Dreamcatcher Brings The Hype In Paris, Milan, And Brussels For Second Part Of Europe Tour

France, Italy, and Belgium all got to experience Dreamcatcher's amazing live performances as the Europe tour continued onward.

Dreamcatcher Brings The Hype In Paris, Milan, And Brussels For Second Part Of Europe Tour
Dreamcatcher takes a group picture in France for their show in Paris. Source: hf_dreamcatcher (X/Twitter)

One of the challenges on an extended tour is sustaining energy and keeping things fresh for multiple audiences. While for many on Dreamcatcher's tour through Europe it's a one-time thing, reading up on prior stops and what happened there can mean that you might know what to expect.

But if Dreamcatcher has proven anything during their seven-year career, it's that they've always been great at making memorable moments at every stop, and adding to or improving some of the best parts of their tour setlist. The group entered the middle of their romp through Europe and did just that, so let's take a look at that and much more in this past week's news!

The official Dreamcatcher YouTube channel has been busy throughout the tour with occasional posts about past stuff, and we got a couple of edited versions of two recent gaming livestreams from both Yoohyeon and SuA. We've seen Yoohyeon game before on YouTube but I think this was the first time she both played with fans and had loaded up a shooter, with predictably hilarious results. It's been a while since I played anything like Counterstrike, so I was laughing for most of the stream.

It was a first-time gaming stream for SuA, however, and she keeps showing why I think she's Dreamcatcher's all-rounder. Playing games like Humans Fall Flat, Gang Beasts and Goose Goose Duck, which involve others but allow for some teamwork but also some player-on-player aggression seemed like great choices for someone as chaotic as SuA. She embraced every unfortunate accident and created a few of her own in the process and we of course got that trademark SuA laugh throughout. Between these and the Gahyeon gaming livestreams, it feels like each member brings a bit of their own charm to these broadcasts and maybe we'll see a group gaming livestream in the future.

Speaking of livestreams, we also got news that Dami will be holding a late birthday broadcast on YouTube once the group is back in South Korea. The last livestream with Gahyeon had her cooking, and while we don't know if this is an indication of whether or not "activity" birthday livestreams are back, it'll be fun if that's the case for Dreamcatcher's Main Rapper.

The reason for that late livestream, is, of course, the fact that Dreamcatcher is on tour and will be through Dami's birthday. The group entered the middle arc of their trip through Europe, heading through France, Italy, and Belgium, all places they've been before but with no less excitement at returning. And while the setlist was generally known by the time Dreamcatcher arrived in Paris, that didn't mean that there weren't fun and unique moments for the show. In particular, Paris's version of the "Silent Night" one more time beatdrop seemed to go on forever, a fourteen to fifteen minute jump-fest that would substitute for any cardio workout for the day. I feel like JiU is the main instigator for a lot of these, and that was the case here as well, drawing energy from the crowd and encouraging them to keep up. It's turned into one of the best parts of this year's tour and will likely be a mainstay for as long as the group remains active.

One thing fans discovered for both the Paris and Milan shows was that unfortunately, SuA had caught a bit of the flu during tour. SuA opted to sit for the choreographed songs at these two stops to avoid expending too much energy, and while this triggered the usual bout of concern from fans, SuA seemed in good spirits and reassured folks she made the most of a situation where she wanted to perform but also prioritize her health. Dreamcatcher apparently travels with a conditioning/health coach these days, so I was personally never too worried SuA was putting herself at risk, but for someone who obviously wants to dance and bring tons of energy to shows it had to still be difficult.

Thankfully, the rest of Dreamcatcher made the most of the situation, involving SuA in choreographed songs when possible, like in the above video, when JiU came over to do her part with SuA in "Deja Vu". And it wasn't like SuA was seated the whole show, either - she was up and moving when she could and walking the stage for as many interactions with fans as she could manage. By the time the Brussels show rolled around, SuA was back to her on-stage performing best.

Of course, one of the best parts of any tour is getting to see some of the latest music from the group performed live, and the Brussels venue, with front-row seats that were so close to the stage you could practically touch it, made for some close-up fancams of 2023's tracks, including intensely dark and aggressive "Shatter". Subtle adjustments to the choreography appear to have been made for this song for live performance (you can see the most noticeable one in the video above at 1:40 with SuA and Gahyeon), which have added just a little bit of freshness.

Seeing these songs performed in different tour outfits also adds to the charm. Fashion-wise, it seems with a couple of exceptions the theme is very much "dark rocker", a callback to the look and feel that got Dreamcatcher their loyal fanbase in the first place. I do have to admit, songs like "Shatter", which I may not have been initially a big fan of, have grown on me after looking at the various live performances on this tour, especially as their design has allowed for a lot of crowd sing-a-long and reaction.

Dreamcatcher's Europe tour wraps up this week, and you can bet that I'll be here to highlight some of the best of the last portion of their travels. For all that, and more on news an updates from the group, I'll see you here next Sunday!

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