Dreamcatcher Continues June “BONVOYAGE” Era Content Drops With Vlogs, Member Activities, And More

Even with formal promotions for their latest album release ended, K-Pop’s Dreamcatcher keeps fans engaged as usual with plenty of uploads in the lead-up to Dream Concert Japan.

Dreamcatcher snaps a group picture at the Whoop Japan Global Online Fansign on June 12th, 2023. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

Fans of Dreamcatcher know that the group seems to like their work and keeping busy, even if it’s between promotions. While we’re still technically within the “era” of the latest comeback, activities can tend to slow or even stop at times for groups after the initial push is over. Not so with Dreamcatcher. They may have dropped in their usual “final goodnightagram” update on their secondary Instagram, but by no means have they bid “BONVOYAGE” work goodbye by any means. As such, this past week was filled with plenty of content as the group prepared for a brief overseas jaunt to Japan for the first non-Korean Dream Concert. Let’s take a look at what happened!

Fan-centric content for promotions is of course a big part of the marketing cycle and it of course gives Dreamcatcher an opportunity to talk to and engage with fans. Much of what we’re seeing for appearances this past week is in fansigns, which give a limited number of fans the opportunity to attend a meeting with talking, performances, and brief chats with each member through an album-buying lottery run by a vendor partner. In most cases for offline fansigns in South Korea, global fans like myself are only really able to consume the content through performance and static fancams, but one person put out a video of themselves with English subs that captured their experience meeting with the members again after six months. This is an uncommon piece of media, and I’d hope (and respect the effort of) more fans in South Korea will upload them. It was pretty funny to see each member react to the fact that the fan was emulating a “student” concept where they claimed they got into a fight with a friend at school. Some of them, like JiU and Dami, weren’t fooled, while others like Siyeon played off of it by wanting to protect the fan. It’s a fun piece of content and I’d encourage people to watch it.

Aside from that, Dreamcatcher seems to be teaming up with Whosfan again to put up a themed cafe with purchases and an event for prizes, both offline and online. An event like this one, combined with their work with similar offline pop-up events with ktown4u, is another opportunity for the group to not only put cash in their pocket but also provide a place for fans to visit and check out themed merchandise and items based around the group — and it’s nice to see Dreamcatcher themselves enjoying the pop-up places as well.


Speaking of interacting with fans, Siyeon dropped in, similarly to Yoohyeon, for a brief Weverse live stream this past week. Showing off her newly-touched-up blue hair, Siyeon talked about plenty of topics from her favorite hair colors to beers to some of the English phrases she’s been practicing lately — and of course fans got to hear a bit of that trademark Siyeon vocal as well with a couple of brief singing snippets. As always I feel like Siyeon’s livestreams are always like chilled-out hangouts with a friend talking about how their day went — they’re definitely relaxing.

While Dreamcatcher may be all finished on the music show front it looks like the music shows aren’t quite done showing Dreamcatcher a bit of appreciation in their own content uploads. MBC’s ALL THE K-POP channel published an updated stage compilation of Dreamcatcher’s title track performances from Show Champion as well as a few bonus cuts of their solos and covers on Weekly Idol, while SBS MTV’s The Show gave Dreamcatcher the chance to talk about “BONVOYAGE” and their 3rd music show win ever. And VR developer VENTA X, who engaged in a partnership with Dreamcatcher themselves early in the year, duo’d up with The Show to provide an interesting offering of The Show highlights with VR performances through their Meta-centric app, with Dreamcatcher featuring prominently in the beginning. With more behind-the-scenes music show footage coming, this will likely not be the last we see of Dreamcatcher in that particular content cycle. I’m personally looking forward to the Show Champion Behind video, where we’ll likely see Dreamcatcher’s reaction and backstage comments following what they saw was an unexpected 4th music show win.

Not to be outdone, the official Dreamcatcher YouTube channel began putting out content from promotions this past week, starting with the Comeback Showcase behind. As always there were a bunch of fun moments from an impromptu Siyeon food-eating/mukbang session to everyone practicing their “Propose” choreography (and showing off their raw vocals). Comeback promotion Notes can’t be too far behind here, so it pretty much guarantees more Dreamcatcher content even as the group gets further away from the end of their music show work.


Yet one thing that I do want to bring up is that content lately (and perhaps for the year to date) has highlighted subunits or individual members, a kind of natural occurrence for companies to do to help them stand out in preparation for in the future when individual activities will be more important. I was personally delighted to see SuA start the web variety show series with CeCi Korea that she was talking about, mostly because her energetic personality and all-rounder skills make her a great fit for variety work. Her first episode being a zookeeper and having to deal with everything from holding cute chinchillas to scooping up poop was entertaining and fun. Solution SuA, as the show apparently is going to be called, seems to be in the same vein as idol-in-interesting-environment series such as Chuu Can Do It and Learnway, and I found both of those shows to be supremely fun.

On the radio front, Handong continued her work as DJ Dong on Spoon FM’s Taiwan platform, with the first of two scheduled appearances for a get-to-know you and Q&A show. The live stream brought up a bunch of interesting polls such as which Handong styling in a particular era was the best for her. Once again, it’s nice to have Handong in an environment where her primary language can be used for maximum comfort, as well as interaction with fanbases outside of Korea.

And if that wasn’t enough for each individual member, SuA and Handong teamed up together for a nice little date/travel vlog, where they spent time at a glamping place with all of the “roughing-it-with-amenities” benefits that bestowed. The SuA-Handong duo has become one of Dreamcatcher fandoms’ favorite pairings lately, with last year North American roommate livestreams and vlogs uncovering plenty of fun interactions. The somewhat chaotic and unbothered mood has carried over into 2023, with offkey road trip singing, cookout tricks, and more highlighting this short video. I hope to see more combo vlogs like this in the future, as I think there are some friendships within the group worth taking a peek behind the curtain for.

To their credit, however, Dreamcatcher Company seemed to guess at what I wanted more of, since JiU and Yoohyeon put out a duo vlog of their own, documenting their experiences doing their CeCi Korea photoshoot in Thailand early in the year. It sure seems like Dreamcatcher’s Leader and Lead Vocal were treated quite well, with a swank hotel room with a great view of the Pattaya cityscape and plenty of opportunities to take in and experience Thai culture. This was only one episode, so the hope is that we’ll see even more JiYoo content in the near future from what seemed to be a good work and leisure travel trip.

Regardless of what various channels put out this week, however, Dreamcatcher had been determined to keep busy themselves, and a trip overseas to perform at the Saitama Arena for the very 1st Dream Concert Japan punctuated the end of the week for the group. With the promotional period as a whole nearing the month mark, the group is still finding time and effort to travel and attend more gigs, and that speaks to how busy they remain — something I have a feeling they prefer. I’ll have the report on Dream Concert Japan ready for next week at this time, along with all of the group’s continuing activities, so for all that and more, be sure to be back here next Sunday!