and Gahyeon wonders if one of the machines has a Dreamcatcher song on it. In a small moment of apparent regret, Gahyeon puts forth that even were she to play a Dreamcatcher song on the machine, people might not recognize her. I totally get that sort of sentiment, but part of why I think these (and other Dreamcatcher members’) vlogs are able to be made without too much trouble is because the group is not at the level of popularity in South Korea where doing that is prohibitive. So while I definitely want to have Dreamcatcher get their flowers from the South Korean public, this kind of flexibility is something I appreciate in their content releases.

But while Gahyeon’s 2nd Gyeongju travel vlog was something fans were eventually expecting to come out relatively soon, I think very few people expected Main Rapper Dami to drop in a brand new original song on the official YouTube channel. We first heard “Destiny” (then untitled) as a bit of a spoiler on the first episode of Dami’s individual content, and late last week everyone finally got to hear the full song, complete with a light-hearted video of a playful, happy Dami in her studio.

Besides the fact that this is another instance in which we hear Dami’s high-toned, light-singing voice, this latest track is just another entry in a growing list of composition and arrangement credits, which include underrated early Dreamcatcher B-side “Scar”, concert-ready hit “New Days”, and beloved dog-related ode “Butterfly” I really enjoyed “Destiny”, not just for how bright it was, but that it highlighted some of the versatility Dami has expressed in her work.  I’ll be looking forward to more.

Dreamcatcher Company announces early Siyeon birthday live stream on Weverse. Source: Dreamcatcher Weverse

In future news, more individual activities are on the horizon. Siyeon is having an early birthday livestream on Weverse due to Chuseok falling near her normal birthday date. While it appears the days of Siyeon boldly trying tteokbokki cooking and murdering potatoes are likely behind us, it’ll be nice to get another chill chatting stream from Dreamcatcher’s Main Vocalist. I’ve said this a lot, but part of Siyeon’s charm is her quirky habits and ways of talking with fans, which are unapologetically herself. Even though it’ll be early, I’m sure Siyeon will get plenty of appreciation from fans.

Dreamcatcher Handong and Gahyeon take a picture with Doosan Bears pitcher Lee Byeongheon before a rained-out baseball game in September. Source: 0.0_handong (Instagram)

And last but not least, it looks like Gahyeon is going to get another crack at throwing out a first pitch at a Doosan Bears baseball game - and this time she’s bringing Handong along with her to swing at that pitch. The game being rained out last time robbed Gahyeon of her opportunity to do something for her favorite baseball team, so it’s nice that the Bears are giving her another opportunity. We haven’t gotten a duo Dreamcatcher baseball appearance since JiU and Yoohyeon all the way back in 2017, so I’m looking forward to what we’ll see from Handong and Gahyeon.

Tickets open for M Countdown in France, featuring Dreamcatcher. Source: MnetKR (Twitter)

As for group content, next up for Dreamcatcher is M Countdown in France in October, and tickets opened this past week to the rush of fans looking to take in the lineup, which includes ATEEZ, ZEROBASEONE, EL7ZUP, PSY, and more. There’s 4 places to pick up tickets, so if you’re looking to catch Dreamcatcher in Europe, be sure to grab one quick as the best seats appear to be selling (if not already sold out) quickly. With the holiday coming up next week, there’s a chance that Dreamcatcher news might be a bit lessened (as it should be to allow for a break), but with the group you never know. Either way you can count on me to report on the latest, so I’ll see you here next week as usual!