Dreamcatcher Continues Fan Interactions, Self-Development Over Break As Merchandise Sells

K-Pop — Dreamcatcher Recall

Dreamcatcher may not be in comeback mode at the moment, but work to improve themselves and are keeping up fan interaction in April 2021.

Dreamcatcher poses in behind-the-scenes photos for “Odd Eye (Dystopia ver.)” filming. Credit: hf_dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher might still be on a bit of a break, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing their own work to help develop themselves and of course, continue checking in with their fans. In between comeback periods we can expect some of the cadence of content to lessen just a bit, but with Dreamcatcher always wanting to keep up the pace of what they tend to do, InSomnia are sure to get plenty of time from the members themselves.


Gahyeon, for example, recently checked in with fans to have a little something to eat, answer questions, and chat about Dreamcatcher’s current plans. She confirmed that they were still on a bit of a holiday, and that even though they’re continuing their usual vocal lessons and practice, that the members have been free to focus on their own development and improvement as they aren’t in “preparing for comeback” mode. Some Weverse photos and those published on the Dreamcatcher Twitter seem to support this as members who are interested in writing songs such as Dami and Siyeon have been quoted or seen as in the studio.


As for Yoohyeon, she returned to YouTube to do another gaming live stream, which she last did for her birthday back in January. This time around, once they got past a few audio problems, we saw Yoohyeon struggle through not being scared playing Five Night’s at Freddy’s as well as make it into the top 10 on PUBG, both of which were definitely entertaining. With her multi-lingual skill and her fun interactions I could see Yoohyeon doing this a bit more, though part of me wants to see the chaos of a group game like Among Us.


JiU and SuA also decided to drop in to talk to fans and have a meal at the same time. JiU eating and appreciating food will never not be a bad thing, and SuA’s energy and loudness is always an entertaining prospect during vLives.

JiU and SuA show off the official Dreamcatcher Robe and Robe Pouch on vLive. Credit: Dreamcatcher vLive

But we also got a bit of a bonus as well — JiU and SuA brought out the official Robe and Robe Pouch in a bit of merchandise hawking. Considering the fact that Robe pre-orders were in-progress, there was some obvious calculation here, but it was still fun to watch JiU and SuA do some purposefully exaggerated and funny modeling as well as provide some visuals of the product. Considering the fact that the XOfficial shop sold out of their pre-order stock, I’d call it a success.

Speaking of merchandise, however, there was also finally news about the re-stocking of Dreamcatcher official lightsticks this week. News posted across Dreamcatcher platforms, including one on Weverse talking about the re-stock of this very in-demand item, stated that there would be two re-stock periods (the 16th and 23rd of April), that account registration would be required on the XOfficial site, and that the limit per account would be two. As of this writing, the first re-stock period has passed, and all of the lightsticks were gone within the hour, even with increased shipping cost due in part to the swap to DHL. This was certainly a testament to how popular this piece of merchandise has been, so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, be sure to check in on the 23rd on the XOfficial item page for the lightstick.


Other than all this, if you were still missing Dreamcatcher content after those interactions, NADOL had you covered. They’ve been drip-releasing Dreamcatcher’s appearance on Idol Ground for a while now, and it seems we’re finally at the last of what they had of JiU, SuA, Siyeon, and Yoohyeon’s appearance on the channel. They obviously saved some of the best for last, as Dreamcatcher got to compete with one another to guess songs and beat each other to rush forward to give the answer. We haven’t seen a “run forward and buzz in” type game from Dreamcatcher since a few years ago with the Dreamcatcher teamwork test from NewsAde so this was fun to watch.

And if you wanted just a little more of chaotic Dreamcatcher, NADOL wasn’t done with the Random Dance video. They also dropped in a nice informal self-cam behind-the-scenes video and let the members film themselves, as they messed around with a squeaky rubber chicken toy as well as talked about what they said in front of the camera (Yoohyeon confirming that she was definitely getting some cash from her brother being just one of the funnier highlights). All this just goes to show that in comeback mode, we’re always in for a treat with Dreamcatcher content.

Dami strikes a serious poses as Handong clowns her in the background. Credit: Naver

Lastly, Dreamcatcher Company managed to drop more behind-the-scenes photos on Naver, this time for the Dystopia version of “Odd Eye that they’d filmed for 20 million views on the official “Odd Eye” music video. There’s always been some high-quality pictures on here as well as some candid shots mixed in with the posed photos (Handong being funny while Dami is posing for the camera just one such instance) so be sure to check out the Naver post for some nice shots of the group.

Dreamcatcher poses in “BOCA” costumes at the “Odd Eye” Dystopia ver. filming. Credit: Naver

As you can see, being on break hasn’t stopped the Dreamcatcher content from showing up, so be sure to drop in next week for more news and media from K-Pop’s rock/pop girl group!