Dreamcatcher Continues Consistent Content As April Rolls Onward

Dreamcatcher heads into late April 2024 keeping the content drip going as they look forward to their future plans.

Dreamcatcher Continues Consistent Content As April Rolls Onward
Dreamcatcher holds fan banners for their 7th anniversary concert in Seoul in January. Source: Dream Catcher Company (Naver)

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Lulls in content happen when groups in the K-Pop industry are releasing so much stuff every year. Unlike in the West, where groups and acts can end up going years between albums (or in the case of megastar Taylor Swift, just casually dropping double the number of expected songs), K-Pop acts who aren't ridiculously successful are pretty much always in a sort of "adapt or die" mode, where constant releases are the norm and any kind of extended break seen as a sort of worrying sign for their fandoms.

Dreamcatcher is no different in this regard, although long-time readers of mine know that I've spent a crapton of words saying that they're some of the most consistent content generators in their generation (4,360 videos to be exact). Even when they're busy preparing for what's coming next, as they appear to have done the last couple of weeks, we're still treated to some kind of nugget of content to keep the talk about the group going. We're still a ways away, it seems, from the next album release, so here's some of what was dropped in late April from the group!

Dreamcatcher on-stage for their 7th anniversary content clasping their hands in prayer with a cake on stage.
Dreamcatcher spends a moment making a wish for their 7th anniversary. Source: Dream Catcher Company (Naver)

We've been seeing some late content drops from a media standpoint lately from Dreamcatcher, and last week was no different as we saw more high-quality pictures come from the group's Naver Post account. This time around the topic was January's 7th anniversary Seoul concert, with a bunch of nice behind-the-scenes photos and those from the show as taken by staff. Anyone who's probably been keeping up with the wild news regarding K-Pop girl groups lately and who is also a Dreamcatcher fan probably feels thankful at being reminded that this is group that officially broke the "7 Year Curse" this year and keeps chugging along. Though not as hugely popular as some other groups out there, the resilience with which Dreamcatcher has been doing the K-Pop grind is something that can't be denied, and this set of pictures is just a nice reminder of that. I'd forgotten, by the way, that fan groups had surprised Dreamcatcher with the "We're Always With Dreamcatcher" banners, so that was a nice bonus to see from the stage perspective.

Dreamcatcher poses in casual clothes indicating their Asia Artist Awards trophy, held by Dami.
Dreamcatcher poses with their trophy from the Asia Artist Awards. Source: Star News (Naver)

Continuing the trend of past insights, Star News caught up with Dreamcatcher for a giant three-part interview series celebrating their "Best Choice" 2023 Asia Artist Award (AAA), joining a group of several artists receiving the accolade. You can check out the original links below along with fan group 7 Dreamers' translation of the entire set of questions:

Interviews from the Korean press tend to stay pretty general and are also somewhat short, so seeing them do a larger multi-part interview with different topics about the group was nice to see. The unifying theme seemed to be longevity, and reflecting on that, celebrating Dreamcatcher's 7-year journey and beyond, and it was great to hear about things like their future plans and aspirations. Given recent discourse about LE SSERAFIM and Coachella, for example, it was nice to hear Dreamcatcher isn't afraid of aspiring to go there one day. Considering how great they were at Primavera Sound in 2022 (also mentioned in this interview, by the way), I don't think they'd have any issues.

Handong's weekly radio show on Spoon Taiwan also took a look back into the past, but perhaps in a more humorous way. The theme of the week was embarrassing moments and stories, and Handong was more than happy to participate herself by relating a few stories of her own, some of which involved Kep1er's Xiaoting, a friend who she's made fairly recently. Between this and the funny story that Handong told about how she wanted to be a puppy growing up that was the setup for some cheesy pun, it was a fun broadcast and it's great to see Handong get more and more comfortable in the radio world.

Speaking of comfort, if there was a VLOG series in recent Dreamcatcher content memory that felt fun and natural it would probably be SuA's secret life. Dreamcatcher's Main Dancer released the second part of her vlog series from the recent Europe tour, with 20 minutes of funny interactions with other members (mostly partner-in-crime Siyeon), delicious food and drink, and European sights and sounds. It looked like the group took full advantage of the days off that they had and got a lot of great footage, and being able to sightsee even just a little bit was probably a great break. We've got one more part to this, so I'll be looking forward to seeing how SuA wraps up documenting her and Dreamcatcher's travels through the region.

Last but certainly not least, it had been exactly three years to the date since Yoohyeon and Dami dropped in a special clip together, so it seemed pretty poetic to do so again with another cover, this time for popular K-Pop band Day6. This was apparently filmed in Hong Kong while the group was on tour, so not only was the dedication to keeping the content drip going impressive, but the kind of gritty urban settings they chose seemed perfect for the mood of the song. If you haven't heard the original, I highly recommend it as it's one of Day6's best and catchiest rock songs for me.

Unlike the cool friendship that 2021's "Mood" cover brought to the table, however, both Yoohyeon and Dami told a story in their music video of being at odds, and perhaps throwing in a bit of that K-drama flair for relationship conflict and high emotion. We're also reminded that even Dami, who doesn't get to show it off that often, can bring the pipes out when needed, anchored by Yoohyeon's always-solid singing. The harmonizing portion at the end is so cool and it shows just how much chemistry the two have had together from a vocal and stage presence standpoint throughout their cover history. I know Dreamcatcher's discography is so massive to the point that they don't allow for them, but I'd love to see subunit stages return just for the opportunity to hear these songs live.

Dreamcatcher takes their group selfie at the 7th anniversary Seoul concert. Source: Dream Catcher Company (Naver)

We're marching towards May and perhaps news about what comes next for Dreamcatcher, and as always I'll be here with the latest on the group. For all that, and more, I'll see you here next Sunday!

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