Dreamcatcher Concludes Last of VISION Era Activities As They Look Forward To The Holidays

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Wrapping up the last of the remaining fansigns delayed by their European tour, K-Pop’s resident rock/pop girl group lightens their December workload in preparation for the end of the year.

Dreamcatcher takes a group picture at the Musicplant fansign, December 9th, 2022. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

Between two tours (their first travel in three years), two intensely busy comebacks, a bunch of other first-time appearances, and more, Dreamcatcher has been going pretty hard all year in terms of activities. The Dreamcatcher fandom continues to be one of K-Pop’s most spoiled from a content standpoint, much to the delight of them, and, of course, Dreamcatcher, who’ve relished this year to go back to performing in front of them.

But even the busiest groups need a break and a chance to recharge, and that’s what early December has been about for the seven-member girl group for the most part. Aside from some of the last of the fansigns for “Apocalypse: Follow Us”, and an early, light performance at a youth community concert, there hasn’t been much on the schedule, and that’s certainly been nice for Dreamcatcher. Let’s take a peek at what’s been happening lately for them!


As I stated before, Dreamcatcher spent a great deal of early December on fansigns, all of which gave them the opportunity to see their fans residing in (or traveling to) South Korea a few more times. Even though we’ve come to expect a few things from offline Dreamcatcher fansigns, such as fun outfits, some nice member interactions, and the like, there were some neat bonuses too. B-side “Fairytale” was a nice treat to see and the group even performed “Love Shake” one more time to the delight of fans in attendance. Either way, after the rather intense schedule of traveling, performing, and interacting with thousands of fans, coming back home to a chill set of meetings with a roomful of them must have been a welcome change for Dreamcatcher.


The content drip on the official channels also seemed to slow but still keep pace with Dreamcatcher’s more relaxed schedule for December, with two new videos from prior activities appearing on YouTube. The “VISION” promotions behind series came to an end with part 5 featuring the group’s outdoor meeting with fans with a food truck, the obligatory bunch of scenes featuring the group eating plenty of food to keep up their strength, and some fun moments, such as SuA and Handong continuing their duo synergy even through some literal pain as SuA disinfected and bandaged a cut on Handong’s knee.

That said, as fun as those behind videos have been this year, the vlog c content has been probably my favorite, mostly due to the candid and sometimes random nature of what the members choose to film. As such, you can’t get more random than what Siyeon has put up for vlogs over the past couple months or so. Her latest had everything from an impromptu funny (yet painful) massage from her fellow members, focusing really hard on all the food with her camera, filming an elevator ride, and more. Siyeon just has this quirky charm about her (that I’ve definitely written about before) that makes the content she produces really fun to watch, and I’ll miss her tour vlogs when they finally finish up.


On the awards front, fans managed a last minute surge to win out on Idol Champ’s Forbes Korea K-Entertainer Award for “Best Idol” in the female category. The rewards include a small trophy and, schedule permitting, an interview with the group. I definitely poured plenty of freely acquired currency into this voting, so to see fans rally around and pick something up for Dreamcatcher for the end of the year is nice, even in a lesser known front such as Forbes. Forbes Korea has certainly been kind to Dreamcatcher before, with the latest being a mini-interview with Handong following winning a similar poll and before that an article spread with JiU, so this is the latest in accolades for the group with the publication.

JiU and Siyeon do a “reverse heart” pose taking pictures behind the scenes at “VISION” promotions. Source: Dream Catcher Company

Lastly, we got another drop of high-quality photos from the group during their “VISION” promotions via their Naver site, and even though promotions were lessened by a week this time around, that didn’t stop the group from taking all kinds of pics for fans. Once again, I really feel styling has been on point this comeback, especially in presenting the “military/army” motif in various contexts, and it definitely shows in some of the pictures from the page. We even got to see a picture of the food truck Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatcher Company commissioned for fans as they waited for the group to meet with them on the day of recording for KBS Music Bank, as well as their selfie with the folks who braved the fall weather to chat with them.


Dreamcatcher appears to be signing off (at least as far as public events with their fans) for the year to get what is most certainly an upcoming nice holiday break and a chance to rest and be with their families. We’ll likely perhaps get a few content bits here and there, and while I’m sure to report on those, be sure to stay tuned to this page for my annual year-end look back at everything Dreamcatcher has done in 2022, as well as some other interesting content pieces to round out the year. Like Dreamcatcher, I am humbled by all the support and readership I’ve gotten over the past year, and hope that all the claps, subscribes, and signal boosts mean that you’ve enjoyed what I’ve written. I’ll see you here next week at the same time, but until then, be sure to let Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatcher Company know through their social media channels that you appreciate all they’ve done in 2022!