Dreamcatcher Adds To Plans For Early Summer 2023, Continuing With Content And Preparations

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Though it was a relatively quiet last week of April, Dreamcatcher continued to signal that a comeback and a busy summer lie ahead.

Dreamcatcher takes a group picture at last year’s Apocalypse: World Tour in Seoul concert. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

With a comeback now just around the corner for Dreamcatcher in May, anticipation has been building in the fan community for quite some time. The mystery code, an image post or posts that are created to reveal the title track name and date of the comeback, hasn’t dropped just yet, but that didn’t stop InSomnia fandom from patiently waiting this past week to see sign of it going up to start the comeback trail.

That said, even though it might have seemed like a quieter week by Dreamcatcher standards, we still got a bit of news in the form of updates to future plans, as well as a bit of content to keep appetites whetted and the group fairly visible. Let’s take a peek at what Dreamcatcher had in store for us for the last week of April.

Handong performs the last part of the choreography for “MAISON” in October 2022. Source: Dream Catcher Company

Though a bit delayed, the pictures from last year’s Apocalypse: World Tour in Seoul concert in October were no less amazing-looking. The group’s official Naver Post blog dropped in the high-quality photos from last year’s two-day affair in Korea, and they brought back a bunch of good memories from the set held in the KBS Arena Hall. While fansites and media outlets typically provide the vast majority of picture content as far as the group is concerned, there simply isn’t any substitute for the pics that get put up to Naver, all of which are both high resolution (and thus size) but also suitable for re-posts, profile pictures, and all other manner of uses that fans tend to have for them.

As for the concert itself, it reminded me of how far the group has come since the last time they had a dedicated concert in their home country, with more songs, more fans, and an extended stage to show off their performance acumen. We even got a shout-out back to the group’s MINX days, and after seeing only limited media of their special “Love Shake” performance, the close-up pictures of the group’s brighter past were a nice treat.


Speaking of fun and bright things, JiU dropped in her second episode of her foodie series “What-JJYU”, this time hitting up chain Haidilao for Hot Pot. Like with last episode, JiU brought along Dreamcatcher members with her for this, opting to have both someone new to the experience (Dami) and a seasoned Hot Pot veteran (Handong) along to the party. There was a lot to see and to learn about here, from what ingredients were available, to all the things that JiU and company managed to order, to how the sauces were mixed to cooking the ingredients, and a bunch of fun moments.

Dami’s willingness to try different things (with the exception of her well-documented dislike of pineapple) as a relative rookie contrasted with Handong’s expert advice on ordering, mixing, and cooking, and even though this was a JiU vlog, JiU made sure to show how both of them shared the experience with her. That seems to be expected of Dreamcatcher’s leader, but more importantly, all the food looked delicious and the group seemed to have a good time. With this being an “episode 2–1”, and a sneak preview of content at the end, it seemed that there was so much content from this experience that we’ll see a part 2, which I’m looking forward to seeing. Hot Pot is always great in part because it’s typically a shared experience, so we’ll have to see what JiU, Handong, and Dami get up to once the 2nd part drops into the official YouTube channel.


The subunit fun times continued this week when Gahyeon put up another vlog from the recent 2023 US tour, this time about her day spent in Chicago along with Handong. I have a great deal of familiarity with Chicago, if the writeups I’ve shown you all from the last two NA concerts haven’t made that obvious, so it was great to see Gahyeon and Handong take in some of the best tourist stops in the downtown Chicago area. Whether it was Millennium Park’s “Bean”, or Navy Pier, or the top of the 360 Chicago building, or a nice cafe/restaurant, or the Chicago theatre for a musical (a callback to part of Handong’s reason for getting into being an idol in the first place), we got a good variety of locations and experiences. True to her word that she only really wanted to vlog about things that were unique to what she did before, Gahyeon delivered here, with the bonus that this confirmed she was feeling better from being a bit under the weather in Reading.


Lastly, we had another media drop from CeCi Korea’s work with JiU and Yoohyeon with another mini-film. If the last one they showed was a bit somber and somewhat tragic/memorable, this one was light-hearted and soft, with an emphasis on a long-time shared friendship with a vacation getaway backdrop. Some of the same kinds of shots that we saw in the last film in similar settings took on a different mood, and it’s a testament to both JiU and Yoohyeon’s skill at modeling and emoting as well as the production crew to create another kind of vibe from the last film they released. It’s been a really neat collaboration so far, and while fans have yet to receive their photobooks, these releases highlight a setting that will likely wow fans with the visual display once they get them.


As always, though, it’s the future plans that are the most newsworthy, and Dreamcatcher had a decent amount to share as far as updates. The first of these being that the upcoming 2nd generation fanclub fanmeeting would have merchandise attached to it, sold off of the Dreamcatcher Official Store. For collectors, this is another opportunity to pick up some exclusive merchandise that may not be around once the fanmeeting is over, from photocard holders, to mini posters and more. The shipping can be a bit wild due to the options presented on the official site, but for those of you willing to pay the price, the goods are both varied and will be unique for the event in question. Considering there are folks who are receiving their 2nd generation fanclub fankits this week with a bunch of people wishing they’d ordered, I’d say this bit of merchandise will likely draw a few eyes.


As previously reported, Dreamcatcher will be at 2023’s G-KPop Concert in Gangnam, and the group released a short video they filmed while in Las Vegas to promote their day 3 appearance. It is nice to see Dreamcatcher pick up these brand new gigs, and for them to get the opportunity to show off their performances to new audiences is always a good thing.


This of course makes the news that Dreamcatcher will appear at the inaugural Dream Concert in Japan in June all the more fitting. The group is already slated to make an appearance at the 29th annual Dream Concert in Korea this year, so adding another concert in another country entirely (especially one which they haven’t visited in some time) is nice, and a testament to the organizing company’s faith in Dreamcatcher’s appeal. A concert in Japan, in front of the 37,000-capacity Saitama Super Arena, is a great opportunity for the group. Questions have already been raised about whether or not we may see some of Dreamcatcher’s Japanese discography performed at this event, though that likely will depend on former partner Pony Canyon’s policy on such performances.

Either way, with this date set in mid-June, we can at least glean that Dreamcatcher will be at least a little busy after their promotions for their latest album wrap up, and with the way the group prefers to work, it’ll likely be an eventful summer for the 7-member rock/pop girl group from South Korea. As always you can expect me to report on the latest from Dreamcatcher whenever that happens, so for all that and more, I’ll see you here next week!