Dreamcatcher Heads Into May With Hints Of Summer Plans

K-Pop's Dreamcatcher continues to quietly plan their next comeback, with the beginnings of activities for summer being teased.

Dreamcatcher Heads Into May With Hints Of Summer Plans
Dreamcatcher talks about their Hong Kong concert experience in a behind-the-scenes video. Source: Dreamcatcher official (YouTube)

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During breaks in activities such as the one that Dreamcatcher has been participating in for the past month or so, rest and relaxation are mixed with teases and hints about what might be coming next. And while the group has been careful not to give away too much, a few things nevertheless pop to the surface that help begin to build a bit of excitement for the future.

As May rolls on, here's what Dreamcatcher has been doing in preparation for the summer!

The last of the early 2024 concert Dreamcatcher's Notes dropped this past week, with Hong Kong's behind-the-scenes wrapping up the group's first part of the touring season. This was better-than-normal in part due to the fact that for Handong, this was special for her with so many family and friends able to attend and see her live. It's nice to see such a moment be a personal achievement for Dreamcatcher's foreign-born member as well as another box to check off for the sheer number of places the group has been able to perform in. Aside from this, the usual fun pranking, trolling, and casual exchanges in the dressing room were always entertaining (such as Yoohyeon, Siyeon, and Dami participating in a bit of April Fools' shenanigans) and by now a standard part of pretty much every Note.

By now, Handong's radio livestream has been a treat not just for Handong fans but for Dreamcatcher fans in general, mostly as it has kept the content drip going as the group has pulled back behind the curtain to prepare for future work. This past week Handong read and talked about messages about prior school experiences (while adding her own).

Handong's own college experience was cut short by the obvious acceptance into then-Happyface Entertainment and the beginning of her time in Dreamcatcher, but she still talked a bit about how it was a valuable experience that she occasionally misses. Seven episodes in and I think Handong has really settled into a nice groove that feels personable while still remaining professional, and of course I'm looking forward to more.

One note that Handong put forth is that her Spoon Pick DJ show is moving to Friday next week, which coincidentally falls just after Dreamcatcher's leader JiU's birthday. A YouTube livestream has been announced for that day, and to reflect a recent hobby she's picked up, JiU plans on visiting Animal Crossing islands of fans who've submitted them for a peek. Personally, I've always enjoyed JiU birthday livestreams, as she always seems to be doing something that is focused other than on her for them, whether that is baking mararoons or making custom phone cases so this is right in-line with what she likes to do. The group's oldest member is turning 30 this year, a milestone no matter how you slice it, so I look forward to what will hopefully be a fun and memorable livestream.

Speaking of livestreams, we did also get a brief half and hour one from Yoohyeon this past week, where among talking about various other things, Yoohyeon confirmed a "Yaja Time comeback" after a long while. Yaja Time is the Dreamcatcher subunit consisting of Yoohyeon, Siyeon, and SuA (ordered in reverse age from youngest to oldest) and their debut/cover of Seventeen's "Oh My" was four years ago.

It's sure been a while for this unit, but better late than never, as we may be getting another Special CLip/cover in the very near future, with the possibility of another opportunity for another live performance like the above. I've always loved the Dreamcatcher subunit stuff, whether it comes in Special Clips or on concert stages, the long-awaited news is sure to result in yet another great bit of Dreamcatcher content.

r/dreamcatcher - JIUHYEON X NEOGEN Video Call Event Info (240510 neogen_us IG)
Details of JiU Hyeon x NEOGEN 2024 video call event. Source: neogen_us (Instagram)

As if JiU and Yoohyeon individually weren't enough, the two NEOGEN ambassadors are teaming up to have a NEOGEN video call event for 50 lucky winners based out of the US and Canada via the NEOGEN US website. Starting on the 13th of May, purchasers of the indicated JiU or Yoohyeon-endorsed NEOGEN items will be entered into a lottery to be chosen at random for a call. Additonally, 10 winners will be selected from that 50 to receive a set of signed items as well. For a small-company-backed group like Dreamcatcher, I'm pleased to see that the opportunities they have gotten have resulted in a lot of mileage and exposure for the members in question as well as the group as a whole, and NEOGEN's reliable partnership with Dreamcatcher since 2021 has certainly been one of these.

r/dreamcatcher - Dreamcatcher - MBC 'It’s Live' in Chile Day 2 Lineup - June 21 (240511 iguana.cl IG)
Dreamcatcher confirmed to be attending MBC it's Live in Chile. Source: iguana.cl (Instagram)

Last, but not least on the list of Dreamcatcher's upcoming summer is the confirmation by the company (via Instagram story re-post) that Dreamcatcher will be returning to Latin America for the first time since 2018 as part of the MBC it's Live event to be held at the Movistar Arena in Chile in late June. The group joins a star-studded K-pop cast that includes CL, KARD, Taemin, Soojin, and more.

Dreamcatcher has supposedly been in talks with Latin American organizers for a tour through the region since last December. While we haven't seen much news on that front that could be confirmed, in the meantime this should hopefully be a bit of a way for fans local to the area to see the group in addition to some other talented artists. But regardless of how plans firm up for Dreamcatcher, you can always count on me to deliver the goods every week about what the group is up to, so for all that, and more, I'll see you next Sunday!

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