Content, Tour Plans, And More Highlight Dreamcatcher's Late January 2024

K-Pop's Dreamcatcher continues forward with preparations for a busy next couple of months.

Content, Tour Plans, And More Highlight Dreamcatcher's Late January 2024
Dreamcatcher, along with Yoohyeon's dog Pie, at the 2024 Season's Greetings fansign. Source: hf_dreamcatcher (X/Twitter)

One of the reasons I've followed Dreamcatcher for so long is that there's always something to look forward to when it comes to the group. Though they've long since become sustainable with no danger of folding, wondering what Dreamcatcher is (or in some cases isn't) doing can affect even the most passionate fans. Thankfully, aside from a few delays and lag time early in their careers, we've never had that problem with Dreamcatcher - which of course, benefits someone like me who brings together the latest news for your benefit. Let's see what the group has been up to as they get close to the end of January!

A string of "OOTD" behind-the-scenes promotions videos dropped in this week, giving us more insight into what happened in waiting rooms and at appearances during the era. I've noticed this time around there is, not surprisingly, a bunch of talk about styling, fashion, and hair, which fits the recent narcissistic concept they were going for. I've probably seen more variance and big/noticeable outfit, makeup, and hair changes during this era and even though it's part of the presentation, it's nice to see an already-creative Dreamcatcher and stylist team do a bit of experimentation presenting this big, bombastic, almost arrogant image to match the song.


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But the funny and incidental stuff is great as well, including Siyeon and Yoohyeon's many attempts to film the TikTok video above, Dami teasing the camera person, Gahyeon doing a mini- vlog on satisfying her Buldak ramen craving and more. Even after seven years, I've never really found these sorts of Notes to be terribly repetitive as there's always something fun or interesting to pick out about them.

Speaking of things that have never gotten old, Dreamcatcher's occasional gaming YouTube livestreams have never failed to entertain, whether it was Gahyeon playing PUBG and laughing while shooting at fans or Yoohyeon playing Counterstrike Online or ALTF4/Last Neighbor. Now it's Main Dancer SuA's turn, and she'll be spinning up her own gaming livestream for January 29th, with Gang Beasts and Humans Fall Flat on the menu. If SuA's recent appearance with JiU playing NBA2k24 is any indication, it's sure to be an entertaining (and perhaps loud) time.

For as much as seeing what Dreamcatcher did in the recent past is fun, however, it's the future plans, as I kicked this article off talking about, that have the appeal for the group. One of these was the reveal of the MyMusicTaste/Dreamcatcher Company 777 Project, which ties 7th anniversary merchandise bundles to an invite rate that, when met for a certain place, results in a show for that place.

As previously reported, the site's unfortunate and mistaken leak of its beta resulted in a noticeable amount of negative sentiment from fans, and the release of the project in its final form (even with the ability to elect a different country than your own to vote for with a purchase) did little to quell those fans' concerns. A few even went so far to organize a boycott of the project, citing "pay to win" and "cash grab" concerns and lack of tour location diversity. Others, undeterred or intrigued at the prospect of either or both A)getting a crack at previously unavailable merchandise and B)increasing chances of a show to come to their hometowns, purchased without hesitation in support of the project's launch. As of a week's worth of data, the density of purchase distribution appeared to reflect places that have had the most recent tours in the last two years.

Status as of January 28th, 2024 of location of purchased 777 Project bundles. Source: MyMusicTaste (Web)

If you want my opinion on the whole matter, I do understand and respect why people would choose to support or not support the project, and I myself am on the fence for buying a 777 bundle, even if I'd vote for another country (Singapore, due to friends in the area) I support to get a show. But I also think that responding to the project to make MyMusicTaste/Dreamcatcher Company take notice of your opinion is simple - buy it if you support it, and don't buy it if you don't. It need not be more complex than that. Those metrics will determine whether or not these things continue, as with all aspirational business initiatives.

Regardless of their opinions about this project, I think that Dreamcatcher fans, who often discuss tours, should get more familiar with their logistics. The above videos are just a small sample of ones that outline this, and even though not everything applies to Dreamcatcher's scale, there are nuggets of information to be had. There are a lot of assumptions going around about how bookers like MyMusicTaste make decisions about where to tour, how viable (or not) they can be in certain locations, and what is needed locally to make them happen (sponsorship or venue interest or both in some cases). I feel these assumptions are very dangerous and ill-conceived foundations to set both organized boycott or support efforts, so people should get the info before they make choices.I'm fortunate to have the benefit of a few years of helping book musical artists for events and conventions and know that unless you are LiveNation or AEG, among some of the largest bookers/promoters, with the longest reach and clout, it isn't a matter of just wanting to go. And even my knowledge has limits.

Either way, I hope that MyMusicTaste (and to a certain extent, Dreamcatcher Company), improves communications and ability to dynamically answer questions and concerns, as the lack of this has led to the polarizing debate around this project, and honestly, could have been avoided. A follow-up or even at minimum, an update to the project's FAQ directly addressing concerns and questions, would be most welcome.

Putting aside other touring projects, Dreamcatcher's current and confirmed plans rolled onward. Tickets for March 30th's show in Taipei, Taiwan went on sale this past week, and though sales appeared to be purposefully trickled by the local ticketing company, they seemed to be selling at a decent clip. My hope is that we'll get numbers similar to or greater than the group's Manila one-off concert last August, as this will likely drive interest in other places in Southeast Asia already not under negotiation for appearances.

Negotiation for one region, however, might be in its last stages. An apparent local tour organizer in Chile, who'd previously teased potential work with Dreamcatcher in early January, posted the above image as an Instagram story last week. The flags appear to match Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Chile - which are all places Dreamcatcher has been to before and would be a decent assembly of places for a tour through Latin America. We'll have to wait for official word from Dreamcatcher Company or MyMusicTaste, but this is the most direct sign yet, besides JiU's assurance during a variety appearance that they were in contact, that a Latin American tour is in the works. The group's last foray into the region sans Mexico was way back in 2018, so LATAM fans have been waiting a while to see Dreamcatcher again. I'd be over the moon for them if that happened, so here's to hoping.

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JiU poses with a gift from Coach Korea. Source: minjiu__u

Of course, in the meantime, JiU might have negotiated herself into getting the bag, literally. A recent Instagram post by Dreamcatcher's Leader showed off a generous gift from Coach Korea, along with a note talking about the potential for more collaborations. The special-design bags appear to include, from upper left to lower right, a Studio 12, Tabby 12, Sammy Top Handle 12 and a Trail Crossbody 12. Whether or not this is the beginning of a brand ambassadorship or something similar remains to be seen, but the notice that the company, one of the world's most recognized fashion brands, has given her will likely not be forgotten.

As for Dreamcatcher as a whole, local schedules continue, with a 2024 Season's Greetings fansign wrapping up 2023's obligations as far as releases. The group opted for the "back to school days" concept that came from the "Dear. my youth" version, with Yoohyeon's dog Pie along for the ride (and some fun interactions). We're likely to see fancams from attendees in the coming days, but for now, it was nice to see Dreamcatcher continuing to work hard.

As always, this fansign was a good time to watch for both domestic and international fans alike, but with this in the rearview it seems it will be full steam ahead to preparing for Dreamcatcher's EU tour in February. You can bet I'll be here at the next time Sunday to cover any previews, news, and more from that upcoming travel, so for all that, and more, I'll see you then!

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