Dreamcatcher Closes In On End Of "OOTD" Stages, But Continues Promotions Work In December

The seven-member K-Pop group's live performances for their latest title track may be ending, but Dreamcatcher intends to continue to be busy to end the year.

Dreamcatcher Closes In On End Of "OOTD" Stages, But Continues Promotions Work In December
Dreamcatcher puts up a “puffy” fashion group picture for MBC Show! Music Core. Source: hf_dreamcatcher (X/Twitter)

At this time during the year, I’m used to Dreamcatcher taking a well-deserved break, preserving energy for the early part of the year that includes celebrating their debut anniversary. But “OOTD” era and “VillainS” promotions have come late in the year, meaning that Dreamcatcher’s work efforts are going to be moving forward for just a bit longer. That of course means more content for Dreamcatcher fans, and even though music show appearances are coming to an end, there’s still more for the group to do to close out 2023. Let’s take a look!

Though music show appearances have been limited this time around due to many of them taking breaks for the end of the year, Dreamcatcher ended up making the most of the ones they did appear on with memorable performances and great-sounding live vocals. The era’s concept has, of course, allowed for a bit more latitude for stylists to select outfits that have ended up being stellar for Dreamcatcher, and the idea of narcissistic villainry has given them an excuse to heavily vary their looks. While I of course enjoyed eras in which the uniformity of their outfits allowed for some consistency, it’s been a joy to see what the group has come up with as far as fashion is concerned and a lot of fans have definitely approved of the results. No music show wins graced the group this time around, but the lack of trophies was made up for in sheer stage presence and a way to stand out in what’s been a boy group-heavy music show lineup due to comeback timing.

That said, the group is far from done with this comeback era, and one new opportunity has shown up in Naver NPOP, an entirely new music show with variety elements and pre-recorded performance stages. Dreamcatcher appeared briefly on a live stream to promote the appearance, which will be this upcoming week. It’ll be nice to see Dreamcatcher at least one more time with “OOTD” and if the previous videos on the NPOP YouTube page are anything to go on, they’ll look amazing from a resolution standpoint.

The brief appearance marked confirmation by Main Dancer SuA that she had finally gotten over the flu, something which had sidelined her for all activities besides stage performances for a few days. Unfortunately, youngest member Gahyeon was soon reported to have also come down with the flu, and the company has decided to take an abundance of caution with most of her activities as well. As I said last week, I’ve had to deal with the exhaustion that comes with the type of flu that’s been rolling through Dreamcatcher lately, so hopefully with some rest she’ll also be back to 100% as well.

The behind-the-scenes content for “VIllainS” continued to show up, complete with a brand new intro movie and plenty of fun moments. In particular, the showcase behind had Dreamcatcher happy to surprise fans with a performance of B-side “Shatter”, which nobody was expecting to have choreography, and a wholesome moment were celebrated when Gahyeon revealed her mom and her students attended the showcase and handed flowers to her. It is, of course, nice to see Dreamcatcher’s close family so supportive of their careers, and for them to express it with some nice gifts. I’m looking forward to the usual (if not abbreviated) Notes about promotions, where I’m sure we’ll learn a lot more about how things have gone with these late-in-the-year comeback activities. This Note also marks the 300th for Dreamcatcher, which is a neat reminder that they’ve been making content like this for almost seven years for fans.

And speaking of that content, we saw more individual items come out this past week with episode 4 of Dami’s solo content, in which she picked between various anniversary gift items in a kind of “this or that” mini-tournament. This content has always been interesting in a group context, but in a solo way it really gives insight into the person doing it, which I think is great for someone like Dami who is more calm rather than outspoken about some of her preferences. The group has really been about exploring some of their solo efforts this year, and I’ve enjoyed most of those immensely, especially from Dami, whose individual content as a whole has been a bit smaller than the others’ over the years. Looking forward to more for sure.

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Finally, we’re seeing some small, new opportunities come up for Dreamcatcher in this era in a couple different ways. One was through a series of fashion-related videos from well-known South Korean brand Musinsa, whose goals of stylish presentation and fashion-conscious store business seemed to be a perfect match for Dreamcatcher’s concept this time around. That concept, of course, extended to even more “OOTD” challenge videos this past week, with the most prominent being TWICE’s Dahyun and VIVIZ’s Eunha and Umji performing briefly with Dreamcatcher members Gahyeon and Dami, respectively.

I’ve probably said this before, but the network of potential artists Dreamcatcher knows is fairly vast since they’re a respected, sustainable 3rd generation group, and even though some of these associations come from prior to the group’s existence (Gahyeon and Dahyun, for example, are old school pals) some are pleasant surprises. At minimum, the group is either well-respected enough to be able to get so many different people to do brief TikTok videos or knows quite a few of their peers in the industry - a testament to the fact that while they continue to have a humble following on their home turf that they’re at least known in their own circles.

Dreamcatcher, minus an under-the-weather Gahyeon, drops a group picture for one of their fansigns. Source: hf_dreamcatcher (X/Twitter)

The AAA’s are coming up, a rare opportunity for Dreamcatcher to participate in the holiday’s awards show season, so I’ll be sure to report on that as well as everything ongoing with “OOTD” promotions at the usual time next Sunday - so for all that, and more, I’ll see you then!

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