Dreamcatcher Gears Up For August Schedule After Satisfying July Tour

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Fresh off of their summer tour, K-Pop’s Dreamcatcher takes a brief respite while preparing for more activities in the next month.

Dreamcatcher takes a group picture for night 2 in Los Angeles, California during their July tour. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

It’s been a busy last month for Dreamcatcher, and after heading home following a whirlwind concert tour through the United States and Mexico you would think that they’d take a bit of a breather to rest and recover. That’s likely the case, given how exhausting the long travel and hours has been for the group, but that doesn’t mean that Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatcher Company have been idle by any means. We’re already seeing a couple of commitments for August for the group, with the ongoing production of their next mini album (which has been hinted at by multiple members over the last week) ever in the background.

Let’s take a look at the Dreamcatcher news that’s come up about their potential future activities this month, and more!


With the new Weverse LIVE feature up and running following the update to formally begin the merger of Weverse and vLive, Dreamcatcher migrated over to the new platform to begin using it in earnest. The first broadcast was a voice-only stream from Dami, fresh out of COVID-19 quarantine and wanting to chat with fans, reassuring them that she was all right (and even a bit bored while waiting to be cleared). We also heard from SuA and Siyeon, with SuA talking casually a bit about what she likes to listen to and Siyeon dropping just a hint of a spoiler that part of Dreamcatcher’s new title track was actually recorded before they went on tour, and that the chorus was yet to come. Regardless, it was nice of Dreamcatcher members to check in with fans, even as they were likely taking break from a busy last month.


On the merchandising front, Dreamcatcher Company had updates to share about two long-awaited items. After a production delay that pushed release back to August, the official Dreamcatcher Mood Light, whose head also doubles as another top for the Dreamcatcher Official Lightstick, began shipping out to fans who’d pre-ordered. The fact that these contain a part that can be used on two merchandise items is great to me, opening up possibilities that we may see similarly produced parts in the future and creating a nice shelf life for the products in question

Fans have also been receiving their Dream Kiss and Pink Monster merchandise as well. Dreamcatcher’s staff account put out a nice OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) event to celebrate these items making their way into fans’ hands, challenging them to put up pictures of themselves wearing the cool new “rock” style shirts and apparel that graced the Primavera Sound stage. With these and the tour merchandise that was recently sold, InSomnias are practically swimming in new branded merchandise for their favorite K-Pop rock girl group.


On the official YouTube front, Dreamcatcher continues to keep fans fed with a few more released clips. Handong’s special clip for “Winter” was released, showing off a piano intro, elegance, and choreography that highlighted the tone of the song. We also saw a Dance Practice Behind for that same clip, and as with the other Dance Practice Behind clips, it’s always great to see the process that goes into putting together the choreography for a song. To a member, so far they’ve all expressed the same nervousness at first learning what is complex choreography, but quickly adapt and put it together in several days as if they’d always known it — a testament to theirs, as well as the choreographers’ and backup dancers’ talent.

Speaking of backup dancers, SuA made every effort to get them involved in her own “No Dot” Behind clip, this one focusing on the making of the special clip she filmed recently for the song. I’ve always been pleased by Dreamcatcher’s relationship with their supporting staff and performers and seeing outgoing SuA try to get a suddenly shy set of dancers involved in being recognized for their talent was sweet to see. As for the clip itself, seeing the mood of the clip being put together and exhibited with SuA was fun, especially with SuA’s boundless energy. If it wasn’t for all those crazy over-the-top live “No Dot” clips from the past month this would just be a normal viewing, but watching the actual dance being done for video purposes just made those clips even funnier for me.


And even though Dreamcatcher might be likely taking a bit of a break to rest this past week, that doesn’t mean that they plan on putting their feet up for very long. They’ll be hitting up the Closing Ceremony of the Boryeong Mud Festival, returning after a two-year hiatus, joining up with AleXa, Norazo, 2AM’s Changmin, and more for what will no doubt be another great performance. The festival’s as muddy-looking as it sounds for its attendees, but we can expect a clean and sharp stage execution from Dreamcatcher as always.

On another front, not only were Dreamcatcher nominated again for the Ten Asia Top Ten Awards (for which they won a small award for being nominated number 1 in Taiwan a couple years back), but they’ll be actually attending their first awards show and performing at it, at the new 2022 K-Global Heart Dream Awards. The show appears to be filling the void left by the Soribada Awards, which were held at the same time during the year and were voted on using the same app (the Choeaedol app). Dreamcatcher currently ranks 3rd in the 100% fan voted Popularity Award, so if you’re interested in adding your vote to support Dreamcatcher, be sure to pick up the app, acquire your hearts, and put them towards the group.

Dreamcatcher snaps a photo at Houston’s Anime Matsuri, with Yoohyeon holding up a picture of Dami to substitute for her being unable to attend. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

August is just getting started, and so, it seems, is Dreamcatcher. While we’re likely to see Dreamcatcher take it easier publicly than they have over the past couple months of summer, they’re still going to be no doubt hard at work behind the scenes on future content. As always, I’ll be here to report on all the latest Dreamcatcher news, so be sure to clap, link, and signal boost this article if you like what you’re reading. See you next time!