Dreamcatcher Continues Content Releases And Begins Prep For 2024 Tour

With their 7th anniversary concert behind them, Dreamcatcher has no intentions of stopping in early 2024.

Dreamcatcher Continues Content Releases And Begins Prep For 2024 Tour
Dreamcatcher grabs a group pic during "OOTD" music video filming. Source: Dreamcatcher Company (Naver)

Perhaps one of the reasons that fans like Dreamcatcher so much is that they rarely have a lull in terms of their plans (unless, of course, on vacation or holiday). There's always something to look forward to and anticipate, even between major appearances, and fans are never left with wondering whether or not Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatcher Company have enough left in the tank to keep going. The group's 7th year so far appears to be no different, so here's what was happening this past week!

Brand ambassadorship for Dreamcatcher members was a big goal the group achieved in 2023. As I've said before, part of why I respect Dreamcatcher so much is the fact that even though some of these milestones are much-delayed and enjoyed much sooner by bigger, more well-known groups, Dreamcatcher appreciates them as much as if they happened during their debut year.

A Dreamcatcher's Note took us behind-the-scenes of the NEOGEN X Dreamcatcher JiU and Yoohyeon photoshoot for products, and you could tell both JiU and Yoohyeon were having a blast changing outfits and posing in different ways. While it was most certainly exhausting (early morning to partially into the wee hours of the next day is still wild despite breaks) everything seemed to come out great if you look at some of the pages and in and around the site where you can see JiU or Yoohyeon pictured with a nice NEOGEN product.

The group's individual content continued onward as well. Yoohyeon's "What Are YOO Doing?" series, which for its first episode focused in on a mostly-silent, but hard-working Yoohyeon learning about clay pottery making, completes the set of individual series each member has chosen to establish. I've never been the most artistic person in the world (which probably explains why I'm writing creatively instead of subjecting all of you to my horrid drawing skills) so to see Yoohyeon hop into something brand new and approach it with gusto was fun.

On the Special Clip front, SuA wasn't about to be outdone by fellow member Siyeon putting out a cover to start out January, so she dropped in with a cover of BTS Jungkook's "Still With You" this week (not to be confused with the Cafe Minamdang OST song, also sung by SuA, of the same name). It's been a while since we've seen pensive, reflective SuA, but Dreamcatcher's Main Dancer keeps showing why she's a great all-rounder in terms of the things that she's capable of - and the emotion and weight in her vocals for this song are a treat to listen to. She's already told fans on paid messaging platform Fromm that another Special Clip is in the works, so we'll have to wait and see what more is in store from her (and from every other Dreamcatcher member planning Special Clips and covers this year)

We're still seeing shades of OOTD era content long after promotions are over, and besides a bunch of shorts that were posted by Naver NPOP featuring Dreamcatcher behind-the-scenes, we got a delayed, but no less appreciated variety video from Portuguese-language channel Revista KoreaIn, with the members of Dreamcatcher playing the "point to the member best at x" game. Some of these things fans may have known before (such as JiU being the best at giving gifts to people) but it was fun to hear some other insights, such as SuA having a habit of saying "just joking" after sentences and hearing that Siyeon is the one most likely to do things for others when requested.

The focus of Dreamcatcher's future plans, however, is on their touring efforts. With Europe already confirmed for February, Dreamcatcher announced that they'd be returning to Taipei, Taiwan at the end of March as part of the Luck Inside 7 Doors World Tour. It's been a while for the group - the last time they were there was for 2018's "Welcome to the Dream World" concert series - and even then, only as six members, due to issues with Handong's visa.

Whether or not this is the beginning of a long-awaited tour through Asia remains to be seen, but given comments from last summer by a couple of Dreamcatcher members, it feels like Dreamcatcher Company has been seeking an opportunity to get back to the region for quite some time. Fortunately, the solidly-selling one-off "Under the Moonlight" concert in Manila appeared to have done well, providing a critical metric that may have been enough for local organizers and sponsors to give the nod.

The more interesting news, however, came late in the week from MyMusicTaste, which announced the upcoming "Luck Inside 7 Doors 777 Project" that seeks to "Invite Dreamcatcher to where you are". Normally, this would set off a bunch of speculation as to what exactly that would entail, but an unfortunate oversight by MyMusicTaste staff exposed the beta testing site they were using for the project to public viewing.

The details, though not 100% final, appear to be that a pre-order of Luck Inside 7 Doors Merchandise (a partial list of items from the recent Seoul concert and which explains in part the recent regional restriction) count as a vote towards your location. 777 purchases in a location mean that MyMusicTaste will bring Dreamcatcher to that location. Sample test purchasing appeared to show that specific cities as well as countries were counted and tracked. This, of course, set off a ton of discourse and concerns about whether or not this was too "pay 2 win", that bigger regions would push out smaller, less likely ones, and more.

Personally, with no confirmed detail I want to A)wait and see, B)can understand the business idea as this provides a bit more substantive metric for selling the idea of a viable concert to sponsors and venues, and C)am still a great deal skeptical about how well it will do given logistics. We'll have to see what happens, but in the end, I don't think this affects plans Dreamcatcher Company already had for touring and either way, it feels like this is a year where we'll see more of it, in potentially more places.

For all the news about that and more, I'll see you here next week!

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