Dreamcatcher Breezes Into Mid-August 2022 With New Performances And Horizons

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K-Pop’s resident rock/pop girl group continues to keep busy as 2022’s summer rolls on and comeback prep continues behind the scenes.

Dreamcatcher greets the crowd at the 2022 Boryeong Mud Festival Closing Ceremonies despite the wind. Source: 셀럽미디어

Thoughts of the Fall season are beginning to creep into peoples’ minds as the summer moves onward, but Dreamcatcher, along with many other groups, continues to let its fans know that there’s plenty of summer still left to experience, even if that experience can be more than a bit breezy. Without further delay, let’s see what Dreamcatcher has been up to content-wise this past week!


Dreamcatcher’s week kicked off with one of two scheduled appearances this month, the first being at the Boryeong Mud Festival almost two hours drive away from Seoul. The group was slated to perform along with a few other artists at the festival’s closing ceremonies, but the day of the performance found a stage that was in no condition to accommodate any kind of viewing or musical festivity. The staff was quick to adjust for the day, moving the performances to a somewhat drier clime further into the festival grounds.


But that didn’t mean that the group wasn’t unaffected by the elements. Strong gusts of wind continued throughout the day and into the closing ceremonies event, meaning that by the time Dreamcatcher got on stage to do 2021’s “BEcause” and latest title track “MAISON”, it was a challenge for the group to even stand on stage without being buffeted by the weather. The group’s long hair was whipped around constantly to the point that Gahyeon let out a little scream of surprise as hers got into her face during choreography for “MAISON”. The sound was caught by the live mic, making Gahyeon and the other members laugh as they performed and eventually got to the end of their set without further incident. K-Pop artists are trained to deal with random things happening during their work on stage, and to continue performing if possible despite them, so it was good to see Gahyeon and the rest of Dreamcatcher not even skip a beat as the wind threatened to push them out of position or out of sync.


A fun little bonus from the event was the press/fancams catching a nice interaction — Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon and JiU talking with fellow K-Pop artist AleXa. The American-turned-K-Pop-idol’s career has seen a bit of a popularity surge after winning the inaugural American Song Contest competition this year, but she hadn’t seemed to talk lately with Dreamcatcher, who she became friends with during their COVID-19 PSA collaboration “Be The Future” two years ago. Yoohyeon and JiU seemed to chat with her amiably during their backstage time, and Dreamcatcher cheered on AleXa’s performances before they got to take the stage themselves. Interactions between groups and idols are always nice but many aren’t quite caught candidly through press or fancams, so this was nice to see.


In the vein of nice things, Dreamcatcher fans got a treat when the OST track that SuA mentioned she was able to record for drama “Cafe Minamdang” released early last week, ahead of expectations but with no less excitement. The soft, airy ballad tone of “Still With You” garnered lot of praise from fans for highlighting that as much as people love SuA’s high energy loudness, that she is perfectly capable of delivering a subtle and soft tone to her singing, and one that is easily memorable.


AER Music also did an interview and a bit of behind-the-scenes with SuA, where we found out interesting tidbits such as the fact that she basically went right to the studio after landing in South Korea and being cleared after COVID-19 testing. That SuA got to record an OST for a drama she was actively watching at the time, and to have it come out so quickly, was certainly good for Dreamcatcher fans, and for SuA herself, who seems to be checking off items to do in her idol career (the next being Dreamcatcher appearing at an awards show in a few short days). “Still With You” is worth many listens, and if you want to see some further context and don’t mind spoilers, the accompanying music video for “Still With You on Warner Music Korea’s YouTube page is worth a watch as well.


Though there was plenty of talk about SuA’s foray into modern K-Drama style romance, this past week also featured it being shown old-school style, as the clock was turned back to the 1930’s for a double helping of behind-the-scenes videos about Yoohyeon’s classic lounge solo song “For”. Fans know that Yoohyeon has just a little bit of trouble when it comes to keeping her face straight during acting, and these videos showed no different as she tried to keep the vibe of the song going during practice and filming. However, true to her diligence and work ethic, Yoohyeon managed to get her performance down to a science, ending up with the soothing all-English solo song that fans are now no doubt familiar with. It’s also been real neat to see all the different settings for each individual member’s music video — they’ve all been unique in and of themselves and all reflect the personal mood and tone that each of them wanted to exude in their songs. Seeing the classic setting of “For” reaffirmed all of that for me, and for my continuing respect for Yoohyeon’s increasing competence in the English language.

Siyeon strikes a pose during Dreamcatcher’s performance at the Boryeong Music Festival. Source: TV Daily.kr

With Yoohyeon’s videos for her solo song released, that basically caps off all the solo song Special Clip content for Dreamcatcher. It’s anyone’s guess as to what’s next on the Dreamcatcher content from beyond what’s been scheduled (though SuA’s recent interview about her OST recording hinted at a new song “soon”), but you can bet I’ll be here to report and recap on all of it. Be sure to clap, subscribe, and signal boost if you like what you’re reading, and feel free to drop in next week as I talk about Dreamcatcher’s first awards show appearance at the K-Global Heart Dream Awards and all the other news to come. See you then!