Dreamcatcher Delights and Entertains at Inaugural WeBridgeExpo Festival, Capping Off Week Of…

K-Pop — Dreamcatcher Recall

With May’s comeback ever closer, Dreamcatcher headed to Las Vegas for another US appearance, where they revealed new looks, talked about new upcoming music, and more.

Dreamcatcher grabs a group photo at WeBridgeExpo in Las Vegas, NV, USA. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

As we head into late April in 2023, the fact that new music is set to be released from Dreamcatcher is building all kinds of excitement among the fanbase (and of course, for Dreamcatcher). But even though they’re likely busy with preparations for their next album, Dreamcatcher was still able to drop in a public performance this past week, attending the first annual WeBridgeExpo event in Las Vegas. As always, Dreamcatcher had a great Meet & Greet and a performance that didn’t just give fans who attended another cool show, but also made believers of a few attendees who may not have heard of the group before. That alone made the appearance worth it, especially for a group that has, at times, had to fight to be visible in the eyes of the K-Pop fandom as a whole.

That said, Las Vegas wasn’t the only bit of content to come out from the group this past week, so let’s take a look at some of the other stuff we saw from Dreamcatcher as April rolled onward.


It’s been a bit since we heard from the members in a live stream, so it was good to see Siyeon (with special chat guest Dami) drop in for an hour and a half or so even if it was over voice. We heard Siyeon singing a couple of tunes, and talk a bit about what might be coming up with the album (the music, so it seems is, on the whole, a favorite for many members but also new, a theme we’d continue to see through the week). Aside from that some randomness about Kias and trying to keep up with what Dami was saying in the chat made this as quirky and funny as a Siyeon live has come to be over the years.


The humor continued in the official YouTube content that was dropped by Dreamcatcher this week on the channel, as a couple of 2023 US tour videos made their way to fans. We got the second part of the general Notes from the tour, the highlight of which was SuA being upset that she accidentally read spoilers for a K-drama that she was watching while JiU trolled her. All was forgiven by the time JiU and some of the rest of Dreamcatcher went to Six Flags in her vlog, however.

Considering the fact that the last time that we saw Dreamcatcher with public content about an amusement park was when Yoohyeon had everyone get on a ride with hilarious results back in 2017, this was a nice update. It was especially funny (and endearing) to see Dreamcatcher having fun with random kids who likely had no idea who they were (proof positive that a partial language barrier shouldn’t necessarily stop a good time hanging out), and also funny to see JiU and Handong completely justify not getting on a ride because there wasn’t enough space (and not because they may have been scared). Days off, especially during tours, can sometimes be few and far between, so the fact that the group got a chance to take in a tourist attraction made for entertainment and amusement was good to see.


The group should hopefully get a chance to take advantage of any such breaks as much as they can because their schedule is beginning to fill up for next month. Confirmation that Dreamcatcher would be returning as a performing artist to the annual Dream Concert in May slotted in another appearance added to their fanmeeting for their 2nd generation fanclub and Gangnam’s G-KPop concert. With a comeback happening in May as well, the group is going to be pretty busy at work — never a bad thing for the group’s finances and performance opportunities, but still likely to be hectic.


Dreamcatcher’s main activity this past week, though, was busy in its own way. As one of the artists to attend the inaugural WeBridgeExpo festival in Las Vegas, Dreamcatcher was able to check off another city in their vast and extensive list of destinations, as well as provide entertainment and a bit of info for attendees. The Q&A was insightful and fun — we did get some of the standard questions being asked (free time activities, influences on music, collab opportunities) but still some insight on the group’s mentality while on tour, when making music, and what they find precious and important to them as artists. There was also a good bit of teasing for the group’s upcoming release in May, including multiple references to new, refreshing sound, concept and a genre that Yoohyeon called of their own making. While it’s hard to glean any concrete details, the signaling of this being different is intriguing, as Dreamcatcher has never been shy about experimentation in much of their music, even as they retain the rock/pop core that has defined them. Time will tell what we end up getting in May, but this was definitely an intriguing insight to learn. The Q&A was capped off with a performance of latest comeback title track “VISION”, along with a hi-touch event


That said, Dreamcatcher obviously came to perform as well as talk, and that’s exactly what they did during the multi-artist concert set that evening. The setlist was comprised with some of the group’s most concert-suited tracks (MAISON, Break The Wall, Silent Night, and more), and many of the choices were designed not only to play to their fans’ preferences but also draw in new ones as well. As the event had fans that weren’t necessarily Dreamcatcher fans who may have been there to see other artists, having this opportunity to show them what they had had at least some positive effect giving some of the reaction on social media to their hard-charging, rock-based sound.


Whether or not that translates into new fans that stick around for album releases and sales remains to be seen, but for all the curiosity about why Dreamcatcher would agree to an appearance in the first place, that opportunity to be in front of people and perform should be reason enough. Throw in a nice little one-time collaboration to create limited Dreamcatcher merchandise, and the hope is that they made a pretty penny from heading back to the US one more time in early 2023.


Dreamcatcher is already back in South Korea, in all likelihood due to what’s coming up for the group real soon for their new album and for their quickly-filling schedule. With the last full week of April coming up, we’re hopefully going to be seeing some news about what’s in store for the group next month, and you can bet on me being here to report on its as usual. For all of that, and more, I’ll see you next week for more Dreamcatcher news and updates.