Dreamcatcher Bids Farewell To 2021 With Fans And Memories

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K-Pop’s resident rock/pop girl group dropped a few last bits of content on their way to a new year filled with possibilities.

Dreamcatcher snaps a group pic during their Celestial Dreams global video fan sign. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

At first glance it seemed like Dreamcatcher might end 2021 rather quietly this past week, especially with the unfortunate, but understandable, COVID-19 related cancellation of Countdown Fantasy 2021–2022, a musical event for which they were supposed to appear. But seemingly undaunted with losing the opportunity to perform one last time before the new year, Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatcher Company moved forward, ensuring fans didn't lose their content drip before 2022. Let’s take a look at what Dreamcatcher was up to for the last week of 2021!

Yoohyeon literally has her head in the clouds during the Sweet Dreams photoshoot. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

Even though their year-end concert appearance had to be canceled, Dreamcatcher nevertheless got to see a few of their fans prior to 2022. Their global video fan sign for one of their first Season’s Greetings packages, Celestial Dreams, went off without a hitch, with fans being treated to conversations with the group to end the year. A couple of interesting notes came from Dami, as she revealed that her hair was now a sleek silver, confirming that her interlude as a blonde was simply a bleaching leading to this final color. But aside from that, Dami hinted to a fan that she’d see them tomorrow, a cryptic last message prior to passing the fan on to the next Dreamcatcher member that had fans speculating on everything from comebacks to schedule announcements and more.

What it turned out to be was another teamup of the ’97 line, as Yoohyeon and Dami dropped their second Special Clip of the year together (their first being a cover of 24kGoldn’s “Mood) with a rendition of well-known K-Pop soloist IU’s “25”. Saying farewell to 2021 and being 25 in equal measure, this friendship-themed cover was filled with wholesome moments, from old shots of the two of them together over the years, to the both of them having fun with a “25” drawing and more.

Dami works alongside Dreamcatcher production staff to record her and Yoohyeon’s “25” cover. Source: Dreamcatcher official

From a musical standpoint, we got to see a couple of curious bits as well, such as the duo reversing traditional roles at one point and having Dami sing and Yoohyeon rap. I always like when this stuff happens with groups, as you get to see how multi-talented members are and Dreamcatcher, to me, has been one of K-Pop’s most interchangeable groups, skill-wise. There was also plenty of shots of both Yoohyeon and Dami working with production software and sound. Fans have known that Dami has been frequently interested in the backside of the music house for years, but having both her and Yoohyeon be seen working at it is a testament to the company’s willingness to have them play roles in making their own music/covers and the members themselves building other music-related skills beyond their own obvious talent in singing and dancing. Overall, this was a nice way to close out 2021, and to show off Yoohyeon and Dami’s talents both on and in back of the mic.

SuA, Wendy, and Taehyun strike their last group pose of 2021 on SBS Wendy’s Young Street. Source: sbsyoungstreet

SuA ended 2021 in her own way with her Young Street compatriots Wendy and Taehyun, with SuA mentioning that she found out about Hot Issue member Yewon expressing her continuing love for Dreamcatcher by placing their photocards in back of her phone case and the group discussing what is best to eat with samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) — veggies, a spicy sauce or Korean cuisine mainstay kimchi. It’s been a real good year for Dreamcatcher’s Main Dancer, one in which her outgoing, energetic personality landed her this regular radio gig on SBS’s Wendy’s Young Street, and I’m looking forward to what her and the rest of the Young Street crew will be up to for 2022.


Yoohyeon and her dog Pie made an appearance on vLive this past week, with guests JiU, Dami, SuA, and Gahyeon also dropping in briefly. During the broadcast, we learned that Yoohyeon’s brother made an Instagram account for Pie, dedicated to nothing but pictures of the adorable pomeranian, so if you’ve always appreciated Yoohyeon’s dog’s appearances on vLive you’ll want to give it a follow. Aside from this, there was (as there always tends to be) a decent amount of fun chaos, including JiU messing with fans by providing a “song spoiler” of robot motions and most everyone doting over Pie. While brief, it was a nice way to see most of Dreamcatcher just before the year ended — and of course give some free promotion to Pie’s brand new Instagram.


Of course as one year ends, another begins, and Dreamcatcher left a New Year’s message for 2022 for their fans all around the world. Thankful for them continuing to support them as they enter their fifth year, this message had a bit of everything, from Siyeon leading an affectionate cheer expressing their love for their fans (and immediately cringing after) to Yoohyeon doing her best tiger impression (as this is the year of the Tiger according to the Chinese zodiac) to Gahyeon leading a multi-lingual Happy New Year greeting, and more. We receive these messages nearly every year around this time, but after everything they’ve done in 2021 and the fact that they’re hitting their fifth year, a milestone by most K-Pop standards, there’s a kind of specialness about this particular message. I’ll be looking forward to everything the group will be up to in 2022, and hope you’ll be back here in this space every week to hear about all of the news and happenings in Dreamcatcher-land for this upcoming year and beyond! Until then, as always, clap, follow, and signal boost this content on social media if you like what you’re reading!