Dreamcatcher Charges Into November 2021 With Busy Schedule

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Fresh off of their fourth online concert, K-Pop’s Dreamcatcher looks to continue their momentum through concerts and appearances.

Dreamcatcher poses in costume at their Halloween Midnight Circus concert. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

Fans know that Dreamcatcher has typically been one of the busier groups in K-Pop, and one that enjoys having a lot to do. The group has always worked hard to stay visible to their current and potential fans, and it isn’t a surprise to see a constant content drip come from their official channels as well as social media.

That’s why it isn’t a surprise that this past week, even though Dreamcatcher just got done giving fans two and a half hours of Halloween concert goodness, that they’re hitting the ground running in November, filling their days with a bunch of events as we march towards the end of the year. Let’s take a quick peek at what Dreamcatcher let us know about this past week regarding their plans!


Speaking of the concert, MyMusicTaste responded quickly this past week to criticism of audio and video desync issues during parts of the event, allowing two rebroadcast times (with solo stages, which would normally only be seen live). For me, this problem wasn’t terribly show-breaking, but I can definitely understand others for which this slightly decreased the concert-watching appearances. Thankfully, these re-broadcasts should allow fans to enjoy Dreamcatcher’s Halloween offerings a second time, and hopefully without those technical issues. Good on the company for acting so swiftly.

SuA, Wendy, and Taehyun pose with one of the Wendy’s Youngstreet sweatshirts. Source: sbsyoungstreet

The concert talk didn’t stop on SuA’s normal appearance on Wendy’s Youngstreet this past week, either. The topic, words that trended in 2018, turned to the subject of Dreamcatcher’s achievements during that year. Wendy, impressed, began reading off the list of song releases, cities visited on tour, and more, with both Taehyun and Wendy saying they’d never been to some of the places on Dreamcatcher’s concert tour list. Wendy isn’t wrong — 2018 was a great year for Dreamcatcher, where they built on their base of fans by touring around the globe and established themselves as a mostly internationally-backed K-Pop group. These are the kinds of things that SuA’s gig with the show gets — more exposure to potential fans domestically about Dreamcatcher and what they do. It was a nice nod to all the hard work SuA and Dreamcatcher have put in over the years.


Talking about this stuff continued a bit into a vLive SuA dropped in this past week as well, as she talked fondly about her current close friendship with Wendy, and the fact that Wendy gave her and Taehyun gifts — a hoodie celebrating Wendy hosting Youngstreet for 100 days. This job has paid dividends for SuA and you could tell she was very thankful for the opportunity. Aside from this we got to see a bit of SuA (and Yoohyeon’s) room, watch her reaction to video of herself when she drinks too much, and ham it up for the camera a bit, with some selfies from the session ending up on the official Dreamcatcher account. As always, SuA is a fun person to have live — her energy seems boundless.


Not to be outdone, both Gahyeon and Siyeon dropped in to vLive this week as well. Both talked about last weekend’s concert, with Gahyeon saying that Whistle’s brand new choreography was put together by Performance Director Hwang Sooyeon, and Siyeon saying the heel of one of her boots broke before performing “Chase Me” and that she had to quickly ditch them to prevent from hurting herself. Siyeon also revealed that she got emotional at a time other than at the end of the concert (when she typically cries) and said she cried a little reading so many great comments from fans during the event. These were nice little tidbits to read about, and showed just how important the concert was to the members.


Gahyeon, however, isn’t done with dropping content for Dreamcatcher fans. News dropped this past week that a new series is coming out — Gahyeon’s “Stay-At-Home” project, the first episode having to do with spicy food to air on November 8th at 6:00pm KST. A bunch of speculation came out about this, such as if this was content filmed by Gahyeon herself while she was in quarantine due to her positive COVID-19 diagnosis, or if this was something she was doing in lieu of not having a Special Clip yet this year. Either way, this is more Dreamcatcher content, and it’s nice to see Dreamcatcher Company branching out even more with content types and for Gahyeon herself to get some airtime. Dreamcatcher’s youngest member hasn’t ever been shy about creating vlog-type content, so this will be interesting to see.

But Dreamcatcher wasn’t even done there. A flurry of engagements was announced for the group, with one that was known about previously and two brand new ones for the month of November.

Mokkoji Korea had announced Dreamcatcher’s presence as far back as the summer, but formal scheduling finally was announced for the group this past week with a greeting video from the group dropping on the Mokkoji Korea YouTube channel. Dreamcatcher will be talking about being outdoors and camping in South Korea, among other topics, on November 12th at 6:00pm KST, then following that up with a live performance on November 14th at 6:00pm KST. As I said back when we heard about this months ago, it’s nice that the government is recognizing Dreamcatcher’s ability to represent South Korea well, and this is just another sign of the group’s rising visibility back on the homefront.


The Andong K-Pop LAN concert Twitter account announced that Dreamcatcher would be one of their guest artists, one of seven that would be performing at the event. This concert is happening on November 13th at 6:00pm on the IDOLLIVE platform. Dreamcatcher’s ongoing relationship with LG/IDOLLIVE continues to pay dividends in the form of appearances and other content (such as earlier this year when they went on a “find the real fan” variety show on the IDOLLIVE platform), so it’ll be another notch in the belt for the group as far as performances go.


Lastly, we heard from VerytoonFR and the Mayline & Lou YouTube channel, and they’re putting together another Dreamcatcher concert for global fans, happening on November 20th at 10:00pm KST. The first Dreamcatcher concert that happened early in 2021 was well received by fans and had plenty of fun moments attached to it, so I’m sure we’ll see even more this time around as Dreamcatcher puts on yet another show for InSomnia around the world.

With three performance dates, more official content, and what will likely be more Dreamcatcher’s Notes to come talking about the Halloween Midnight Circus concert, the group is well-positioned to keep themselves busy, and if the Halloween concert was any indication, they shouldn’t have any issues giving us a mix of old favorites and recent hits for fans to enjoy. As always, I’ll be here to recap everything happening with the group, so be sure to clap, follow, and signal boost if you’re liking what you’re reading! See you next week around this time for more reports on Dreamcatcher happenings!