Dreamcatcher Adds To Activities As They Head Into Busy February 2024

New and interesting were the name of the game as Dreamcatcher moved towards their first major tour of the year.

Dreamcatcher Adds To Activities As They Head Into Busy February 2024
Dreamcatcher grabs a picture during their 2023 REASON Makes World Tour. Source: hf_dreamcatcher (X/Twitter)

After the somewhat eventful January Dreamcatcher has had, it'd be easy to chill out and take it easy aside from the normal workday til the next major thing on your schedule, which in the group's case is their upcoming tour through Europe. Yet if we know anything about Dreamcatcher, it's that they're at their best when they feel busy, and also when they are trying new things in doing so. This past week was no different, so let's get right into it!

Handong says hello to fans on Weverse. Source: Weverse

Handong made a rare appearance on Weverse on her own to say hello to fans late at night. This was nice - not just for the fact that it happened (this is her first solo live in at least a year) but for her just casually talking about driving, her fellow Dreamcatcher members, and about meeting other idols. Lives are uncommon as it is these days, so hearing from Handong was a nice surprise.

In news that was more expected, youngest member Gahyeon celebrated her birthday this past week with a livestream that came early due to scheduling. What was pretty nice about this stream was that Gahyeon decided to pull something like what Siyeon did in 2020 - do a cooking live. After that live's humorous (yet slightly nerve-wracking) moments of Siyeon murdering potatoes with a loosely held knife, seeing Gahyeon cooking over gas had a bit to top that, but it was, as always, entertaining.

Even though I've enjoyed the latest string of "chat and chill" birthday livestreams from the group, I was pleased to see a return to the activity-driven broadcasts this time around. Careful guidance by the staff ensured that Gahyeon's handling of the food was done well and I know that like her, I've had my moments when I've been pretty cautious about cooking (standing back from the oil because I'm not used to getting it on me? I see you, Gahyeon). Luckily everything turned out just fine, so perhaps we'll see more live broadcasts of this type in the fuutre.

It was SuA, however, that carried much of the new Dreamcatcher content this week. After watching Yoohyeon and Gahyeon livestream games, SuA had to try it herself. Always the adventurous type, SuA went straight into playing with fans, first with Humans Fall Flat and then with Among Us-like Goose Goose Duck. Not surprisingly, there was a bunch of moments with SuA laughing in that unforgettable way we've gotten used to over the years, from failing to get places, to falling down giant chasms to randomly dancing. Watching her play a devious and murderous imposter was also pretty entertaining.

I've really become a fan of these more casual livestreams that also involve fans with Dreamcatcher members. Sure, they have to be monitored for any shenanigans but for the most part the benefit of having things happen like SuA killing off a fan then trying to play it off as innocence are priceless, funny moments that are different than the normal interactions we see. Whether or not we'll see another gaming livestream from SuA remains to be seen, but if her constantly cackling, happy face is any indication I think it's pretty likely.

That said, SuA proved she can do the serious stuff just as well this past week. Adding to her other Jungkook song cover of "Still With You", having "Standing Next to You" was a welcome treat and a different style of song that highlighted why I've always felt SuA is the all-rounder of Dreamcatcher. This Special Clip had it all - a bit of SuA's crisp dancing skill, a worthy rendition of the groovy vocal that is the signature of the original song, and a visual aesthetic that was stylish and confident. All of these have been reasons why I've always enjoyed SuA's cover selection over the years, and that's before taking into account that this is an all-English song, which SuA handles decently well as a non-native speaker. Will we see this, even briefly, during the group's upcoming EU tour? Nobody knows, but it would be great to see live.

That potential live "Standing Next to You" rendition is coming to at least one more EU city, as Dreamcatcher Company and MyMusicTaste made the surprise announcement that Helsinki, Finland will be added to the list of destinations for Europe, to take place on March 7th. Excited fans picked up tickets despite the short lead-time for sales, and to me, that's not a surprise.

The group hasn't been back to Finland since 2019, and when they were, Helsinki was among some of the loudest out there. That they've been able to return as part of a new tour after so long is awesome, and with four years worth of new music to bring to the country, attendees are in for a great time with Dreamcatcher's diverse discography.

Dreamcatcher performs in Chicago in 2023. Source: Dreamcatcher Company (Naver)

That discography was on display throughout Dreamcatcher's last set of live performances outside of South Korea, and though delayed, Dreamcatcher's update on Naver Post about their 2023 REASON: Makes tour seemed appropriately timed to call that out. It was a high-quality pictorial reminder that we're due to see even more moments and live performance media from Dreamcatcher's jaunt through Europe in a few weeks. The styling, vocal acumen, and entertaining ment segments that we've come to associate with Dreamcatcher tours begin again with its first stop in Barcelona, Spain on February 17th, and you can bet that I'll be covering and summarizing all of that in the coming weeks. For all that, and more, I'll see you here next week!

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