Comeback Crumbs Lead To Entire Meal As Dreamcatcher Reveals Future Plans, Washing Away Queendom…

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The latter part of February 2022 revealed that Dreamcatcher would not be in MNet show Queendom’s 2nd season, instead choosing to focus on big plans that buoyed fans eager for news.

Dreamcatcher at the Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival in October 2021. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

As Dreamcatcher moved into late February 2022, still quietly working on unidentified things, fans were hoping for more especially with all of the crumbs that the group began to drop just two weeks ago. Prevailing opinion was either an appearance on MNet’s Queendom Season 2, or a comeback with a brand new album, but nobody knew for certain.

After weeks of speculation, this past week proved that all the crumbs that were being dropped led to the reveal of an entire meal that, while fans will have to wait for a little longer than usual, will likely be well worth it. In addition to that, announcements elsewhere confirmed even more plans for Dreamcatcher in the coming months, fueling new discussion about what more could be on the way.

Let’s hop right into what fans finally found out about this past week about Dreamcatcher’s 2022 activities!

The first bit of news this past week was a confirmation of what Dreamcatcher wasn’t going to do, as Queendom Season 2’s lineup was finally revealed to the public. A level of disappointment came from some K-Pop fans that Dreamcatcher, who’d been gaining a bit in their domestic recognition and who, in my opinion, had a very compelling argument for appearing, was not in this reveal. I get some of that — after all, for a group that has from debut done different things in the industry a show like Queendom would be a way to show that off to a larger audience. But while a new round of speculation came up as to why Dreamcatcher was not in this lineup (from the mistaken assumption that a music show win was required to an overestimation of Dreamcatcher’s popularity/appeal,to the inclusion of one group that recently was on an MNet show to boost their exposure), what we did see from the participants was a solid set of performers. Brave Girls, LOONA, WJSN, VIVIZ, Kep1er and ex-Sistar member turned soloist Hyolyn are all extremely talented, and while it would have been nice for Dreamcatcher to be here, I still plan on catching this show just to see everyone perform. I hope fans haven’t spent too much (if any) energy being unhappy with MNet — the fact is that all the participants deserve support and as I’m about to reveal, Dreamcatcher has other plans.


Those plans, seemingly timed perfectly to come after the Queendom roster reveal, were a confirmed comeback in early April, with Dreamcatcher’s second full album, per Naver. Queendom disappointment washed away like the rising tide carrying away the debris as Dreamcatcher fans pivoted to a huge amount of excitement for a new album that would be full-length, and which certainly explained, at least in part, the delay in comeback activities. Recording for the album has apparently finshed, and the lead-up to ensuring all the other pieces of the comeback puzzle come together properly has begun.

Dreamcatcher Group Teaser for 2020’s Dystopia: The Tree of Language. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

Dystopia: The Tree of Language, Dreamcatcher’s last full album, was a game-changer in many ways. It provided some of the group’s most diverse music, from rock to trap to ballad to jazz and more, served as a marker for the group’s exponential rise in sales (up to 35,000 Hanteo, at the time unheard of for the group), and was the beginning of the group’s foray into hybridizing their core rock sound with other genres with title track “Scream” being a rock/EDM mix that appealed to many listeners who would become fans. There are plenty of reasons to get excited about a new full album for this reason (not the least of which is the fact that Handong, who was unable to participate in the last one due to her work in China, can now do so) and while we’re going to be waiting by all accounts about eight-plus months for it to come out, fans have shown that they’re more than happy to wait around for high-quality music served up with Dreamcatcher’s unique concept in a brand new story. I know I am.


But for all the buzz that surrounded Dreamcatcher’s confirmed comeback in April, it wasn’t the only news of their plans that dropped this past week. KPOP.FLEX, an offline concert event planned in Germany for K-Pop acts, revealed their last performers for their Sunday, May 15th day, with Dreamcatcher appearing with other artists such as MAMAMOO to perform. Given the fact that Dreamcatcher has already appeared on MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s “Studio Moon Night” twice, the potential for interactions is high, and as someone who has MAMAMOO as 2nd favorite on the list of K-Pop artists, this was particularly exciting news for me. Dreamcatcher and MAMAMOO will join artists MONSTA X, AB6IX, Ive, (G)I-dle, and Oneus for this day, rounding out a lineup that will have a ton of great performances. If you’re able to attend the event in Frankfurt, you can try to pick up some of the few remaining tickets for KPOP.FLEX at Ticketmaster, as this will be one of the first opportunities for fans to see Dreamcatcher live again, the other being the already-confirmed appearance of the group at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound in June.

Dreamcatcher’s last EU tour poster in 2019. Source: _mymusictaste

And speaking of that, the announcement of Germany’s May 15th date so close with Spain’s June 4th one got Dreamcatcher fans wondering if a tour was on the horizon — plans which would certainly be part of the reason Dreamcatcher Company would not have wanted to lock up the group in Queendom filming or the lead up to its live finale on June 2nd. Dreamcatcher has been envisioned from the beginning by the company’s CEO as a touring group, and their multiple-country tours from debut year til now play into this goal. Considering Dreamcatcher Company has even pulled its members out of shows to do touring (other apparent circumstances aside), and that they’ve not been able to tour in the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this seems like an opportune time to hit the road once more and travel not just to Germany in May and Spain in June, but a bevy of other places in the EU in between. Given the above tour poster from their last EU tour in 2019, it’s entirely plausible — but with nothing confirmed as of yet, we’ll just have to wait for the details.

Dreamcatcher celebrates SuA’s birthday as she makes a wish during Summer Holiday promotions in 2021. Source: Dream Catcher Company

We got a ton of great news this past week and I’m sure that fans are praying for more as we march towards a known April full album comeback and Dreamcatcher’s first live performances for Europe in years. Whatever they have in store and post about, you can count on me to recap and report it, so feel free to clap, subscribe and signal boost this article and all the others if you like what you’re reading!