Dreamcatcher Dami’s Rocking Lullaby, KCON:TACT Footnotes, And New Partnerships

K-Pop — Dreamcatcher Recall

All of the non-Seven Spirits concert content from Dreamcatcher to kick off November of 2020.

Dami covers Clean Bandit’s “Rockabye”. YouTube credit: Dreamcatcher official

It was a busy first week of November 2020 for Dreamcatcher, and the most obvious reason was the execution of their second online concert, “Dystopia: Seven Spirits”, featuring a ton of things to get excited about — a live band, the return of Handong to make Dreamcatcher whole again for a performance set, Halloween costumes, special stages, and more. If you want to read all about what went down at “Dystopia: Seven Spirits”, you can check out my full write-up about Dreamcatcher’s second online concert here.


But that wasn’t the only news coming out of Dreamcatcher this week. Dami decided to finally sneak in not just a cover of pop tune “Rockabye”, originally by Clean Bandit and featuring Anne-Marie and Sean Paul, but also a behind-the-scenes vlog talking about said cover.

It’d be a while since we saw a solo special clip from Dami — just over a year, actually, since “Once Upon A Time”, an original song written and composed by the multi-talented Main Rapper. It had been even longer since we saw any kind of Dami vlog — one person in the Dreamcatcher Discord had even been counting, and had been tracking almost 500 days since she’d dropped one for us.


Whatever the reason for the long delay in either bit of content from Dami, it was a welcome addition to Dreamcatcher’s already impressive cover catalog, and certainly one that you wouldn’t immediately expect from someone with the normally aggressive stage presence that Dami commands. Luckily, as we’ve found with the rest of Dreamcatcher, each member is multi-faceted in their talent and potential skill.

I think Dami really enjoyed expanding her performance horizons here — the song itself is an electro-pop tune that talks about a single mother working to do whatever it takes to raise her child right and ensure they have a better future, and so it required a bit of soft, emotional presentation that Dami pulled off really well. If you’re interested in the original, which also features a bit of rap left out from Dami’s cover, you can check out “Rockabye” on the Clean Bandit YouTube channel. I used to listen to this song a lot back in the day and it’s a worthy addition to any playlist.


Some of the other content we picked up this week came on the heels of Dreamcatcher’s appearance at KCON:TACT in the form of a Dreamcatcher’s Note on the event as well as (if you still had a subscription) some behind the scenes extras from their appearance on Day 3 on the KCON:TACT YouTube channel. The group ate some tasty food (as is customary with almost every Dreamcatcher’s Note), talked about how struck they were emotionally at seeing Insomnias on the big LED screen in a performance setting for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and decided, with varying results, to do a “rap” style ending, with Dami as the judge. These little additions to their appearances are always a welcome thing, as getting their thoughts and reactions to how they performed is always insightful. The funny moments from these performance vlogs are just the cherry on top (like Yoohyeon completely failing to rap properly within seconds).

Lastly, we saw a string of interesting and new partnerships that Dreamcatcher/Dreamcatcher Company decided to enter into. The first one was the announcement that Dreamcatcher Company had finally selected a new platform to use for their official app. This was a notice that was anticipated after the announcement that Dreamcatcher would be shutting down their current app, which to me, was a good thing. While the Dreamcatcher app as it is currently as of this writing was mildly functional, too many things went wrong with it to make it really that stable for my use.

That said, I was pleased to see that Dreamcatcher went with Weverse, the same platform that BTS, GFriend, Seventeen, and a bunch of other groups use. Weverse is a pretty straightforward platform, with a feed for fans to communicate, a place for artists to leave Instagram-like posts, and media connected to official channels so you won’t miss the group’s content. I’ve linked a video guide above that's pretty good in case you haven’t had a chance to try it out — the Weverse is set to open at 12pm KST on 11/9/20 (pretty much right near when I’m publishing this article) and will have a special hashtag event with an album and polaroid giveaway, so be sure to sign up!

Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon and Gahyeon also continued their work with the International Insurance Association YouTube channel with a follow-up episode on how to sign up for insurance, and took the time to play a couple of fun games to help with filling out the forms. I really felt the host played well off of Yoohyeon and Gahyeon, making it a lot easier to explain the entire process. And of course, there was a bit of that signature Dreamcatcher chaos as well.


Dreamcatcher also did a quick little promotion in conjunction with WOOA, a plastic surgery and skincare clinic, highlighted by a much shorter version of perennial vlogger Gahyeon, sponsored by WOOA, where she visits the clinic to clear up a bit of acne, get an injection to prevent further breakouts, and sell the services a little.

Lastly, we got yet another concert appearance announcement from Dreamcatcher. This time it’s the “K-Pop In The Emirates” (KITE) event, which celebrates good relationships between the UAE and South Korea through a festival that will include many popular K-Pop artists, including Dreamcatcher. The lineup looks pretty similar to KMDF 2020, which was just a little bit over a week ago

These kinds of arrangements sometimes come out of left field, but ultimately I choose to see them as a good thing — if organizations are taking an interest in and are willing to work with a small-to-mid tier K-Pop group like Dreamcatcher, that’s all the more of an opportunity for them. More than ever, I’m seeing that Dreamcatcher is opening more doors for themselves with new partners and programs that they are able to appear on or work with.

With “Dystopia: Seven Spirits” behind them as of this writing, and with hints that they’re already working on the last album in the “Dystopia” series, Dreamcatcher seems to be as busy as ever!